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  1. Honestly, I don't feel giving Stalker the Sentient gimmick made him any more powerful or fun to fight. The interaction with him is still dull and unrewarding. In fact, the first time I was faced with his obnoxious appearance, I didn't even want to bother fighting him because the fight just simply wasn't engaging or challenging. When I tried to just go on my merry way, he kept teleporting me back, so out of pure spite and frustration I caved his skull in with a fury of Detron and Gram.


    Despite these changes, he's still just an unrewarding, unchallenging, dull nuisance. I wanted an improved interaction with Stalker, something more than either side one-shotting the other, like some kind of tooth and nail battle, but he still doesn't offer any sort of interesting game-play.


    On the bright side, all the new cosmetics and the design of the War / Broken War are superb, so good work there. I really like the style the Sentient have.


    he dont express himself always the same when he appears, some things are new, i think it depends on "stalkers personal" rng which developers have given, so, try a few times, there are "appearings of the stalker" where you will simply die helpless and kiss the floor ... without being able to give him a single hit ^^)

  2. I love warframe and DE. But the grind in Warframe is becoming a little much. For me personally I am accustomed to a little bit of grind, but everyone who I have recommended this game to has left because of the grind and almost unobtainable objects.

    DE once said they would reduce the grind, but with the release of NE Zha, I don't see that happening. Equinox and Ivara are both warframes I grinded hours for. People get turned off by that. The new single handed stance mod is practically a myth!


    Focus is a giant grind that many wouldn't even care to try. 

    What do you guys think? Is the grind becoming too much to the point of running players away? Or is the grind fine where it is?


    i think it keeps it alive beside all the ongoing real-money-investers/investments done by the players/customers which love to do that ... ((^^

  3. nezha is one of the rare best frames i ever played in warframe ^^)


    thank you for that, DE, nezha will become for shure one of my rare main frames i love to play with, wonderful moves, great expression of its ability, a true christmas gift ... (^^

  4. i cant stand the loki skin, will not use it, even the new saryn skin "is a bit heavy" in the moves, im not shure if im interested in the prime version of saryn, some things go too abstract for me, i like it more original, ash original is nice for me, the prime ash is strange, and a few things more, so i play that stuff which i feel good with


    cant wait for giving a bit honour to banshee for a wonderful primed version ...


    for everything else, thx to rebecca and the devs in the stream, i wish the whole DE-team/-company a time to chill all out ^^))


    and thx to bunny for your good job (^^

  5. earth tells me that i have still 13/15 missions completed


    all new nodes are marked as locked, as well as i can go into them, even maroons shop and do what i want


    after playing all 3 new orokin moon nodes i see them still as locked even that i can play them


    im puzzled ...

  6. And if not entirely ruined, then pretty seriously undermined.


    I wasn’t unimpressed with the story, but its implications kinda ruin the game for me.

    [This is a little lame imo.] The wariverse was far deeper richer before this little bombshell. The wariverse has taken a huge punch to the crotch here.


    Yes it’s a neat trick. But this new gimmick once looked over makes our warframes so much less, no more Rhino, Excalibur… Loki, Mag,Volt, Trinity, Banshee, Saryn...


    Our warframes are now unsubstantial biological machines. [A little like Iron-man’s suit.]


    …we’re all Super Saiyans now! yay! and the massive reveal introduces a pretty overused, even hackneyed idea as their replacement. sigh.


    DE: 1) Here you go, you’re now all Super Saiyan’s.

    2)But your warframes and all that personality they may have had is gone.

    3)Enjoy all the new leveling, grinding to become a Super Saiyan.


    Sorry to ruin everybodies party here, but was it so hard/problematic to just accept we were different tenno before this? Well now we’re just 1 guy/gal… and we drive our frames around aka Tony Stark, in space…. yaaaaaawn Super Saiyan power activate!!! Our hair all turns golden in colour and seems to stand on end, giving it a rising, flame-like appearance… yada yada…

    RIP warframes long live Super Saiyanframe. sigh.


    i dont know which idea you have had before when you played in the frames


    do you remove your "real self" before the computer and exchange it with a warframe when you start playing ?


    then, what is the basement of stepping into a frame, a healthy mind, a neurotic mind, and destroying mind ?


    you before the computer, how is your physical basement, healthy, fat, sportive, what happens with the people which play 8 hour survival and share it here


    what will happen with them if they do that in a daily meaning or what could happen ...


