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  1. I can say the same about Brozime, talks a whole lot of bs and never actually play and show any of the flaws/buffs or anything related. had you read before defending your pal you would see this>> can and cant do, GHS is great/good at showing how good/great weapons can be. I stand by what I say 100% nothing personal just facts.
  2. Brozime is only good for showing stats on spreadsheets on his vids, LOR is a true warframe player that is better at showing what a frame ability can and cant do with the hrs per session to back it up, Brozime is a joke.
  3. ahh I left the game for a few months and theyre still trying to revive a dead horse >> balancing the game<< ??? really, since open beta went live and this nonsense reared its ugly head because certain players ego got crushed, they are grasping at straws all this time. this power fantasy of a game will and never will be balanced. and just like every other video game, once you know the ins and outs of it, that game becomes easy for you to the point you can give valuable advice within the game play. so if you don't like the imperfections of Warframe, then there are tons of g
  4. sounds like I should fire up the game to try out this hard mode, really tempted to do so.
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