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  1. (PS4)x-SCARDUST-x

    Operator Earrings

    Really have to say it is very bad to want us to pay money for unusable stuff because of bugs. This does not really make sense to me.
  2. (PS4)x-SCARDUST-x

    leave Orb Vallis alone without loosing everything

    If this is all you are able to add to such an topic you should better rethink your intentions next time. This is not constructive criticism or feedback at all. And no I do not feel stupid for hidden game mechanics but I pretty sure I know one who is.
  3. (PS4)x-SCARDUST-x

    leave Orb Vallis alone without loosing everything

    This is possible? Oh please god if this is real I will feel so stupid. Well, I will give it a try.
  4. DE please add the option to leave Orb Vallis (or missions in generell) without loosing everything. Just had the situation that I lost everything as I needed to go (after 30 min playing) and the other three people (all from another same clan) where fsmring or running around. I asked them to "go" , but just received a "no". I asked again more politely but they were ignoring me. I waited half an hour asked another two times but still no reaction. So I was forced to leave and lost everything. Toroids, XP, resources and not a small amount. Really annoyed at the moment. I always helped player, was fair and friendly. Never had such a situation in Warframe but will definitely no longer play with randoms anymore in POE or OV. #notalllifttogether
  5. (PS4)x-SCARDUST-x

    Every first mission, session unavailable (video included)

    Yes I have the same problem since the sacrifice update. Session not available and you are back in the orbiter with the joined team. But afterwards it works, very strange and annoying but well....
  6. (PS4)x-SCARDUST-x

    New Free Prime Bundle Available Now!

    Yes, I was looking to buy it but this is cool. My wife wanted it so badly and only got bad offers till now. DE you make us both very happy with this. Thank you.
  7. Take your PS4 with you. I am also away one week a month. I can take it with me and even use tethering on my phone to login or simply ask my wife (or girlfriend if you do not have one, sry). There are ways. This does not happen that often right?
  8. Seriously? They told long before about the update and that it clean up space. Maybe try to get another faster connection in the future or will you complain every time you buy digital games which you cannot play because you need to download them? And regarding your login bonus. You cannot tell me that you do not have the time to login and log out every Day. That takes not even 1 minute. @DE: Since the update I cannot go to the POE anymore with open group settings. I get connected with people (I see their Icons) and then receive the message that the connection was lost. After the loading screen I am back at my orbiter together with the team. Happened 7 times in a row. When I go solo I can enter POE without any problems.
  9. (PS4)x-SCARDUST-x

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.3 (LIVE!)

    Why did you do that? If you login in the game and after 1 minute or so into the app your game will not save progress. There is this message in the app poping up whenever you try to login stating "that your progress will not save if you use the app while playing". Simple solution: do not do this! It is like you want to play with one account on two different consoles at the same time. This will not work! Thanks for the update DE. I hope we will see some UI fixes soon. This is in my opinion the moste urgent part right now for you to work on. The inconsistency and bugs are really annoying.
  10. (PS4)x-SCARDUST-x

    Prime Vault Unsealed Available Now!

    Why is the Brute Prime Pack not available on the Playstation store? Do I really have to take the 55€ full pack to buy Rhino this way? A little disappointing. 😐 Edit: Nevermind... the PS Store app was the reason it was not showing up. 🙈
  11. (PS4)x-SCARDUST-x

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    The new system really is getting in the way all the time. I even cannot select some missions because they are out of the current screen. I have to zoom out and be lucky to even select it. That makes no sense. On Eris as example I cannot select Brugia because it is out of the screen.
  12. (PS4)x-SCARDUST-x

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    Lets wait Tenno's. They are probably overwhelmed by the amount of viewers. Be patient while they are fixing the problem. Did not get mine either.
  13. (PS4)x-SCARDUST-x

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    Thanks DE. ☺️
  14. (PS4)x-SCARDUST-x

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    Yeah, let us wait.