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  1. Hello! Clan name: ZEXY Requirements: none! Optional Clan Discord: https://discord.gg/vnN5MtV Goal: Create a friendly community to help each other in all modes - from beginner quests to endgame grinds. Contact: IGN: ZEXY or Evibun // Discord: Z3XY#7131 or Evibun#0001 If you're looking for a chill clan, you're welcome to join us. We do not mind shy players that do not want to talk. Discord server is optional for that reason - it's mostly used as a hub for useful links and an easy way for the leaders to keep track of donations / announce raffles, etc. We do not kick for inactivity, so if you're one of those people that play on and off and looking for a home, come hang out with us! We have people from all over the world, our clan is not restricted to any zone. Hopefully there will always be someone on to aid you! Research is almost complete, we have the essentials - archwing launcher / keys. We're currently rank 8 Storm clan. Contributions are appreciated but not necessary. New and returning players are welcome. Thanks for reading! GLHF!
  2. hello! ZEXY is a rank 7 clan with zero requirements. we have an optional discord server and can get you up to speed! We have veteran and new players from all over the world. Let me know if this sounds right for you. PM Evibun or ZEXY in game, or Evibun#0001 / ZEXY#1731 on discord!
  3. sent you an invite! we are a new clan, but have veterans available to help!
  4. Hello! If you are still looking for a chill clan, feel free to join Zexy!
  5. hello! i'm not sure if you are still looking for a clan, but we are currently building labs and working on research in the dojo. We welcome all players including people who cannot be online everyday! let me know if you still need people to play with (clan name: Zexy)
  6. If you guys are interested, I made a clan and i'm working on the labs / research. I'm looking for all sorts of players to form a well rounded community. So pockets for pvp/ hardcore/softcore etc. clan name: Zexy
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