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  1. This has 0 to do with what OP wrote. What OP really ran into I believe is the hidden "get a kill or fail" timer. It should only be there for exterminates AFAIK, and gives you 15 min to kill an enemy, else the game declares auto-fail. Why? No frackin' clue. Apparently, spaghett code for that is currently broken in syndicate disruptions because it's not supposed to even be here. Overall, it's a lame implementation of sort-of-anti-AFK (or something along these lines) which serves no purpose but to annoy people who like exploring random maps like the OP. Will be changed though? Doubt it.
  2. I would also like to point out that assassination by definition is a secret or a surprise attack. There's nothing even remotely surprising or sneaky about the way we handle the bosses. Rename it to "challenge" or "leader attack" or just "boss" or... idk really.
  3. And this is why 85.4% of players don't even have an achievement for "Reach Rank 10 with any Shotgun weapon". New player retention is THIS bad.
  4. Overall, I also see what you are trying to do here, but for it to work, we'd need to have a proper introduction to Dolans when we first visit Cetus. Then we'd need a clear indication of a "threat" coming from said Dolan, at least some complaints made by locals, maybe even a sad story or two how someone got oblitirated because they angered Terry by attacking it (to make it clear that you prob. shouldn't try to fire guns at it). At rank 3 with Ostrons, it would make sense for locals to ask you to resolve the issue with said Dolan, and for that they'd point you the Quils which would then test your worth + learn how to actually hurt the damn thing in a series of bounties (2-3), by the end of which you fight Terry. This way, you can get Quils standing by also doing missions rather than simply farming low-tier cores. Since you can only access Quils with your kid mode, TWW requirment would feel more natural. Maybe, even put a voice line on the door before TWW is completed that player can only enter once they "fully discover themselves"? Just some fluff to make it less mundane. I'd rather not lock any missions behind the secondary standing, though. And you aren't wrong here. The idea is for night bounties to only appear at night as they do now, but once you accept them, you are given big enough time frame to complete all stages. Because as it is now, if you are in a 2-person team with non-full meta builds, you might as well not bother accepting the Tri-cap with less than 20min left. Which further shrinks already small window of opportunity.
  5. Yep, moderators totally can make no mistakes, can have no fragile ego or bad mood and wouldn't happen to go on a power trip or pursue any sort of agendas. Also kickbot is perfectly coded and would never ever hit an innocent player with a ban. And if any of the above happens, DE is very quick to resolve the issues and remove any bad people from power before any further harm is done. I don't think an "/s" is really required here, but just to be sure.
  6. More content stashed behind the repetitive rep grind is exactly what we need to make PoE more interesting! /s Right. Overall, there's a good word for your idea list. It's "overcomplicating" Sometimes, less is more. Venus has a 2-part story behind the spider fight, and in a way, it makes sense there. Not so much for Dolans. Personally, I only have a single suggestion about the current hunt. It's that if you pick a hunting bounty (either Terry or Tri-cap), you get an instance of PoE with 40 min night time remaining regardless of the actual server-wide timer. Because watching the clock to pick the right moment to start a bounty is in the same category of fun as watching the paint dry or waiting for the trees to grow.
  7. Eh, I have my own reasons why I'd rather have Lotus around or even side with the damn Sentients. 1. Ballas wants Lotus dead by our hand. Ballas is an Orokin, and Orokin are the root of all current problems. Also last person who trusted Ballas ended up violently murderizing his own son. Don't trust Ballas, and don't do what he says. That's a motive good enough for me already. 2. Sentients are legit the only current faction which has enough power to stop the Grineer and Corpus domination in Sol. Or does anyone seriously think that Fortuna folks or Ostrons can actually defeat these multi-billion manpower interplanetary big bads? Maybe Tenno can? Because we are doing such an amazing job so far, things have only gotten worse. While I don't think that Sentients would want to help the meatbags in any shape or form, I believe it's quite possible to convince them to enjoy their life in Tau system, because as it stands, the humanity is completely FUBAR so nobody is going to touch their precious eco-friendly(tm) planets lightyears away in any foreseeable future if ever at all. As for the Tenno, we have our hands full with Infestation (which murders everyone and gets new strains sometimes), Grineer (which enslave and murder everyone) and Corpus (which exploit everyone they can and murder ones they can't profit off). Leave petty revenge and old grudges to grumpy old people with nothing better to do. Yes, I'm looking at you grandpa Hunhow.
  8. You know, it's very strange actually. At some point after the Fortuna update I could get in and out OV quite fine without too many problems. Either that or they didn't stick out enough to give me concerns. However, I feel like things has taken a turn for the worse recently-ish. Like, it was borked at the start, then kinda improved and then borked again somewhere down the line. No idea when or where tho.
  9. Tbh I noticed having issues specifically with OV map, esp. after playing for a while on different tilesets beforehand. It doesn't matter if I go to Fortuna first or not, the loading never finishes and gets stuck at about 70%. If someone is with me at the time, they get lost connection to host error after a while. When I restart the game and go to OV again, I can finally get into it, but UI elements and avatars in my friends list take a while to load in. Considering that I have a high-end HDD (not a fan of SSDs), very decent motherboard, 16GB RAM and i7 I'm quite sure it's not my PC being too slow. I can run ArmA 3 or GTAV/Online perfectly fine. Oh, and another thing. If I happen to run any heavy software (a different game or Photoshop) after WF, esp. after being on OV, the performance is quite noticeably worse. Only reboot helps in that case.
  10. Hit MR27 back in April. Somewhere around the 2nd half. I guess? Still have k-drives to level and Kids' standing to earn, but I can safely say I'm not looking forward to it tbh.
  11. I mean that would be unique alright? I'll pass tho.
  12. > Bigots > Trolls Pffft. That's a lot of buzzwords. You might want to think before throwing them around. As for the game success and all. Let's see how your "progressive" types help the industry... *Looks at BF5 absolutely tanking the sales* Oh gee. What a surprise. Get woke, go... you know it. Perhaps, catering hard to less than 3% of the population at the expense of annoying a lot more others, many of whom (like me) are libertarians who otherwise don't mind whatever you are up to... It's just not a good idea. I'd much rather deal with "trolls" who can be reported/muted/otherwise dealt with easily than with self-righteous automated (bot) thought police with vague definitions and unclear rules. Remember. "Don't tread on me." And your types seem to be all too happy to do just that from what I can see so far.
  13. 1st. If we didn't have these f-ing tiny insta-death missiles going through protection abilities spammed by basically every ground enemy, there'd be a reason to use other archwings too for what they offer. A huge shocker! Let us use the damn archwings for actual missions and combat in open world, and suddenly speed is no longer the only factor which matters. And let us use our archguns (with Gravimag only I suppose) on open world archwings. Just sayin' 2nd. K-Drive is never going to be as good as operator mode with some waybounds, let alone flying in archwing, Zephyr, Nova and such. K-Drive is a ground crawler which doesn't even let you fight. It's basically a fun side-activity of "Lotus Hawk's Pro-Sk8er", nothing more. And considering that archwings in fact come later in the progression overall, IMO it's fine. Otherwise you might as well make an argument that AkLex Pr or AkStiletto Pr should be nerfed because they outperform AkLato and Mk1 Braton.
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