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  1. okay so while the devs have consistently used prime releases and deluxe skin releases as reasons to rework frames Inaros still has yet to receive any despite being a constant request. Not only are most of his skills considered lackluster and even boring but the devs have even recently expressed many reworks have been due to the fact warframe has changed and is too fast paced or too different for many of the old skills to be considered useful. my take on the inaros rework has recently undergone some more changes in discussions with other players and id love to hear some feedback and hopefu
  2. scarab swarm honestly feels like more of a defensive ability than a healing ability right now.... my ideas were an attempt to keep with fairly similar skills but improving on them at same time without completely replacing them. devour already has a heal effect. infact your team mates can even devour enemies trapped in your sand to heal themselves already.... but much like you and i have already pointed out it takes to much time and effort to take advantage of and most players arent even aware of that function.... so making it more an aoe heal and giving the devour function a taunt instead
  3. ok ur completely missing the point we are trying to make.... see first of all im an arial player so i dont sit around spamming things in my face. if something is in my face im using my melee not my guns. but even with nothing in front of my face and firing at something off in the distance there are still uncontrollable factors such as a player skills or player themselves or a companion randomly popping in front of you at speeds to fast for u to react to. in order for these guns to be even remotely useful against end game enemies that split second means instant death for most frames.....
  4. oh wukongs great actually... his rework was one of the best reworks ever!!! theyre saying they want valk to get the same treatment and i fully agree. she got done dirty when they gave her warcry out on helmynth..... and lets not forget her ripcord rly just needs moved over to the parazon already and replaced with a proper skill
  5. its funny cause my two fav frames are two sides of a bad coin.... zephyr keeps repeatedly getting weird reworks that barely touch on the glaring issues and sometimes make things worse (tho i have liked a few tweaks) yet they cant seem to get her done right as they continue to totally ignore the player base and blatantly run off on some other tangent like oh hey maybe this random thing thats totally different from requests and complaints would somehow work.... and then there's inaros...... poor poor inaros....... he's gotten his deluxe skin and his prime version yet stil
  6. here's my take on inaros rework..... 1. Desiccation: the ability itself doesn't need a rework. 2. Devour: Half the time it takes to use this ability, Turn the immunity during active devouring into a heavy damage reduction and turn the active devour action into an area taunt. This will give inaros the age old tank ability of taunting. Useful in defensive missions or to give an ally a needed break in emergencies. Additionally make the quicksand create a larger patch and gives a healing effect for allies standing in sand by automatically draining enemies in sand patches and
  7. while i do agree the new player introducion is severely lacking and desperately needs an overhaul (as ive had multiple friends who couldnt get into the game without someone teaching them the ropes) to be fair warframe also has one of the best wiki's out there of any game ive ever played.
  8. do you have even the slightest idea how much random crap is flying around and moving around in end game content? it is impossible to know exactly where everything is at every moment at the speeds players move at. hell i still remember when players were frying graphics cards due to high speed builds and speed running missions back in warframes early days. its a fast paced game with tons of things happening all at once. if your complaint is point and click to win then we may as well make melee weapons kill ourselves as well since they are far more effective at insta clearing massive swaths of en
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