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  1. welp there goes melee, only the fanboys wont admit to the myriad of problems this will bring and eventually kill melee for the true melee players. There was a time when devs would make their combat system as close to the real thing as possible but in todays games that's a rarity. melee is the only part of the game that is truly challenging, and when this change drops, I cant see myself supporting this part of the game anymore. It has come to the end for me, been holding out for railjack 2 years now but it seems like I wont be around for that. Glad to say I have experienced the better days of warframe, some good but more bad decisions than good and plenty of letdowns inbetween. this above statement is so narrow sighted and without thought. I bet this person hating on spin attacks, are one of the many who used to spam jat kittag+ Valkyr back in the days of their release. in fact all the stances have spin attacks in it's combos<< irony much?
  2. basically from then till now apart from more weapons frames and companions, we get better lighting and shadows and better sound. the maps are the same with entry points at different doors. some of the tiles/planets were controlled by the opposite faction. and while the oohs and aahs of the now have worn off more quickly as you progress, nothing has really changed in reality. fusion cores are now endo, mods leveling up is a bit more easier (they got this right). https://youtu.be/zoEZGMjIIEw
  3. we have variety already <> we just have to play smarter. warframe doesn't have to nor should it follow the norm with its damage mechanics it will kill the game. we are in the 4th year of balancing (since Jan 2015) and it has been a downhill spiral to be honest about it. yeah we know the game can be overwhelmingly hard the longer you go but why should it be easy? as for the modding system, it has already established itself and there is no meta or mandatory mods and the same can be said for weapons. you have choices to use these tools<> dps,status,and balanced, which ever path you choose its all up to you don't try to sway from the obvious. warframe needs to preserve whats left of it's original concepts that drew players in from the get go. Had DE stuck to their original plan or vision and not listen to these silly suggestions on social media, the game would be in a much better place and we would be getting much more needed content/quests as they used to be able to in the early days. now with them following these suggestions for 4 yrs, we are here, starving for new or continued lore/story pieces while they are stuck in limbo trying to "balance" or swaying/changing the gameplay mechanics to please a small % of loud whiners that cry at the very hic up of difficulty. example melee 2.9 and 6 dimensional archwing controls, both of which didn't improve the numbers in useage nor made the players delved more into weapons for both avenues of the game. they pushed players away, those who say otherwise is simply delusional.
  4. best thing and this should have been thought out and implemented ages ago, and its the simplest way without the backlash. Just have a manual and auto mode separate. manual you keep the old bindings and auto for the others that like that lazy way of playing. I give this game until the end of the year then I'm done with it, 7 years of bs is enough.
  5. its total garbage and a waste. DE needs to stop with the bs already.
  6. rolling guard is straight bs, to even benefit from this mod youll be rolling, ALWAYS. straight garbage if youre an active player that actually wants to play shooting and meleeing. it falls in the same category as abilities that is just plain annoying like limbo rift volt speed boost etc. then there is Harrow"...…..
  7. some things are better left alone, in this case it was the controls which from they redid it to 6 dimensional, just proves they have no clue to what they are doing. then there is the underpowered weapons and uninteresting mission modes= a crushing fail and humbling attempt at gaming.
  8. i'm silver gamer (50+) and warframe is ok-ish just basically a simulator and never defined itself as it's title description presumes. it has an identity crisis. the only reason I even play is because it has a few of the elements I enjoy, melee, movement, good graphics lots of characters and weapon choices. but saying all that its only a 5/10 in overall entertaining and enjoyment and no true storied mode for its characters, whether in syndicates or void which the frames comes from. it quickly gets stale for any gamer who are used to quality games, especially games that requires strategies, coordinations etc. sure it has potential, but so do most games in this genre if not all.
  9. wrong we had block but it was rarely used by players because it chewed through the stamina bar much like how channeling chews through your energy. combos were made into stances so nothing really changed other than it was made to be slotted. even then it was more efficient to just use heavy attacks which changed to quick attacks in m2.0 while heavy attacks gets the channeling feature, but overall the combos were always there with block which was affected by stamina that was ultimately removed and replaced with channeling. now we are getting back heavy attacks as the go to melee power move (devil switch, sounds exotic right) and quick attacks removed while your melee will be subpar because the flow of enemies will affect the multiplier which will be a dead feature in m3.0 if youre following whats being advocated so far.
  10. m1.0 to m2.99 is still the same and to be quite honest the stances don't differ that much in combos or move sets if you have been around for that long. melee 3.0 sounds like ps1 Battle Arena Toshinden back in the day. you can also see the lock in animation on the heavy attacks in that melee system soon to be ported over in m3.0<< im seeing dinosaur mechanics more and more each update its nothing new or exciting just a faster rinse and repeat. https://youtu.be/Kwx8tvO1a6M
  11. There is nothing beneficial to this as it hinders the player in more than 1 way. 1> locks you in stupid combos that misses the targets with most stances. 2> you more often pull out whatever you have in your gear wheel if aim gliding and cast an ability simultaneously. fishing pole, mining gun, specters etc. 3> and this is most important as a melee player/overall player, you cant block while aim gliding which is huge for melee survivability.
  12. not true.. combo multiplier was always good for melee since 2.0 dropped. tbh, in the early days of m.2.0 when you had the hordes of enemies to match the speed of the sword stances, 12x,16,upto 24x multi was possible which caused a lot of buzz because it produced red crits and that was a sought after meta in the "melee only" players. having a lot more enemies at the time solved the range issues we are now plagued with, for shorter ranged weapons such as dual zorens/ ichors. coupled that with coptering you were in warframe's melee nirvana.
  13. the only reason they reverted the changes is only the fact that it affected the usage of multiple frames back down to near 0 and a loss of booster sales= less money.had it not affected the profits made then they wouldn't reverted the changes. on the mod drop booster, they've wrecked the chances of rare and needed mods dropping to near impossible it's not worth even mentioning.
  14. he means straight damage only from either of the I.P.S. types... with a latron p straight puncture headshot using Harrow's buffs or Octavia's buff I can oneshot upto level 300+ with max punch thru. using orthos p with either sonar+silence or blind with a 3.5x multiplier I may getaway with level 500 heavy armored units. using other shenanigans like CP or/with elementals it gets in the red zone level 1k and above. snipers are just keeping the multi alive long enough but truly not fun to do.
  15. Skyrim you can pick up this game and still find something that will affect the gameplay even after you've poured thousands of hrs into it, and the whole experience /story will also differ per character used.
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