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  1. so when DE nerfs stuff on basically every patch whether it's justified or not in your words and way of adhering to what others think< can be call 'meta' too this is fun as hell
  2. seriously, some ppl just hates to be corrected. Since there is still some confusion, here is an example: The META is to use Trinity, Chroma, Volt and sniper weapons on Eidolons because it is the most time effective method. I'd love to use Hyldrin because I prefer her and its fur for me to use, and I hate all of the aforementioned frames, but I don't want to hit my head against a rock for 1.5 hours and get no where, so I adhere to the META and bring volt/chroma/trinity and a sniper there is no confusion, read what you wrote you by your own choice, preferred to do eidolons with a
  3. nope just proving why it's a silly concept altogether as there is no way you can say it's not players choice/preference to use or do what youre name tagging as 'meta'
  4. now here is another trying to justify the term meta, so my question is because players who uses a certain set or combination of whatever because they prefers to and its fun for them or efficient in their regards is against what you consider fun or what you think the devs want?? so in your own way of thinking to justify the term meta, is no one should have a preference or choice in what they use or how they want to enjoy the game...mmmm, gotchya...
  5. well if I disagree with you on every post you make ( in your theoretical thinking) can in your thinking be called 'meta" but it's just my prefence in reality<<< see why it's a silly concept....
  6. the game and all it's contents is created by the developers. it is the players for the most part distinguishes how we use those tools provided within the game by the developers. and the preference of tactics and tools used towards overcoming the difficulties or tediousness in the shortest amount of time is nothing more than preference not meta. last I checked the devs never tells us how to use or what to use against anything they provide in game, they only give a hint on how it's done. so in conclusion the term 'meta' is quite silly.
  7. why does ppl use the term 'meta'? it's so silly. enemies/difficulty is adjusted/introduced, players use a combination of the tools at hand, fine tunes the ones that are efficient to their likings vs the enemies/difficulty to play that content in a reasonable time. remember bailiffs, prosecutors, pre-nerfed nullifiers, eximus units, napalm units and much more that wrecked havoc because no one really understood the best ways at first to kill efficiently. now look where we are today. there were no exceptions in the past of players doing 2 hrs survivals or defense or any endurance runs<<
  8. difficulty created by lack of knowledge and weak gear leans you toward "dependency" of others for help or you scampering to the latest video on the matter. knowledge of the game mechanics will school you into the most "effective" way of getting to that goal. understanding and using all stuff at your advantage is called efficiency even at the expense of others << the affinity system promotes this. in conclusion saying someone is leeching is just being hypocritical, likewise saying content is difficult is just saying youre unprepared or not knowing the correct way to accomplish t
  9. a real darn good corpus quest that's very hard and enjoyable for once in Warframe's development life span.
  10. obviously its a stuck enemy due to pathing which has been the bane of warframe since its inception and the op is just tired of it hence the title. no more sugar coating for bad practices is needed, its just not good for business.
  11. try savage silence banshee (short ranged) or see me in the game ( region chat) and I can show you xx times in one quick session and even chain linking the trigger effect ( trickery/invis). easiest way to get the ground finisher to trigger is to flip forward above the enemy head and perform the move. another thing that triggers off the effect is los. when doing a finisher on an enemy and another comes in range ( unseen before or during the animation) it triggers<< this is the way I survive without naramon.. play around it's quite the fun way to play.
  12. ground finisher triggers arcane trickery for me, and a finisher is what it is no matter if its front, back, ground or stealth.
  13. the first one is better, longer status duration + critical chance = more kills + stun locks at higher levels> status brigs out all attributes in a weapon. the added damage is just bonus.
  14. so much this ^^.. if a seller of an item cannot post the price of their wares then they are a scammer with the bait "pm offer" and the bad spellers "offerts" then when you ask them the price of lets say a valkyr p chassis, they want to tell a ridiculous price like 200p <<< lmao.. NO!
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