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  1. From my testing, you get all of the bonus payouts as long as instances you took part in hit 100/100. So there is a point. However, you can't exactly track progress on these unless you memorize or write down Flotilla numbers.
  2. I don't think you lose the credits though. I jumped Flotillas a couple of times, and still got the inbox messages with bonuses shortly after (presumably) their instances reached 100/100. So I can conclude that scores within Flotillas are tracked individually and AFAIK aren't lost no matter if you jump to another one for extra bonuses or not. That is VERY annoying indeed. Just had a case when I joined a "busy" instance with 2/100 and over 1h30m remaining. By the time the clock ran out, they were at ~55/100. Our team could only wave nearly 10k bonus goodbye.
  3. More like "I know my house is literally on fire and everything I know and love may or may be in danger of being totally wiped out, but you killed one of the politicians I like, so I'd rather just die and let the world burn than accept YOUR help."
  4. What a coincidence. You can farm drones too, now. :P In fact, unlike catalysts/reactors you aren't tied to either - 1 try per day (Sortie) - Limited time window (Invasions, events and GoTL) - Nightwave milestones You can just farm away those missions to your heart's content 24/7. The drop rate is beyond silly, but it's always there.
  5. Well, OP, you know how DE goes. Give with one hand and take away with the other. Or, in our case, take away with 2 others. In fact, it's pretty funny all things considered. So, first DE implements a vampire kitty which can res you. So now you have a failsafe in case of an accidental sudoku. A bit tricky and not always reliable, but it's something. Now we get shield gating. That alone technically should be enough to severely reduce deaths due to self-damage. ...and DE gets rid of self-damage. Logic. Instead of self-DMG we now get stagger. Fine by me. We also get damage fall-off for the explosions. Eh. A nerf, but it makes sense. It is like that in most other games. We also get stagger on AOE weapons previously not doing self-DMG. Now, da F is that carp. Consistency? Well, make enemies stagger and fall over too then. Balance? AOE weapons weren't exactly amazing beforehand anyway even without self-DMG. Logic and realism? Good joke. But that aside, how does a laser stagger anyone? (Opticor) Or any other non-classic explosive? So yeah. I suspected that self-damage rework would have a catch. I expected it to be just the fall-off over distance for AOE weapons. One for one, ya know. Guess, I didn't expect enough.
  6. Rhino legit looks like Atlas from Battletech with that pose. Except Atlas here is a huge-a mech so the pose actually works for it. >_>
  7. I think they should change Handspring to make you do those new flips when knocked down. Even the mod icon already suggests that you are supposed to do a different animation. Instead of falling on your sorry flank like a sack of potatoes. And then just speed up the default recovery by about 50% or so. Talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees. The problem is, may I remind you, that amazing magic space ninjas by default get to their feet with a speed of an eldery person with a case of arthritis. We can jump 10m into the air, wall run/hop and lift a 2.5m tall armored Bombard overhead, but the moment we are knocked down, our warframes suddenly forget how to ninja entirely. Hell, any IRL person with half-decent fitness (not even talking sports people or trained martial artists) would get up faster. That moment when Earth Defense Force games offer better ways of dealing with knockdowns (and ragdolls lol) than Warframe.
  8. Just wondering what's the logic behind making enemy weapons (and shield for shield lancer) disappear when they die. Shouldn't they drop them on the floor or at least keep holding them in their hands? Sure we can't use enemy guns, that's fine and part of the game, but why do they simply go *poof* out of existence? With so much dev effort put into visuals and all, such choice in animation kinda cheapens the looks a bit. It's quite a minor thing but it bugged me for some time. One could say it's for performance reasons, but given how bodies disappear within seconds anyway I doubt it. IMO either - Let enemies keep holding their weapons after death. - Or give enemy weapons a small but visible "fall apart" or "explode" animation on owner's death.
  9. Until you reclaim them, they don't count toward your Riven storage limit at all. Once you reclaim them, you'll get them all regardless of your storage limit. Which means that you can end up with several mods above the limit. The downsides of that include: annoying pop ups and blocked access to sorties.
  10. Some people call it stealing. I prefer the term reserve Riven storage space.
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