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  1. Railjack Tactical screen frozen/stuck/locked TYPE: UI ish DESCRIPTION: Sat in the Railjack looking at a player inside of the Murex when a lagspike hit. After that all the buttons were locked - I couldn't leave the tactical menu, open the esc menu nor TP anywhere (despite having both the relevant intrinsics). /unstuck did nothing (naturally - i wasn't stuck in the terrain). Couldn't Alt-F4 either. Had to close the game via the toolbar. VISUAL: [This is where I would've added my screenshot, if I had one] REPRODUCTION: Strangling the connection or processing power might produce similar results? EXPECTED RESULT: Lag spike stops, I TP inside the Murex and everything's working perfectly well as usual OBSERVED RESULT: Lag spike made the tactical screen forget what intrinsics I had? REPRODUCTION RATE: It has only occurred once in a dozen murex raids or so.
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