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  1. DE put the mod for a relatively huge amount of ducats only to see how many losers players could buy it. Typical way to make us squander all our stockpiled resources. I'm not gonna play their silly game and buy this stupid mod which benefits one single weapon.
  2. It still happens and I'm pretty sure that other items are affected by the bug like Vestige, Vitus Essence, Cryotic, plants... Can't wait for the support answer in two months.
  3. I had this bug yesterday, was alone in a Mobile Defense. I think I've been killed just after completing the first objective. My kavat was bleeding out when I revived, then the objective (already completed) and my kavat were converted in thralls by the Lich. When the converted kavat was killed by enemies I was able to mercy him and get murmur...
  4. And I built my comment with Narrow Minded 🙃
  5. Wow wow wow, get lucky is a skill now ? 😂🤣 And fighting RNG is an achievement ? 🤣😂🤣 You could spend your entire life farming [placeholder] and never get it just because it's hidden behind RNG, period. ___________ Finally some common sense.
  6. You expect other players to think like you in public games If (like the other founder guy) you're so salty about that, I suggest you to play solo when needed 😐
  7. All the players don't necessarily get the Requiem Mods needed when they meet their Lich. Is it lazy to be pointlessly killed by the Lich ? Go solo when you want to confront your personal Lich.
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