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  1. Loading some screens in the dojo seems to take longer (...)

    I've been stuck on the building room screen, unable to exit. Only way out is to restart the game.


    I've been experiencing the same for some weeks already, but it's always the Tenno Lab only.

    Everytime I want to go and check it out I end up in a grey/blank screen when exiting the Tenno Lab window.

    Restart is the only solution, every - damn - time.

  2. i don't find it misleading, you're not supposed to buy stuff in the arsenal, but the market, the arsenal buy option is just there pretty much in case you want to buy something with platinum since that's pretty much all the items there, but all of my buying is always done through the market.


    Then they shouldn't put weapons you buy with credits in there seriously. Anyone who haven't figured it out has his problems with this, as for what I've heard... 


    Yes it does sound stupid but it is how it is.

  3. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/204048-gear-wheel/


    I've reported this kind of issue already but apparently nobody really cared for it (until now?)


    Gear wheel doesn't seem to save properly sometimes....



    I run OD solo and unless the dragon key is used, otherwise unequip the dragon key is a must do before going to the 1st game of the day!

    Also I noticed that when I rank up, it requires more void keys to craft a dragon key.

    Rank 7 requires 6 void keys and so forth. Now I am rank 10, it requires 9 void keys.

    The Wiki said it requires a spare void key, so is it just happened to me only?

    Anyone else can confirm that? Thanks!


    By this post I'm rank 13 and I can tell you that it has always been 1 key for 1 dragon key for me.

  4. i just went into the market and there's a lex right there, ready to be bought.


    I didn't see it before but I now get the idea. It appears as "owned" or "already bought" that's why I thought it couldn't be purchased a second time there.


    Doesn't change the fact though that it can't be acquired in the arsenal, which is misleading and confusing and does require a change.


    Thanks to you though many people can get their Aklex now.

  5. It's not the room. Because I know which one you mean, and it has never happened to me there.


    I think this type of crash occurs more often when your FPS drop really bad WHILE entering a new room, since the tile sets of a mission appear to load separately. On the PS4 FPS drops are mostly caused when playing with a full squad mission types, where enemies don't directly spawn into the set i. e. Capture missions, but are always there (right after you start). This in succession with a high ping, or a player with a bad connection hosting, makes it even worse. But don't call DE guilty for performance issues only, since I think that the PS4 is not that much of an advancement. I think Sony and game developers in general share the blame when it comes to performance issues on a PS console.

  6. I've noticed reports about the Harvester spawning in the power core of a defense mission, but this one here is about another issue with the Assassin bosses.


    I've noticed it happening 3 times so far.

    I was never affected myself, but squad members that had an Assassin/Headhunter mark were.

    It always happened in defense missions, we suddenly saw the screen flashing, everyone knew what was about to happen. So we gathered together and prepared for the upcoming Stalker/Harvester spawn. But well... he didn't spawn.

    So we continued and came to wave 5. Window shows up, everyone chosed to continue the battle (we really wanted to kill that Assassin of course!). And guess what happened, Stalker spawned right during that waiting screen after completing wave 5. It's there for just a few seconds but still long enough for any Assassin to get his kill. And yes, the Stalker did kill the poor Tenno and that guy wasn't able to do a thing, nobody was. Why? Because we were just standing there waiting to continue with wave 6, while watching the Stalker tearing that Tenno apart..

    Happened another day with Harvester, spawning just in time when that stupid window pops up.

    It almost looked like it was planned. Well played Assassins.... well played.


    Fix this bug, however. They are not supposed to spawn during the switch that occurs every 5 waves in a defense mission.



    Edit: I just noticed that you fixed this with U13. I just saw this in the Update notes. I'll mention it if it occurs again though.

  7. This is quite a serious bug here, because it can cause you to miss an important alert mission (Vauban parts, Auras, Helmets....)


    All alerts are being announced by the system. That's good. But sometimes they won't show up in the main menu, after the announcement. This can be really bad, if you are away for like 30 minutes, you come back and see everyone talking about an alert, but you can't see it, neither in the main menu NOR on the solar map!


    It has been happening for a while already, but I just had it happening again, Vesper (Venus) Energy Siphon alert. Glad that I did see the announcement and could make a quick restart. But this is unacceptable. Players are missing alot because the main menu does not actualize itself properly. And I DID get the confirmation from clan mates that were unable to see it either.



