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  1. lemmings... bad scripting throwing on the wall to see if it sticks. 2012 to 2020 same problems, yet players thinks it will get better = madness
  2. why I left Warframe is simple, it has no cohesiveness and simply not fun as it once was. back in the early facebook years I used to play farm/castleville, warframe is the same only with more bugs coupled with ridiculous time gates with no direction of what it wants to be. what a waste
  3. hence if you understood what I stated in the first place you would've noticed this topic has been regurgitated every other update. this is why I blatantly say "warframe will NEVER be BALANCED" you all can have your theories, maths, science, likes and dislikes but the fact will be just that fact. its not about pleasing the masses its all about $$ once you grasp that then you will see that balancing the game would be the death of it << no gamer sticks around any mediocre or too easy game(s). Warframe is a stagnant cesspool of half arse mediocrity and needs more than an emergency shot of adrenaline. after playing for half decade or more with NO change, why do you all complain when you KNOW deep within that its all a rinse and repeat process? doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result
  4. and for the ones that wants a challenge there are endless mission types ( survival, defense) and others to humble that alto ego. the star chart or the main body of the game, wasn't meant to be challenging or too easy but somewhere in between. this is where it stands. problems arise when DE caters to the ones that cannot go the distance hence we have weapons and frames that cant go too far in the name of balance making the whole experience bland to outright boring.
  5. the thing that is so ironic is these complainers about powercreep sounds like its their first time playing a video game in this genre. there is always the majaority of gamers that welcomes more power, that's why great games of the past are still so talked about today. eg: Skyrim where one can get op as soon as you reach an alchemy table. the answer to your dislike of power creep is any pre teen level game like candy crush, pac man, hello kitty etc theres plenty of em. ther will always be that weapon or class in shooters that outshines the rest, it is the foundation of successful video games and this one is no different. dumbing down the formula means sure doom. warframe can never be balanced it will be foolish to do so, if you haven't noticed even with all this so called powercreep the game is in decline, because powercreep was never the problem, it has always been continuity.
  6. see what the lich is weak against and go from there >>>
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