    before we could discuss this im shure a high percentage of players would do a step back and share that its for fun and releasing a bit the day by playing a internetgame


    im shure that my questions and direction goes very close to that how things are


    now DE has given us a lill concious instance between us and the game =)) and, dont forget, lotus uses also such a seat and she was standing and walking beside "us" and explained a bit whats going on =))))))))))


    there was also the avatar which i was able to choose, my inner part/the core is female, my outer part, the fighter, the creator is male


    we all have this 2 sides in us and we all know it, and im talking about "usefulness" here, not about gender-stuff, sexual identification or needs and all this, im simply talking a lill bit about usefulness


    i love the new direction and it was more then i expected ... i wish DE goes on with that unexpected surprises


    and as i can see there is a lot of potential in the new orokin moon )))) mostly for the finetuning of the grafic part there ,-)

  7. The greater lenses are meant to be longterm investments to max out a focus, so it stands to reason that it'd take an extensive amount of play to get the 4 lenses to make one!


    So yeah, don't listen to this guy, as you'll still be stuck for at least a few weeks (months if you've got a job or are not a powergamer) with a focus that can definitely not be to your liking.


    lol, why should i max out a outer focus when i have enough of it inside me warframe, i looked at the 4 lenses in the market, smiled and didnt simply touch it, and i will not touch it for a long time ... (you read right, ME warframe, we are energy in that game, dude, accept it and things become more easy) ... (^^

  8. WoW! - lots to assimilate here. Thank you Dev's JLZT5jb.gif


    yes, this ^^) thank you, DE ! (^^


    just taking a gentle walk through all the new things by using the new toys and enjoying it


    slowly i can take a look back and im open for something ongoing exciting new to go forward in/with warframe ...

  9. nice update, didnt play everything right now, thx for


    WHAT i dont like is wasting 1,5 hours in playing and levelling at earth by getting removed with nothing in my hands because of host-issues from and about whatever ...


    thats status quo right now and gives me a more then unsave and uncomfortable feeling ...

  10. if you would have 50 % adults in the community "bonfire" would be a nice word what would happen with that "delays"


    i can understand the "delay" and even accept it, as well as i go highly allergic and i get totally opposite feelings then nice, great, love and all this for warframe


    but it functions on the most of "the customers" here, as well as it doesnt with or on me


    bad cause, bad effect ...


    from somebody which keeps dates in business clear and clean for around more then 20 years ... and no, dont tell me anything, DE ...

  11. I guess some of you never played games by other developers.

    Glorified companies like Rockstar, Blizzard, Ubisoft,... sometimes, if not most of the times,

    postpone updates / expansions for weeks / months on end, while leaving their costumers in the dark.

    If large® companies get to 'screw' up on (estimated) releasedates, why can't DE?

    The Queen / Spacemom keeps us informed, and she doesn't make empty promises

    ("we're still hoping to release the Update today" isn't the same as saying "it WILL be OUT TODAY").

    For the last two years (didn't play WarFrame before that) they've been honest and kind to us,

    wich is a rare trade these days, so give them a break.


    why not ...

  12. Why y'all complaining about a delay? It's not like we're missing out on anything, we're STILL getting the update. Just go about your day and it'll launch when it's ready


    i think for people like you complainers are like a service from heaven, you can feel good about, aim on it, pulling your finger on them and you can trying to be better then "others"


    its like a flood of lemmings, unproofed sensational "im better then you"-postings, as well as i can understand that, even that i was never like this, not a single moment in my whole life, i love to check things and i love to say what i really think, i dont need to be polite ^^)


    it really looks like that for lot of people earth is flat


    them which critisize are them which are really in love with things ^^)

  13. i have everything of this pack except the misa prime syandana, im not buying anything from this pack for getting the misa prime syandana


    if i like it or not, as faar as i understood i will not be able to buy the misa prime as a standalone and i will for shure not buying the pack


    i dont need every cosmetic ^^)))))))))

  14. good teaching in business as usual from some "posters" and DE


    im recalibrating my valuesystem in my brain and mind, thank you for the teachings for here at warframe ^^)


    im not cynical, its a matter of fact, i love the business-teachings here ... and im always glad to learn new useful things which i can integrate in my daily life to get a better one and develop

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