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  1. Oh come on... More or less the ideal team that you described in a previous message depending on who is present. You can't quantify luck, can you at least understand that ?
  2. From my POV you are extremely lucky. Keep in mind that this game is RNG based so you can run 10k iso vaults with nekros and still don't get this resource or whatever you're farming. And of course the resource is untradable. I gave up on Deimos 'cause I never get Scintillants, Set mods, Necramech's mods and Necramech Weapon parts. My only rewards consolation prizes from Vaults and Bounties are Endo, Relics and ***** Ayatan Stars. Devs are trolls, that's my guess.
  3. Don't forget to fix Latrox and his Osprey leaving the mission area in different directions. It's annoying to get the "abandonning objective" alert when you're trying to protect them. And could you do something for their shield ? It seems that shield won't recharge if NPC isn't at max HP. That's rather ridiculous for a Shield Osprey.
  4. I thought it was another troll from the team... So, can you retroactively give me the Captura Scene instead of the Fish Trophy ? I'm losing 120k standing with this "joke".
  5. Can we have a fast travel to Loid ?
  6. This was a really, really awful mechanic. You need to stop your RNG everywhere.
  7. Same. Spinal core sections obtention seem random...
  8. Shall we be given a free choice if we already reached the maximum level for a syndicate ? Because I have reached the max level for 2 syndicates before this update and it's not fair to not give this choice for the guys in my case...
  9. Some high rank guys farm one map 'cause the system for earning syndicate's standing is wobbly and your solution is nerfing some frame's skills. And recurrent bugs are still here... Big joke. Very very bad choice. You're killing the fun. +100000000000000000000
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