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  1. Dread, Red Crits all the way! Honorable mentions: Artemis bow, if it wasn't for the energy consumption. Mutalist Cernos Paris Prime, nice weapon to have on low MR. TBH this list would have been longer, if it wasn't for the fact that most weapons take way too much investment to be liable. Especially in the early beginnings of the game. By the time you have reached MR 10, most of the weapons you have used were just for the mastery rank because of this. My MR fodder list is because of this fact alone, I imagine, much longer than anyone else. Minus the mechanisms around some wea
  2. I know this post is 1 year old. But even that is meh. Trash weapons don't get gud because they have a riven in it. They only get somewhat better if that riven is a Godroll, which is not a lot of the time TBH. Even when its a random riven roll for a weapons that I don't have nor even wanted to ever be unveiled. And this is not just my solely my opinion only, just check the ingame trade chat. It's so rare for a weapon to even roll good stats that they are being sold for +500 plat for the cheapest. For better weapons, +1k plat for the cheapest. Also while rivens are eventually sa
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