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  1. Depends on what you can see. If both poles are visible from the railjack, that would probably be the best, but any correct number you can get should do for an estimation - the Earth is a sphere squished by its own rotation, so there's going to be inaccuracies if you don't have the right angle. - - - I actually did a quick search for the number: 7,916 mi / 12,756 km at the equator; 7899.86 mi / 12713.6 km pole-to-pole. Worth noting that you'll need to subtract the radius from the distance to earth calculation you do, otherwise you'll have a NASA Mars rover incident.
  2. In short yes, there is a way. I believe the method would be to use the (linear) length from one end of the planet to the other as a given. Then find the angle centered on you, from one end of the plant's length to the other. With that you have three angles and a side of a triage - with which you can find the other two sides using trigonometry, and distance from the surface with another calculation. Spoilers, though, I believe the answer is "too close". The game (not the only offender on this thing) uses art and not physics - and as such they'll ignore scale rules to make everything look more clear, for plot or atmosphere reasons, or just for cool factor.
  3. There is something different about the voice there. According to the Wiki it has the, "Something's out there" line - which is supposed to be from the PC's father aboard the Zariman. Even the insidious lines are softer. Almost as though they weren't intended to be quite so worrisome. Its possible that we're dealing with something that can only express itself to us through our own memories at this point. And with most of our memories being violent and cruel, being closer to it through the finger reveals more of what it actually is. Or the opposite. Who knows?
  4. Some of these ships seem hit (archwings) like absolute trucks. I think it was the crew ships - which I grant, the main cannon of a ship like that would leave a mark - completely splatter me through all of Amesha's 2, 3, and 4 at the same time. Though I think the fire redirect feature of the 2 may be broken in RJ missions at least. . . . Also, I'm kinda annoyed that you made all the AW guns projectile based, even though it makes sense. Could you at least give them the lead indicators from the gunnery skill?
  5. I dunno, looks more like the legendary Missa Jar Jar Binks to me.
  6. There are ~5pm updates, but past that have mostly been updates promised for a specific week on a Friday where they decide it must come out and the break out the kegs of emergency Red Bull. Reb posting that they weren't certain when they'd have the dev stream that was planed for this week implied that short of a miracle it would not be today, and could be as bad as a Red Bull raid week.
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