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  1. Can you do the Sax-a-Boom theme that Jack Black plays in this video?
  2. Would be possible for you to do Dustsucker, by machinimasound?
  3. Do you think you can do Ghost N Stuff - Deadmau5?
  4. I've just some complains about Ash's passive and Mag's change on Bullet Attractor Ahs's passive is too similar to Saryn's one, not the same but similar and it is clearly thought for his first and last abilities which clearly benefits of a longer and stronger slash procs. But I would have appreciated something more unique for him, perhaps more linked with his nature of ninja-warframe, such a proficiency with throwing dagger, or longer stealth bonus and so on. I really like how bullet attractor works now, it give you automatic headshots and it's perfect to eliminate single targets, like the bursas and then explode to deal damage to those around the target. The new version, Magnetize, seems interesting, and if I understood it correctly, it's a sort of Snow Globe, but rather than protect what's inside, it deals damage over time? But still, it makes Mag play a role similar to other warframes, which is a shame for me because I'd like if the frames were more unique but still available for all kind of missions
  5. Of course they do not play their own game. It is in their plan to use it to snare the whole world with it (they even got it to China, coincidence? I don't think so) so they don't use it to not fall victims of it. Also, look how many triangles can be draw in the word "Warframe", Illuminati confirmed
  6. "Mandatory Grey Colors on Ash Prime, why?" Because you are a naughty, naughty boy, that's why.
  7. You are making a lot of complains about a game that you can have for free, play it for free, expand it for free (hell, with the Void Trader you can even have skins without spending plats, the skins I said). Even if it was true that there is no content, which clearly is not, you can't really expect they give you the whole world on a silver plate, at least appreciate that is not Evolve, 60 euros for a game with less content than Warframe. So there are two possibilities: you either are a fool (that you asked the opinion of the 'veterans only' already proves that) or a troll, either way it means no further time is ought be invested in this topic.
  8. Has someone Proposed "Felidae" yet? You know, from that cute and adorable movie about cats :3
  9. I want someone to make an art of a Rhino Prime punching one of these Juggernauts in the face with the words "There could be only one" above. EDIT: Better yet the Rhino should head-butts it
  10. Guys, what is the problem? It's only a matter if you are not mature enough to get the Wraith Karak now and wait for the Dera Vandal in a future event. Plus, how many of your would really care to have that weapon when we perfectly know it's going to rest in its slot after you used to get the affinity?
  11. Dude, if on the internet exist something as a fanfic about MyLittlePonies having an orgy with Barack Obama, I can freaking continue to believe Tennos are beings of pure Energy. Like the Outsiders of XCom: Enemy Unknown http://ufopaedia.org/images/2/20/Outsider_(EU2012).jpg
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