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  1. ITT: DeMonkey destroys the opposition with facts and logic. Ahem. Anyway. I still fail to see what BAD HORRIBLE THINGS can host kicking do. Be it pre or post-mission in the Orbiter, really. Like. They don't appreciate my Nyx? Fine. I'd rather just go somewhere else than read people's complaints in the chat anyway. And if I never find out in the first place that I was kicked? Aka I'd just get "squad disbanded" instead? All the better. My ego will live on unbruised to shine another day session.
  2. To all the anti-kick people, here's a question. Why is it completely fine for a single player in a group to pick a mission and force-start it? Sure, you could potentially stop it by counter-voting before the timer is out, but nevertheless, it is a possibility that one person may control what the entire group is going to do. Even moreso, in case of 3 people pub squad, I believe a 4th person may be but in the squad by matchmaking as the timer goes down, and then even counter-voting won't save ya (2vs2). Also non-pubs only get 5 seconds lol. So, if one person who's not even the host can
  3. It might be true for bounties and maybe conservation. Completely false for everything else. What's the difference between stockpiling fish and gems vs tokens? Fish and gems don't change requirements randomly, don't ask for stuff I might not potentially have, and I'm not time-gated from getting more. And excuse me for being blunt, but if you had to choose between fish components and standing, you are either terrible at managing your stockpiles or you don't like fishing as much as you claim because it doesn't take much time to grab a few "trash for standing" specimen on other open worlds.
  4. Wait. Do you mean Profit Taker maybe? I never had to deal with anything but cooling spiders for the Exploiter (the one which you meet at Deck 12). And yes. Profit Taker fight is what made me just go Grace Inaros and Primed Sure Footed. The spider fight itself is alright. Trenchmen and other trash mobs constantly annoying you? Not so much.
  5. Infested. Basically an advanced form of contageous space cancer. Tries to eat everything including the machinery. While I've seen the idea of virus gaining sentience before (Hi, Alex Mercer and [Prototype]. And no, there's no second game. What are you talking about? ), it's still best to strictly contain or destroy it. Corrupted. Indiana Jones wannabes who found an unfortunate end by the Neural Sentry. Don't seem to bother anyone if left alone. Still, they stand between me and some nice loot, so... nothing personal, kid. Sentients. Each large sentient is a being of their own. They ju
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