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  1. One of the things I personally noticed tbh, is that the game seems to keep track of one's inventory when giving out drops. I first spotted it back in the void key era when Odonata Pr was released, and my friend and I went after BP. We were farming T1 (or was it T2?) Capture for approx 2-3 hours. Burning dozens of keys in the process. Then it finally dropped. Right after it happened, we did another dozen or so runs, and Odonata Pr BP suddenly started dropping every 2-3 runs, sometimes even dropping 3 times in a row. So call it a conspiracy theory or anything, but I have a feeling that the game actually tunes down the chances of getting the item you don't already own and increases the odds of duplicates. Esp. if you are one component away from completing a set. I mean it's RNG right? You can't never be certain, but it sure makes hiding "behind the scenes" mechanics so much easier. Like, if you are farming a normal boss-drop frame, how often did you find yourself trying to get one missing bit of otherwise complete set over and over and over again? To me and many people I know, it happened a little too often to blame pure RNG.
  2. Tbh, it's actually 0,9^(14*4) *100% = 0,2% chance. That is implying that rad relics aren't a ruse XD
  3. Yea, something in the options for spawns could be very handy IMO. Like "If hosting, set the minimum enemy spawn for: 1 player/2 players/etc" With an added note of spawn count always being equal or greater than the number of people in the squad.
  4. There are a lot of misconceptions about the void key system, and more cautios part of me actually might even see some of them as parts of some bigger picture. Since some of them are present in the topic, I'm going to use the corresponding quotes. 1. Not true. Because of how system worked, you could accumulate the keys over time by playing the game and leveling things on endless nodes. When the new primes dropped, chances are, you already had plenty of keys for them. Double not true if you had friends to play with. Every key you got from any mission turned into into not 1 but 1+X runs in the void where X is the amount of friends/clanmates you had on the mission with you at the time. Often, when the new prime dropped, we gathered up, opened the drop locations (discovering which or waiting for others to post them was a small game in itself) and compared our inventories to see what missions we can run right off the bat. Now, with new primes, it's like "Can't wait to farm more relics." "Yay!" <-- Said no friend of mine and not a single person in the clan ever. (Also that quote is triple not true for some time for T4, because we had quite a few weeks/months where T4 key packs were 5k syndicate offerings.) 2. Another common... wouldn't say myth since it did happen, but only by the 2nd half of Void Key's life cycle. Originally, and for quite a while, the only drops you could get were prime parts, keys from Tier 1, forma BPs and built formas. At some point, however, DE specifically introduced cells, cores (mostly for endless) and removed the built forma from the rewards table. It is like they were trying to specifically bloat the drops and make the system as unappealing and annoying as possible. Then there were talks about how drop tables were "diluted". That in turn led to the Prime Vault being a thing in the first place. More sensible people suggested to remove the trash from rotations and mission rewards. But in the end, we got what we got, with several A4 pages worth of relics and their chaotic loot spread. Relics seem more efficient, yes. But personally, they killed anything even remotely special Warframe had to offer when getting the new prime parts. Instead of a special tileset for it, you get all the same locations from the rest of the star chart. Instead of going to T4 with friends to face harder-hitting enemies and Captain "I won't ever shut up even if you kill me" Vor to get some prime bits, you just... well, go to the usual nodes and fight the usual enemies. Idk. It just feels soooo mundane now.
  5. 2 month delay is one thing (crappy on its own but could be explained) if it's properly announced. But this stuff? Tbh all of the above would've been a huge red flag for me as well. It's a situation when person has already given their money but got nothing to show for it. Quite sure that it, combined with apparent lack of communication, could spark some serious concerns about the possible scam. After all, if you pay for something, you kinda expect to receive it within the time period announced by the seller.
  6. Yeah, Stellaris is pretty fun. I wouldn't speak for the new versions because from 2.0 release and on, I'm sitting on 1.9 with my FTLs and a huge pack of now offline mods (managed to get local copies before they were updated on Steam workshop). But overall my friends and I always have a blast playing it both together in MP or on our own in SP. Somebody even joked about deveoping an addiction to this game. And blamed me for it. Oh well. Also the vid you've provided isn't very accurate anymore. It comes from the time when the game had 3 starting FTL types (now 1), different borders mechanics, different planets mechanics, different... in fact, it was basically a different game. Currently, it's much slower-paced so take it as you wish. In fact, I'd even call post 2.0 versions "Stellaris 2" XD
  7. I think the answer is in fact very simple. DE has a limited amount of people who can do a limited amount of work. Or, as they are called in management, manhours. Each person contributes (in good work conditions) about 8 manhours per business day. Making things, changing things, etc all cost manhours to be completed. Unless DE has spare manhours which appears unlikely, looking at coming Railjack, delayed Season 2 of NW, delays on the previous update and such, they can't allocate said manhours to also improve the PvP area without one of 3 things happening. A. Crunch time to increase manhours per person. Let's just not. Seriously. B. Hire more people. Costs money, potentially a lot. Would PvP make enough money back to justify the costs? Good question. DE isn't a charity after all. C. Delay other parts of the game. Needless to say, quite a few people aren't going to be happy.
