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  1. Presumably, the focus abilities will alter to be like the mods are being changed. The channeling eff one will probably be changed to better combo:heavy attack economy. The Naramon combo one should be mostly the same because the combo counter still decays.
  2. As I understand, Reach on Glaives throws effects the size of the projectile hitbox. Questionable utility, as far as I've seen.
  3. The derelict tower in the demo was filled with Infested. They'll be around, though it remains to be seen if they'll have plague vector ships and such.
  4. Not that its necessarily a write-out of DE's schedule, but they changed their Twitter icon to the Empyrean-Lotus logo. So at least the social media management team is at a minimum prepping for it to release. Obviously, this could jumping the gun, or it just being a new logo for them to use to maintain interest after Tennocon. Which could obviously be a mistake that'll lead to another hype train decay incident.
  5. Melee v3: - What's happening with scythes? There was talk about making them a 2h - style class, but does that extend to the Plague Star scythe/staff blade? Orb Mother 3: This time it's Personal! not happening this year, apparently? Modular gear: - More classes/parts coming? Eventually, obviously, but in the foreseeable future? - More cross-tech parts? Corpus energy/power parts? Sentient Kit-chambers? Mutalist MOA parts? Fortuna Zaw arcanes and/or Cetus Kitgun arcanes? Quill parts for any of the classes (outside amps)? More menu updates to accommodate features that were not considered for the current version? EG: The vehicle tab is independent of the main loadout, but hidden in a sub-menu, but also has the Arch-gun Deployer, which is bound to the main loadout. You also can't swap live pets from the main screen, even though swapping is now instant and DNA degradation is trivial (I know there's more to that problem, but it is awkward). Will Railjack's change in how important Arch-weapons are change how the syndicate locked ones are acquired, or will there be more that are found outside those means?
  6. Fortuna's fishing not having bait blueprints was a downgrade from Cetus' system, in my opinion. As I see it, it means that trying to gain standing through fishing will always get you less than your daily cap because you need to spend standing for each bait (which gives you only so many fish per bait) whereas craftable baits' cost in standing decreases constantly as you catch more fish. The saving grace for Fortuna there is that mining and conservation were buffed for standing gains outside of bounties - so maybe the changes to Cetus will normalize it as well, even if this is a downgrade.
  7. With the current mode we have, its become even more obvious that the horizontal air attacks are a little suspect in terms of usability. It might be worthwhile to simply move the air attack to a dash-slam like the ground slam is, with limited range and an impact when you hit an enemy instead of hoping the air attack connects. Unless of course there are other changes that are not obvious right now.
  8. Is the Gift-O-Meter broken? it doesn't seem to have moved from where it was over the weekend, but the gifting leaderboards changed multiple times.
  9. I forget offhand, though I think it forces you to lose a number of pieces. And its really not a much of a stretch, either. They were vague as to what makes or causes Umbra/an Umbra to be functionally distinct from an ordinary warframe. One concrete element is the transference bolt, but even the basic version is handwaved at this point. Which leads to a basic knowledge problem as follows: Is the altered bolt necessary for an Umbra to be created? If no then: The Umbra effect may be from an intense experience during their transformation. In which case they may have been made unintentionally there could be any number of variants waiting to be discovered. If the altered bolt is required to tame one, the acquisition loop may involve gouging in the altered bolt to the untamed Umbra then entering their memories. The Umbra effect may be the natural state for a warframe. Standard model bolts may be tuned to the nearest Tenno in an agressive way, immediately subduing their rage as they come on-line, and/or have the ability to disable the unit when no Tenno is connected. If so swapping the bolt may have an Umbra-like effect on other frames, though their memories may be less intense from already being linked to a Tenno and may have no interest in doing anything. A damaged or removed bolt might cause an Umbra effect. If yes then: Is the alteration something that could happen by accident? As in, something someone might do and later realize they had done something wrong and shelve the defective unit. Is the alteration actually difficult to create? As in, could it be created only by Ballas or someone of equal or greater skill? Is Ballas actually exceptionally good at anything, or was it merely him signing off on and directing the work of others? Is the alteration only undesirable for the specific role that normal frames were built to fill? Would an Umbra be a reasonable solution for certain problems? Like keeping all but a select few people out of a location indefinitely with little to no support? Would someone willingly do this to themselves to fulfill a task they had no hope of accomplishing otherwise? In short: The vagueness of what little we do know makes it extremely easy to be proven wrong on blanket yes or no statements about many things, future Umbras included. Out-of-universe information is what I would base speculations of future Umbras on. As in, is there grofit in it? Are people enthusiastic to play more because of more Umbras and/or do Umbras encourage people to spend money? Or is adding in more Umbra variants, at least for certain frames, even a good idea? If they follow Excal's format, they'll be purpose built anti-Sentient units, which are being built towards by DE. Would adding in more Umbras effectively force high level versus Sentient play to those frames?
  10. The komi game. He promised to do the same thing to one of his relatives for each piece he took from the Dax. Which gives him potential reason to create X many more. Though he said that he viewed creating E.Umbra as a mistake, so he might have simply killed the others, given up, or been interrupted by the fall of the Empire. On top of that, there's nothing in the story that confirms that Ballas and only Ballas could make an Umbra, so others could have been made by various people for different reasons. There are enough ways to fit in more Umbra series frames, the only question is the wisdom in doing so.
  11. Everyone's all excited for Fortuna. And here I am just waiting for melee 3.0 to get out of limbo so I can start working on my melee weapons again.
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