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  1. Any chance of removing the "System" of turning Capture Missions into Exterminate Missions? I'm not sure the actual chance, but when it does - it is always an inconvenience since I'm doing Capture missions for a reason and not Exterminate. Also, it has been stated to make Void Storms more rewarding? Were there any suggestions, ideas, or plan moving forward with it?
  2. Is there a reason that when I'm doing Capture Missions that there's a chance that it becomes an Extermination Mission in the next 30 seconds or so. There's a reason why I'm doing Capture Missions and not Exterminate Missions, and imposing this sort of system to make the missions "longer" is very counterproductive. An example of this is farming for Argon Crystals in the Void, and of course they don't drop as much when you need them, but if they do drop - it becomes longer because Lotus decided that you need to kill X enemies before you can extract or even roam around the map to look for resources. Would DE ever consider removing this system and just make the missions as it is?
  3. I was honestly expecting Void Storms to be a way to crack multiple relics at the same time, and not a tedious and longer version of a regular Void Fissure mission, not to mention the lack of corrupted enemies in certain missions (Grineer Skirmish Mission for one). If I can suggest something that can be possibly implemented which requires revising the Relic System. You are now able to reserve 4 Relics of each Era (Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi) which acts similar to your loadouts. Entering a Void Fissure will always use your 1st reserved Relic of the given Era. However, for Void Storms, all 4 Relics will be in play while you are Solo, giving you a chance to crack all of them and receive a random reward for each one. However, if you are in a squad or even if a player joins your mission half-way, it is reduced to your 1st and 2nd reserved Relics. The number of reactants would still be the same, 10 for each Relic, retroactively changing if there's more than one player in a mission (40 to 20). Now the incentive of this is that even if you're in a squad, you'll have more choices to choose from. For a 2-Man Squad, each one can choose two rewards from the four possible choices. A 3-Man Squad can choose from six possible choices, and a Full Squad can choose from a whooping pool of eight choices. This drastically speeds up player farming (which is a case I know you guys are trying to actively reduce), reduces burnout for players as well as RNG frustrations from repeating the same mission over and over. (Especially if the given part only has an active fissue which is Survival/Defense or any Endless Mission). I certainly hope you guys can consider this idea or if its even possible to implement.
  4. Void Sinks detonating multiple times in rapid succession, seemingly occurring if a player passes through them yet is unable to deal damage, or if they are directly above or below it for just a couple of meters. 100% occurs with Wukong in his Cloud Walk ability, it detects a player is there yet not at the same time and perhaps that's the cause of it triggering multiple times? I have sacrificed my eyes to ensure this was the steps and I can guarantee you, it is. Wukong + Cloud Walk + Void Sink = multiple explosions.
  5. With the scale of the so called "Void Storm" makes it sound so epic but it's not as efficient as regular Void Fissure missions. I was expecting we'll be able to crack more Relics in one go rather than 1 at a time. The Time vs Reward for Void Storm missions are very poor, the number of objectives seems scales badly. If a player is doing a Void Storm, the sole purpose is either to get a Sevagoth Part or actually crack a Relic, and the only one being done is the Sevagoth Parts (Corrupted Enemies requires you to be inside, and it's not even a guarantee that they'll be corrupted) and after that, I can 100% guarantee that these Void Storms will be forgotten due to its inefficiency. Regardless of whatever rewards you add on top of it, there's a reason why players actually do the mission and that's to get Prime Parts and again, Void Storms is the worst way to get them. If I can suggest possible system (if they're remotely possible to be done): - Allow multiple Relics to be cracked. This can be done in a way that players can always set up to 4 Relics of each Era to be active (Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi). Joining a Void Storm puts your active set of relics for that era in play. So you'll always have 4 Relics that you can immediately crack in one instance of Void Storm, however when at least one player joins, this would reduce your active set of relics to the first 2 you've placed (similar to Crewmates where they get replaced according to their order). This will guarantee you at least 2 Relics to be cracked, 2 rewards to be chosen from a pool of 4 (2 Player Squad), 6 (3 Player Squad) , or 8 (Full Squad). The Void Traces also scales and adjusts accordingly to the squad, requiring 40 if you're Solo and becoming 20 if you're in a Squad. This will drastically differentiate it from players who would rather go for a Void Fissure which are (we all know) are quick and fast as opposed to Void Storms which requires more coordination and investment. Also perhaps make it a default that "ALL ENEMIES" in a Void Storm becomes Corrupted, this makes it easier for players joining halfway through from catching up with their Void Traces.
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