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  1. thats largely due to the fact that most of the abilities they pick will all likely be just diferent variations of a basic damage ability. some may be single target some may be cone target, some may cause additional affects or deal more or less damage, but if they all boil down to basic directional attacks of course everyone is going to pick the best one and not allow for much variation.
  2. with the new helminth system i would rly like an augment slot... but standard mod cost.... many of the abilities we are getting will be all but useless on other frames without their augment mods... and if we already have augments on our frame chances are the frame is already maxed on slots but has some points left to spare.
  3. personally i play inaros cause i have an unhealthy obsession with egyptian mythology.... the fact that hes very powerful and has 2 abilities that are amazing is just a bonus to me.... had to drop some speed mods on him but with his prime form and 2 hybrid mods hes a blast!
  4. Greedy Repurposing Of Financial Inclination Training University (GROFIT U)
  5. ya looks like we arent getting anything fun and unique from the looks of it... no bubble abilities, no travel abilities... honestly theyll prob give us wukongs little defense ability cause cloud walk and celestial twin would be too much fun or too unique to let us put on other frames. partially i suspect its cause the system is intended as a sly way to rework abilities that need it without reworking an entire frame... and cool abilities dont need reworked so we wont see them in the system
  6. my inaros 3 will go that sand tornado is all but useless... im hoping to replace with a decent travel ability if one becomes available.... tho some of that may be i spent so long playing zeph prime that i just cant seem to break the habit of trying to jump every chasm willy nilly when im playing inaros prime.... its my personal weakness i hope to fill
  7. i mean i already hit the let down wall seeing three abilities i hoped for nixed.... i no longer have a chance for a bubble ability and my last chance at travel abilities are wukong and valkyr.... fingers crossed for me XD
  8. heh not too much.... i rly only want travel powers at this point since we already found out there wont be any bubble abilities by process of elimination... and on those my only hopes left are Valkyr or wukong... and i have a spare wukong so just crafting valkyr at this point
  9. liking the changes! sounds like a fun frame! now i vote female frame with thick thighs XD higher gravity requires bigger leg muscles after all XD
  10. I rly hope they can give us some confirmation on wukong soon.... there's more contention about his ability selection than any other frame....
  11. i know its funny how people were trying to say that even after they sid in the stream they were still doing reworks and then later told us this system is partially being used to buff skills!
  12. the whole thread was deleted for some reason here's screenshot of his post...
  13. Hmmm i did look at octavia as she has tons of utility, but not sure yet with their changes being made on abilities being made. which brings me to desiccate... if they use that (inaros's most used ability unmodded) how would they intend to improve on it O.O and why not his 2 or 3 his absolute least used abilities...
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