    Solutions for the moment: 


    1. Let someone whose sessions you can join invite you to the alert (if he did not finish it yet).

    2. Restart the game, guarenteed fix.

  8. Since update 12, Volt is obtained through the Tenno Lab in the Dojo.  Vauban is the only alert-obtained warframe presently.  (Not trying to be a jerk, just wanting to clear up misinformation.)


    No you are right, I forgot about that since I had Volt for a while already maxed.

  9. There's a rumor that if that happens you can just hit the play station button to go to the home and then go into warframe again and the door would be open, this is however just a rumor.


    Didn't do it to me mate. I figured and found a quite strange solution that allowed me to bypass the invisible wall. I planted Castanas on the invisible wall and while running against that wall, I shot through the Castanas with my Boltor Prime. I somehow bypassed the imaginary wall like that. A friend who was running with me did it the same way, he shot the Castanas with Paris instead. I did not want to abort the mission so I just tried anything, and as stupid as it sounds, it did work. It's worth a try, since anything is better than aborting the mission. Waiting for confirmation on this from others.

  10. it occurs through anything in the menus for me even the codex sometimes causes it i really hope DE fixes it soon im getting tired of restarting the game over and over again i've missed important alerts because of this bug i'm sure they will appear again but i'd like to get them as soon as possible.


    You are not forced to restart. If you have friends or are in a clan, you can join their sessions or let them invite you to a game, it temporary fixes the bug as well.

  11. I found the bug, just happened in invasion mission Selkie. I played on the Corpus side.

    It happens on the new Invasion tile set only I think.


    Here 2 screenshots:


    Vents before leaving the Corpus ship to head over into the Grineer Ship:



    After the evaporation area (outside area in space), inside the Grineer ship:



    Max Health, 0 Shields. They remained 0 until I died, after revival everything was fine again.

    Bug confirmed.

  12. Do ODD (Orokin Derelict Defense) with a full squad, one must have either Ogris or Penta well modded.

    Progress to wave 60+, do that 2 times.

    If squad members use different weapons while making progress it's even better (one uses melee only, other guy secondary, etc.), you will receive a true affinity burst from this.

    Good way to farm mods, cores and orokin cells at the same time as well.

  13. Ahh go figure, I haven't tried any of those Frames aside from Rhino on these missions. Thanks for letting me know. I just went with Rhino since I know you can get him early on. Is Volt or Ember a free/starter Frame? 


    They are not, they are actually harder to get as they require you to progress further through the Solar Map. Volt for example can be acquired through alert missions only. You get Ember in Saturn. Prime Warframes from Void Towers only.

  14. 1 - Is the RP Helmet BP supposed to drop in T3 Survivals? I already received this blueprint in another Tower mission (can't remember which one but it wasn't T3S).


    2 - When I check my inventory I still have only 1 RP Helmet BP, so I never actually received the Helmet BPs I was told I received in the T3S missions.


    1. As far as I know actually not, I got it from T2 MD


    2. So the RP Helmet BP was indicated on the mission results, but you did not acquire it? Did you acquire any other BP (of anything) instead? I know that's quite hard to check, if you have a bunch of prime blueprints in your inventory. But my point is, there are issues with rewards being shown as something else, i. e.: Misma mod with Tail Wind mod picture. Maybe, maybe this BP is affected too, and you received something else instead. Difficult situation. If you have a screenshot though, I'd contact support and claim the RP Helmet BP, as this was (apparently) indicated on the mission results. No matter what the reward table includes, the reward was shown, so it's yours to get.

  15. I know exactly what you mean. It's not the enemies disappearing what you've witnessed, it's the radar going nuts. It shows you the waypoint/location of an enemy, you go to that location, there's no enemy. You make sure that there's no enemy remaining, wave suddenly cleared, but the waypoint remains. Happened to me quite often in the latest ODD runs. I and clan members can confirm this. Even if the enemies really glitch through the floor, they must get killed by that, else the wave couldn't be cleared. But still, the radar/minimap is being messed up by just that.

  16. -snip-


    I've accurately described how it happened to me and I said that I do NOT want to try it again because of possible affinity loss.

    There can be many reasons for a bug to occur, so it is not always the case, that you can come up with "solid" facts nor a recreation of the problem.


    You should take your very last line as an advice to your self mate.

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