  8. If anyone wants to experience the best example of this, go and use "sparring sets" type. Oh, you want to land a few quick hits on the enemy? Too bad. Let me do this long and elaborate breakdance for you which is both slow and hard to control because it looks cool. And if you want to have Grim Fury because it offers at least somewhat better animations? Time to fork out that forma because no sparring weapon comes with a fitting stance polarity by default. "Amazing" update for that alone. Also made claws a bit worse too. But not as much I guess. Not sure what "fluidity" people are talking about either. Old quick melee worked perfectly for me. Shoot someone in the face > Quick melee a butcher/charger/etc > Switch target and fire at someone else. Nice and simple. New system goes like this: Shoot someone in the face > Not-so-quick melee the enemy nearby (blame stance anims) > Try to shoot somebody... oh wait, I'm channeling (or swinging melee depending on settings) > RClick to go back to gun > Shoot. Pure downgrade on my side. And if I go from the opposite side, things aren't better either because I keep getting "kicked" out of melee mode on every attempt to aim glide, autoblock is infuriating and block combos are now an awkward pain to do. Yay. Also block-glide had no zoom, another small bonus we've lost. PS: A small likely unintended side-effect. Constant RClicking to get back to the gun after a single melee attack is also quite hard on your eyes due to frequent zoom-in-outs. Obviously, wasn't an issue before.
  9. When life puts an obstacle in my way, I either go over/around it or break it. Depends. You, on the other hand, suggest I should just bend over, take it and try to enjoy the process. Sorry, mate, but you are the one going "passive" here.
  10. Ah, the strawmen. Never get old, do they? - And of course it has nothing to do with map being overloaded with unnecessary clutter. - Or enemies only being open to your fire once they are basically on top of the objective. - Or how we went from the high ground *insert Obi-Wan here* with a decent overview of the battlefield to yet another cramped clustertruck where Enemy Radar is the only saving grace. Limit sniper power? Really now? The weapons which are only ever useful in Dolan hunts in the first place. You can't be serious. - Or how it feels like the map was designed to make fighting enemies as frustrating and as unfun as possible. - But, maybe, it was just made to look pretty? But then I'd have to note how choosing style over substance is byitself a pretty stupid idea in game design. Unless your whole game is designed to be a specific form of modern art with a message, like the walking sims and whatnot, functionality should always be chosen over looks.
  11. Yep, a big downgrade for me as well. Not sure what sort of gunfights you can be having here because enemies have a completely safe passage until they are right upon the objective. This turns the game into a weird version of Whack-a-Mole 3D which is frustrating as hell. In short: - Too much clutter - Not enough space - What's up with this stupid trend of def objective being located as low as possible? The only thing this design does is to push me more towards using Equinox or Saryn or anything else without LOS because shooting enemies isn't really a good option anymore.
  12. You are only gimping yourself here unless you plan to make more chargers. The way it works, even after you remove the cyst and become "immune", you will still infect people and their fresh frames. Essentially, you become a symptom-less carrier. Also +1 for early removal. Doesn't change anything besides fashionframe and not making a charger.
  13. Tell me about it. Granted, I'm more paranoid than an average Joe, but still. With all these neg plat topics flying around I took a habit of screenshotting every trade over 50pl with chat open proving exchange made in good faith. But I suspect that it won't be enough anyway should I find myself between a rock and a hard place some day.
  14. And that is also part of the problem. The current system makes you pay no matter if you are the responsible party or not. In fact, it's kinda worse even because nuking accounts for chargebacks and all may or may not also nuke stuff in them (unless it's a dummy acc, of course), including plat. So instead of taking a (pretty much small) hit DE actually... makes money on negative plat. Isn't that wonderful? Not to mention you'd never get a discount or anything (like you'd normally wait for before buying plat). It's full price or bant forever.
  15. Are you sure you aren't confusing them with NanoSpores or Plastids? Without boosters the avg. earn rate for Mut Samples is about 1 per minute.
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