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  1. Was doing Sedna Hydron. Host left at wave 9 Host Migration. Then no mobs. Someone else left, who happened to be the Host, so 2nd Host Migration. Then 2 of us and mobs are back but instead of being level 11-12 WITH BONUS XP not added once mission complete... to being lvl 0 with 0 XP earned at wave 9 total BS
  2. So apparently it's too much of an ask that the Nightwave shop be left available for stragglers before new Nightwave 😂 E X C U S E M E P R I N C E S S !
  3. Figured I would have until reset today but the shop is already gone... it's still July 28th. Why is the shop already gone!? UGH I hate the time limits... just leave the shop open until Aug 4th PLEASE
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