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  1. Why not just add all those additional rewards to the arbitration store instead of diluting the drop tables?
  2. I personally think his 1 should do damage on contact with enemies, people have suggested to inherit his melee damage for that, his 2 should NOT drain battery on its own if it also drains from taking damage, 3 is more or less decent, maybe needs a little bit of range, and 4 should give him bonuses at the beginning and not just with overclocked battery, at the end of its duration it certainly doesn't do much on its own.
  3. Agreed, her 1 shouldn't require a target since it needs too much accuracy, it would be way better as a "projectile" that affects the intended area, buffs from 2 certainly mean nothing and are just harder to stack because they are locked to specific enemy shapes (ie, you get the same from a lancer or a trooper), the problem with lantern is the ragdoll and its range which seems inconsistent and you can still get attacked by enemies until it seems to take effect despite them being in range.
  4. I think this is the most viable option, allow the scanner sentinels to keep scanning, Chesa kubrow was barely able to collect anything with the old Retrieve precept thanks their built-in ADHD.
  5. Yes, I can confirm, not sure if it is intended but since abilities work in both planes most of the time this looks like an oversight.
  6. I was playing a few missions and noticed it kept exploding too early, for a moment I thought the bug wasn't quite fixed but Helios and other things gave me a clue... several props are poorly optimized for collision with certain projectiles such as Antimatter Drop causing it to "contact" and explode where visibly they shouldn't do it.
  7. Akbolto and Twin Gremlins (maybe others, need to confirm) are missing their projectile trail effects.
  8. The riven mafia I think, no, I am serious.
  9. There was this old clan who usually was leading scores in stuff like events and was active enough, sadly during those days people at DE were full of themselves and didn't like the criticism, this clan went from their pet clan to the most hated one despite still holding a lead in a lot of things, but then one or two new pet clans were holding a few important solar rails, I think their tax was hit or miss sometimes but their hold onto the rails seemed always to be rather suspicious as if they had infinite credits to reward their supporters, then I think one day a rogue member of that clan decided to empty the clan's vault by rewarding huge amounts of credits per run raising more eyebrows when was apparent said clan had limitless credits. Still, I wasn't around when they removed the Solar Rail conflict but I remember that part and a few times when the outcast clan kept scoring high at events so many times that DE had to reset the leaderboards, let's just say those guys were incredibly dedicated beta testers but the way they showed DE's oversights on a lot of things made them look quite bad and thus became the "bad guys who keep exploiting" and stuff.
  10. I just wish Desecrate and Retrieve stacked chances, no need for double dipping, just let them stack.
  11. inb4 reinforcements, skins, tennogen, and more bullet sponges.
  12. I would consider playing Conclave if they had stuff like K-Drive racing (unmodded basic ones only), or something that doesn't go for a direct PvP, Lunaro doesn't seem to be interesting either, I would have even suggested Frame Fighter to be the only real PvP but I suspect is a bad fighting game on its own.
  13. Why not a kavat variant for a Helminth companion?
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