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  1. With a recent room added to the dojo and kingpin bein a dojo room aswell. Could we possibly get a dojo max room cap increase for all the clans that maxed their dojo already?
  2. aah yes, that 1 still has to be submitted 😛
  3. The Kantokk Polearm was posted May 20th, so the deadline doesnt seem to be the cause 🙂 guess we will just have to wait and see if it receives Major feedback soon.
  4. Gonna be weird no longer working on Icarius. Gratz to all other accepted submissions 🙂
  5. Dont worry, Frelling is alive and well. He is busy with more Corpra goodness and is probally just a bit too busy to check forums :)
  6. Yeah seems to happen with Stenchfury his Hydroid skin VS the prime aswell, good to hear its already been looked at.
  7. If you like Clem faces you are in for another treat soon enough >:)
  8. During concept phase both bladed and more heavy versions of a nightstick have been explored by Faven and me. We picked this design because of the more fitting style of gameplay warframe has with the nightstick as there are alot of slashing and spinning attacks that feel more home to cutting and slashing weapons that impact and heavy.
  9. Ooph just made it intime, Sorry If I went a bit overboard with the presentation wanted to try this kind of thing for a while :) No Presentation version: This is Saxas a family member to the claw weapon family. To check out the full details of Saxas use this link: (Mobile users warned) http://extrazoom.com/image-82648.html?s=huln50x50 I decided to make 2 special mechanics to spice it up a bit but if these seem too far from the default grip type then It can just be a normal Claw weapon, as for the folded version of this weapon when not equipped: Both ripkas venka (and prime) seem to have a magical void masking trick that hides the blades so lets just keep with the theme. Also a huge thanks to my girlfriend for making the silhouttes for the special mechanics go check her out on DA: http://reviwolfe.deviantart.com/ Seen alot of amazing and great ideas so far keep it up all. (in the spoiler is some more personal stuff I wanted to post, it doesnt directly relate to the concept so skip if you want)
  10. Do watch out with going prime as DE might not accept it as default.
  11. OOOh, as for the credit yeah andy1134 commissioned me and I did some basic designs with his inspiration (Grineer, Corpus, Infested, Tenno) beyond those 4 I went ahead and made those outside of the commission :P
  12. Have been waiting to make this a looooong time.
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