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  1. Similar thing, also on solo with Chroma and not being able to be damaged/go operator. Though my kavat could be damaged (and also vanished as I returned to the surface). One incident started from the start of the underground phase; but the other occurred after noticing my kavat vanished, I headed back into deck 12 and out again, which failed to give me my kavat but did spawn a second Exploiter, and then after trying going in and out again I noticed I was invulnerable. I think it has something to do with the instance transition.
  2. With the current mode we have, its become even more obvious that the horizontal air attacks are a little suspect in terms of usability. It might be worthwhile to simply move the air attack to a dash-slam like the ground slam is, with limited range and an impact when you hit an enemy instead of hoping the air attack connects. Unless of course there are other changes that are not obvious right now.
  3. If she let you buy from her selection of pre-made weapons or building it on the fly for you rather than picking one at random and insisting that's the one you have to buy and refusing to sell you anything else, she wouldn't be very rude, now would she? Didn't think this through, didja, glinty?
  4. The second one is simple, you don't care where it opens. Yeah, its stupid, so were a lot of things during economic rush eras. He still gets the thermia, just might have to build some new structures. The first one, sure. The coolant is wacky Orokin tech and doesn't follow any reasonable rules. Once that's established what do you do? Argue that using magic/poorly understood lostec in foolish ways shouldn't have dire consequences?
  5. It sounds like the fissures are what he's trying to make money off of. Specifically, pump a lot of coolant into the ground, cause fissures spewing out the molten thermia and/or other rare resources, harvest. The lines made it seem like he's letting the Exploiter Orb harvest from the fissures rather than just sealing them, using the Coolant Raknoid's coolant to keep it from overheating while working at them. Its also possible that there are bounties on Tenno / captured warframes. Nef or one of his underlings may view this as a priority over cleaning up after himself.
  6. Au contraire! And not in a good way. Saturn 6 Fugitives get VERY excited when snow globe-d. So much so that when I was trying to capture one who'd stumbled into the Transit Depot in the Vallis, which was getting me shot and caused me to impulsively get a globe while I was standing over him, it shot the guy into the air, up and up, off the map, never to be seen again. Railjack confirmed?
  7. It's just a convenience for release-to-fire weapons like bows. Defeats the shortcomings or breaks mechanics in charge-and-pop weapons like the Opticor and Tenora, as well as the ones that eat ammo while charging and or holding like the Phantasma and Staticor.
  8. Bows and crossbows that charge (ballistica family being the only ones I know of) having a feature that allows you to auto-charge them and just click to fire. Maybe this for the Lanka as well?
  9. My personal opinion on the kerfuffle over Nightwave is that it has more to do with the economy it has than the acts themselves. The system seems to create a disconnected feeling between completing acts and getting rewarded - rather ironic considering Nora's comment about the "back brain". Acts do result in rewards, but they are fixed, no single act grants a reward by itself, and W.Creds are infrequently rewarded in them. Again, somewhat counter-intuitive when the pitch of the idea seemed to center on the Cred store being the main deal. On just a first level alteration, I would suggest altering the economy so store credit is rewarded a flat amount for each completed act and each level; possibly leaving the large store cred pots at certain levels if desired. Then increase the cost of items considered "scarce" proportional to the increased availability and/or limit the number of them purchasable per week. Then, perhaps, add in a few things that are currently too low value to add, or just one cheap thing per week. The purpose of this all being to get people using the store and feeling rewarded quickly and to tie rewards to acts so there's less hurt feelings when one of them is a pet peeve. A more. . . thorough? Rearrangement of the economy would be to move most or all of the rank rewards to the cred store and have the rewards from acts and levels, if its felt that the levels is a good or necessary thing, be all or almost all store creds. By doing this the system would allow you to strictly get what you want, and be less onerous for people who take long breaks or simply only want to do a little of it (looking at you, Umbral Forma). I would like to end this with some boot licking complements about the "trophy" content added with the WoS6. Some time ago I had commented that event rewards, while often nice, didn't have a nostalgia factor. Not so in this case. Not just the cosmetics, but also the Sledge being the actual weapon of the title antagonist? Nice touch.
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