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  1. This is still a issue
  2. (PS4)panellgpierre

    Mesa Skin with Prime parts something wrong.

    I made a thread about this, it needs more attention.
  3. Some pictures of regular Mesa presidio with targis prime leg armor, and then Mesa Prime with presidio and targis Prime leg armor. Regular Mesa: Mesa Prime: hopefully you guys can see the issue with the placement of the leg armor, if not then zoom. The Prime version is off to the side and also too high, it's taking her chaps into consideration but as you can see, the chaps aren't there.
  4. So I bought both Mesa Prime Packs because I wanted to support DE, so after I bought Mesa Prime I looked at her design in the in select screen/equipment screen or whatever and after marveling over her beauty I did what I already knew was going to do and that was equip her Presidio deluxe skin because bai gawd that skin is amazing. Then I equipped the Targis Prime leg armor so she could look like her unprimed variant and then I could say goodbye to that version but then I realized that Targis prime leg armor isn’t scaled/aligned correctly on her. They’re askew and this really bothers me because I’ve been waiting for her Prime for so long and now that I have it should be able to say goodbye to the vanilla variant as well as free up a warframe slot for the future, but one of my favorite deluxe skins and prime armor is causing a placement/alignment glitch because the game has it scaled to her take her Prime versions chaps into consideration even though they aren’t present in the Presidio deluxe skin, which is weird because i don't think her other skins do that to that level, because they are placed weird but not that weird. I hate to sound so entitled but would it be possible to fix this DE? Please, I really like Mesa and her presidio deluxe skin but this visual glitch is causing me much grief, bad enough her vanilla and tennogen skins have similar cosmetic scaling issues (which is one of reasons why I love the presidio skin so much) now it’s kicked up a notch because the game is registering something that isn’t their which is ruining my fashion frame immersion. Please do something DE, if you can.
  5. (PS4)panellgpierre

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.3 (LIVE!)

    Time to get space AIDS on my lips if you know what i mean.
  6. (PS4)panellgpierre

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    An option to disable cursor and revert back to pre-update setup would be much appreciated abd as a happy midum for people who like the cursor, don't like the cursor, and thos who are on the fence about when/where it would be useful. Maybe a option to disable/enable it it in the menu's of the players choosing that way we can all be happy, but definitely have a pre-update post-update option for disabling it.
  7. (PS4)panellgpierre

    PS4: The Glast Gambit 19.8.0 (+Hotfixes)

    Where the relic for Aklex prime though
  8. (PS4)panellgpierre

    Specters of the Rail [+Hotfixes]

    @[DE]Drew i bought about 4 pieces of the ADI weapon holster adjustment pack and idk if its glitchy or just not a fully finished product maybe there's a update tht fixes this but i was just wondering if you guys are planning to fix this or if i could possibly get my 80plat refunded because that was truly a waste of platinum. The videos I've seen of it on the Internet looks way better than what i have, once again idk if we're missing a update that fixes this and that i should wait it out or it's just the PS4 version that looks clunky. If it's the latter is there anyway i could be reimbursed for lost plat?
  9. (PS4)panellgpierre

    PS4: Lunaro Update Status [Releasing July 7th]

    Wanted new Warframe not game mode. -.-
  10. (PS4)panellgpierre

    PS4: 18.13.X Status [Live June 10th]

    I thought i was the only who thought that lol, i thought i was being overly emotional.
  11. (PS4)panellgpierre

    PS4: 18.13.X Status [Live June 10th]

    See lower quote. This is the part you should care about "Never had a problem with Mirage Prism blind because i only saw it on T4 interceptions and sortie interceptions. She still has her HoM and the Synoid Simulor is still there so yeah." The only edit i can make to this is to add "raids" so people can see the full spectrum of her end-game usability.
  12. (PS4)panellgpierre

    PS4: 18.13.X Status [Live June 10th]

    Trinity's Blessing is limited to 50 in-game meters now so unless they hotfixed that i'm afraid i must inform you that you're wrong. I still feel the damage reduction should be capped a bit higher and have the default lower so people mod accordingly.
  13. (PS4)panellgpierre

    PS4: 18.13.X Status [Live June 10th]

    Sometimes i feel like new or salty people play basic missions, see someone getting all the kills then go on and have a tantrum in region chat or the forums, because basic missions is the only place where a lot of these Warframes can be seen as OP'd.