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  2. DE back a last change... cuz some people can't into color-mix >.>
  3. is this back in other time and other style? i'm mad cuz i'm lost now my pinkie-orange energy on half warframes >.>
  4. not only Lesion have this problem, Serro definitely, and probably others polearm too
  5. THRESHCONE PRIME DECOR SCHEME from alarm after doing we got a... recipe 10 orokin cells 10 forma 10 reactors 10 catalist 1000 ducats 2000 platinium your soul
  6. When Ivara and Kdrives visual bugs repair?
  7. ehm, u know u can bind first 12 places of inventory? soooo... archwing can be spawned by one key 😉 w/o entering to gear-wheel
  8. better alternative: cheaper pack with only Syandana and Armor
  9. Ivara don't touched 😕 same like K-drives glitch 😐
  10. still not repair for ivara nad k-drives :<
  11. u can have 2nd, 3rd and even 1000000001st account, how long you dont interact/boost one account by another
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