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  1. But it feels right to lock items behind a PvP gamemode in a PvE game ? #CanadianLogic
  2. I too would like to know. DE make scripts sometimes. A script to retroactively get those slots would be greatly appreciated 🙏
  3. What about Power Carriers not spawning or lost somewhere in Excavation missions ? It's annoying to leave a mission just because you can't get Power Cells.
  4. Me neither, but you've been here since the beginning and I've been around for a long time. Think about newcomers. They can't get those Ayatan stockpiles in so little time. That's the number one issue.
  5. Especially when the team gets the challenge achieved at the end of the mission when the host does not for obscure reasons... I've contacted the support for that but I guess they'll not help me as usual when they'll answer me, too late, in at least 18 days like the last time I contacted them, one year ago.
  6. We'll see if your "professional Mod team" will delete this as usual. My question is serious, however. You are stating (again) that "problematic users" and "repeat offenders" only concern anti-feminism, racism, homophobia and transphobia. Why do you never talk about anti-male sexism ? Is it so tabou in North America ? Why are you deleting every post about that ? Maybe I can't understand because I've never faced such a situation in game... Being insulted in a foreign language seems the only real threat in Warframe Europe 😅
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