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  1. Ok well as of the thing not being able to be accessible for all warframes I kind of digress or not by grace it's not the correct word when I kind of disagree with that thing because it could be like that dog day swimming tube where they just give the skirt that was what I was planning or not planning but that's what I wanted and to the rhino with a maid skirt imagine of funny that would be on someone like Atlas or Ash
  2. Give us a maid suit so we can make the male characters look like femboys it's going to be hella funny and you can make the female characters look even hotter you could even put the sign of the Warframe symbol on the front so it is Warframe related I just want a maid suit
  3. In my language there's a spider called a violin spider and it has stripes and that weird pattern I drew on her that's why it came to mind you are right something like widow or Arakna will de better as for her design it's kind of hard but I don't think they'll go with the back thing because you know the weapons go on your back I think it would be grand to have spider legs around her waist like a skirt and when she jumps onto a wall they open up and the light on to it ekta drawing it's better than mine
  4. I have a few ideas for warframes but this one is the most flushed out she is a spider frame and she has an emphasis on being sneaky and stealthy having two sets of abilities which are the following P she is able to latch onto any surface and can move freely against it 1) When not latched on the wall she shoots out a web ensnaring everyone caught in it pulling them together When latched to the wall she can hit a enemy with a web and pin them against the surface she is currently on 2) When not latched against a wall she fires out a web swinging from it towards the location where it was shot When latched to the wall she shoots a string from where she is mounted to the location targeted which she can climb onto and walk on she can also stick enemies to the web 3) when not latched she can instantly kill an enemy and gets health from it When she is launched on the wall she will jump down and kill an enemy as well fearing nearby enemies 4) her body opens up and thousands of micro spiders come out of her seeking out enemies and attaching themselves making the enemies visible through walls when she taps the ability again the spiders detonate and blow up the enemy SSorry that there is a crap image of it and that everything does not have punctuation and is confusing but that's my idea let's make it reality? Shape-shift the idea make it whatever you want that's just my idea hope you enjoy reading through it that's just my idea hope you enjoy reading through it
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