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  1. base stats an nearly every slot for guan prime is higher... orthos prime i believe only has higher speed and higher status chance now i found that with slower moving frames the speed difference is more noticeable. luckily guan prime has slightly higher speed than its base counterpart.... but if you main a faster moving frame you won't notice the speed difference enough to care between guan prime and orth prime. mostly an issue with slow frames, luckily with proper optimization of mods on ur frame, rifle etc can boost ur frames speed to make it less noticeable and throwing in a speed mod o
  2. i'm most pleased with zephyrs tornado changes... being able to make them stationary gives them far more utility in many mission types
  3. i rly feel as tho this thread is directed at guandao.... my only complaint is the fact that the gutting of dispo for the prime variant has quite literally made it worse than the standard variant.... if i put the right damage crit or whatever riven in a base guandao and keep every other mod the same there is literally no other mod i can replace the riven with on the prime guandao to boost its stats above the base variant..... now if the base variant had the same dispo or lower it would be fine or if rivens didnt exist all together it would be fine. but as it stands now the severe dispo hit on t
  4. theres an option in market to hide mastered weapons....
  5. my main complaint is saying that i'm getting 1200 plat worth of boosters, i'd rather choose what i put my plat towards tbh... if they even put 500 plat instead of the 90 day boosters i probably wouldnt hesitate to buy that accessory pack, as it is a couple boosters rly isn't useful at all for me and doesn't feel like something tangible like plat does. I like the ephemera but not enough to buy for 50$ basically i dont see it as im buying boosters, i see it as im buying plat at a discount with prime gear as a bonus and boosters as a far off to the side "oh thats neat i guess" i
  6. ripline and dashline made part of parazon so they can stop wasting slots and instead befome part of the "ninja" kit for movement. stop locking sentinal weapons and mods, or fix the stupid stat stick issues fix the lackluster abilities they promised to fix instead of nerfing abilities people actually want. unlockable augment mod slots through the helmynth system
  7. Soooo we have armor for them how about battle claws.... basically just an equip-able melee weapon that enhances their claw attacks. We have armor for them so why not weapons? Could be something to unlock later in the game with a high associated cost and mission requirements such as max out standing with faction X then unlock module allowing battle claws to be equipped. thoughts?
  8. oh dont get me wrong i would like a cheaper cost but we also have to think about balance... while it is still limited by mod capacity an augment slot still should be thoughts about and a little harder to unlock so it doesnt just get slapped on every single frame willy nilly.
  9. i've been saying this since the released the list.... its sad they havent given those out... theres plenty of frames i would love to put ripline on.
  10. not rly.... heavy formaing can counter most of that... i'm not even fully formad on my main and have full maxed umbra mods and multiple primed mods maxed out... and i dont even have two of the umbra slots formad yet. this ^^^^^ thats the main thing limiting too much power creep. mod capacity limits you in the end no matter how many slots. and using downgraded duplicates of mods can also free space. i've done that before when i was forma poor. actually for most players it is dificult to do that over and over again such a heavy cost would make most players think about which frame
  11. its more than annoying... it goes completely against what they said they would do. whoever came up with the idea nerfing the few desirable options was a good idea rather than following through on their promise to make the lackluster ones more desirable obviously isnt a gamer. allowing us to unlock an augment slot through helminth would free up some space on many builds to add an augment that would make many of the lackluster abilities more desirable. its not a final solution but its a step forward in the right direction.
  12. i dont mind... i usually spend 4 or 5 forma on gear anyways... seems to me they are intended for players who have been playing a bit so the cost makes sense for most players who will be at that point.
  13. all new content is power creep... its part of the game. would you rather they increase the level cap every update and make you get brand new gear for the new levels making all the gear u grinded for worthless???
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