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  1. and maybe auto aim of arrows?
  2. Vets have better amps than default, if u dont have better amp u r not vet (same level of "argumentation) Some resources are unnecessary high-cap and it's true
  3. strole on deimos, orb, eidolon then 2-3 mission on RJ, then some other missions, and you have no day - and where life? job? sleep?
  4. TBH, more adequate values (at least for me) Oxides Calx Biotics Synthetics Pheromones Bile Sentient Appetite
  5. resources cost the most important thing to rework/fix
  6. +1 another victim of this bug /edit: Vallis Tree hase same bug)
  7. Warframe today https://tenor.com/view/starship-troopers-traitorof-mars-sttomfilm-starship-troopers-bugs-attack-gif-8969856
  8. nah... for this thing responsible is a prime static reactor sigil (at least in most cases)
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