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  1. still no fix for ivara prime skirt transparecy... meh
  2. DE doesn't care about skirt issues Ivara mains in pain...
  3. Great... no fixes for Ivara Prime fashionframe glitches
  4. *reading fixes* Ivara Prime still not fixed 😞
  5. We know about non-transparend ugly-milky skirt... Add-on: Prime-parts on Astrea skin are black (and uncolor-able)
  6. GREAT... 2 weeks with broken fashion Ivara!
  7. Still no FIX for NEW PRIME Ivara skirt (and Astrea skin things)
  8. pls fix ivara prime skirt - at this moment its ugly (milky-non-transparent) on dark-painted Ivaras
  9. yee... dark ivara prime = eye-hiting ugly effect 😐 this need fix!
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