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  1. this enemy is too easy to kill<> step 1. remove the 4 shield covers on the legs step 2. those indicator light on the legs is its weak spot fire away, no fancy element needed just a weapon with punch thru to hit 2 legs at a time on each side left or right. ps: K.I.S.S. keep it stupid simple.
  2. the days of just using warframe abilities are long gone, thanks to the p42w whiners. that kind of no weapons, badassery style of play has died killing the very meaning of what a warframe is. the op is right to state that, as I would like to drop all weapons and use any frame for any content in the game regardless of how long it would take. add to the fact that the powers that were built into the abilities are in a redundant state. you now on most frame have to charge a frame's ultimate with 1 or 2 other abilities sometimes 3 to get what the ultimate used to do originally<< see saryn>> totally energy dependent. another thing to add to the madness, are arcanes and syndicate enhancements. while they have been working on balancing, it has been a fail in many ways because they have totally neglected what a warframe is or supposed to be. touting in lore how a frame's powers can destroy a planet in lore, but actual gameplay its limited to around level 80 or less when an ultimate looses all functionality when one doesn't equip weapons or sentinels/pets/ specters ect. it isn't rocket science to use any frame, its only 4 individual buttons. so saying a player isn't using a frame right is nonsense.
  3. if knowingly having (anything that works to get the job done) in this case windows< and one has to go through all that trouble to EMULATE and build a shadow to run programs just as or simulate what windows does what do you call such a person(s). kinda ironic isn't it when you think about your hard work that will more or less be redundant in a windows update or a game's update and you have to go through all that work again trying to get your program(s) to work. and you have the gall to call others stupid.
  4. co-op play isn't as rewarding as solo play. while coop play has it's merits, players tends to play mostly solo even though coop is highly encouraged.
  5. for the most part I can see why some players likes it and that's mainly because they aren't true melee players. for those of us who are outright melee players, the restrictions and loss of quick melee and manual blocking has made melee less useful. and to say this isn't melee 3.0 is silly because the core is already changed. there are only a few types of melee instances 1 being manual one being auto and then there's the other that's an hybrid. we have and now using a hybrid/auto with guns and auto melee which for the most part defeat the purpose of true melee play, and quite frankly has made me use less melee and melee weapons in general. as for tipedo I stand by what I stated earlier in which I stated that coptering was what gave it popularity. as it was only used for movement and not for it's actual damage. now let me give you the true gist of the problem at hand. DE has religiously are catering for the controller crowd, their parkour system and now melee are basically for control users. the essence of pc players and the buttons layout has been diminished everytime they change the system. and the functionality is not the same or as effective to be frank. for the most part it feels, while playing, restrictive and lacking especially when dealing with large crowds and are auto locked in the stance's animation<> its counter productive. I used to change up my melee weapons every other mission but now after this new make over I tend to just use my zenistar. I loved using Banshee or excaliber + arcane trickery which quick melee really accentuates the use of that arcane and made melee really fun to do with no pause or wait for a block if the invis timer is up . now if you are faced with this instance while melee you have to stand there and wait for auto block to register ( which may take a few hits) quite unnecessary to get a function that should have the freedom of manual input. swords, scythes, tonfas and heavy weapons like hammers has loss so much functionality with just making autoblock a main feature. the second worst thing is directional slam as if the enemies are highly active and moving around the slam will miss completely because the player has no control after the point of contact is determined, and you cant block while advancing as pressing the aim button brings out your gun or fishing/mining tools if they are equipped in your gear. << this has happened many times when pressing aim and ability simultaneously. I can go on and on with many flaws of melee that has arisen since this change but why bother, I'll just let pride shows how silly the whole idea is.
  6. well I can say the same for just about the same for you, but facts is facts. if it was truly a good weapon it would be used more than a few who just likes it and not because its a new prime. can you recall the other broomstick made into a prime and how it was praised then like tipedo prime now<> bo prime, now research and see where its the popularity is>>
  7. you have part right and the other part wrong and the last part is a pipe dream thinking DE can outdo melee 2.0<< we already hate auto block and the straight into melee combo. the parts you got right<>The problem is that staff stances are pure garbage<>The problem is not that the weapon is bad< correction, coptering gave this weapon recognition mainly for its speed because it was always garbage
  8. sadly I just went to see if I can get any from the venders in fortuna and no dice. I even went to Eudico in that back room to see if I would be able to do those orb bounties and no dice there either, this is as backwards as it gets in gaming standards. I kinda want to give DE a bit of props for their hard work on this game but it's silly stuff like this they do that just nullifies the thought.
  9. well it will be a part of the game I wont bother with along with the backwards melee system that isn't as enjoyable as what it replaced. i'm only doing this for the hildryn bp and nothing else since you cant buy the main bp in the market or anywhere else.
  10. well due to not being familiar with vallis on a whole because the elevator/loading takes forever and a day and lags like hell when in matchmaking, I don't play that much. that being said, I've waited all this time for DE to iron the kinks (they still haven't and really lacking) and gave it a spin. I basically need to rank up with smokefinger or whatever he is called where you get amps etc. I traded in toroids for standing but didn't knew where to get the gyromag or atmo resources and asking around didn't really helped in region, even though I let it be known I am not familiar with fortuna stuff or sellers. the explanation I got wasn't that helpful either. I basically had to go to YT. Upon watching a video of how to obtain these resources, it is just pathetic to see that after each bounty/mission I would have to go back inside to start another bounty and I need 15 to go to rank 2. is there a substation outside that will let you start another bounty for these resources or does one have to run in and out everytime? a bit archaic in todays advanced gaming isn't it? maybe next year it might be more player friendly and upto standard.
  11. t just 2 frames i'll use<> pre nerf trinity and excal radial javelin when it was his ultimate and no los.
  12. DE ff'd up melee for a stupid aerial slam that is totally worthless in battle and the autoblock is equally useless. there isn't much to be said about a fail.
  13. yeah DE tends to think player use a magnified screen or have eagle eyes to see those data bonds whatever. as for the orb/raknoids for the fissure, due to my not going to vallis I just didn't know what to look for or where to begin so I exit as quickly and shut game down. Vallis and the tree in the void circular room is just too bright even when bloom is off. vallis on a whole is over saturated with mist /cloud which makes your memory cries in your system and your disk run at 100% its brutal, pair that with the overly white snow and you have the recipe for lag and lockups even with the best broadband service. this game needs major optimizing, as soon as I exit the elevator and the door opens my fans and the one on the gc ramps up from 45% speed to 100% speed loud as a air horn on a firehouse. apart from win 10 and a few music files on my comp, warframe is the only game on the system.
  14. picks up zenistar, throws disc, there melee 3.0 is all finish no other weapons need not be used.
  15. if they did a tier (visual) of weapons it would be worse than it is now, it would make it easier for new players to identify what weapons/tier to stay away from and the meta weapons would get even more popular.
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