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  1. A few questions:


    After the Moa pet reveal and the operator interaction with it. Can we finally have our companions follow our operator in missions rather than stay behind with the inactive frame?



    I love the Assault mission type, when can we see similar missions on other planets and if this is in the works, can they get a unique set of rewards?


    Can we have the Syndicate Operatives as a companion or deployable specters?



    When Moa pets become a thing, can we get a upgrade attachment to allow operators to ride them?

    Will Moa customization allow us to create/buy/earn existing Moas? I'd love an Anti Moa.


    Operator idles in missions, aren't a thing as of this post, can that be a thing?


    For the melee tweaks upcoming, can we get the charge attacks to use the charge only, instead of the swing, the charge attack? 


    Can we get Zephyr's hover mechanic to work while airborne vs only on the ground? 


    That's all for now.

  2. 10 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.3



    • Fixed the Lex Onyx Skin not removing the clip attachment when equipped on the Lex Prime. 


    On the topic of Onyx, can we also get a fix for the Excalibur Onyx bug?

    As noted here: 


  3. I need to read all of the added requests but I also want to add outside of the requested soft cap & only having the convergence orb for Focus farm that exceed the daily cap:

    Kills as operator should grant a significant amount of focus for them & the amp... As it would make sense as the Focus system is based around the operator...


    Currently operator kills are not only very low, but the operator itself wastes affinity completely... Not adding to anything whatsoever...  


  4. Given they have a Daily cap on focus, AFK farming is a non issue. You have the specific lensed gear to also tie your hands to a specific set of gear. If you ever want to scratch that cap.

    When you have guys running nuke builds to out kill everyone for focus while you try to cap passively, it only hurts the guy playing normally. They need to bring the post Viver mindset here when thinking about Focus 3.0.


    2.5 is really close to perfect. The orb hurts it. No normal play WITH the orb, is going to hit that cap or come close to it... 


    Now if we had a soft cap, I wouldn't mind the orb spawning for farming focus beyond the said cap. This will prevent players from no lifing the tree.

    If DE want's to keep the current system intact, offer endless Eximus missions with modifiers that rotate like nightmare missions or better yet & even easier, allow Operator kills to get a significant amount of focus. The same rate you'd get from an Orb + a greater lens at base. Not just for the amp, but all operator attacks & objectives completed as the operator.


     That way it would make sense as you are legitimately training your operator to further it's abilities with meaningful progression.


  5. 4 hours ago, Azamagon said:

    Overall, some babysteps in the right direction.


    Why downgrade an already highly underwhelming, flat-damage, no-utility node? In fact, why haven't you gotten rid of ALL energypenalties on all the nodes? As soon as I see a penalty, it just means I'll NEVER upgrade that node. ESPECIALLY not those on Void Mode (as more time in Void Mode is too invaluable)


    Also, get rid of the Convergence Orb and increase gains overall, please?

    The Convergence Orb leads to REALLY weird gameplay, for example:

    • It encourages not killing until it spawns (if you are farming focus, mainly) and save up LOTS of enemies, then kill them all as quickly as possibly. This also promotes burst-damage gameplay (such as (ab)using Maim Equinox, Resonating Quake Banshee, etc), something I've heard you dislike yourselves, DE (yes?).
    • It leads to delaying gameplay, like in defense missions, so that the orb's timer runs out first before you finish the mission/wave, so you get the bonus without losing out on bonuspoints. This can bother your teammates a whole bunch.
    • It DOES encourage you to move around here and there, yes, but so would increasing the passive gains so we don't HAVE to dedicatedly farm for Focus points (but rather let us play casually and still get decent amounts of it every day). The cap is there anyway, so what's the point of miniscule gains as well?
    • Further, Lenses leads to anti-diversity of gameplay. I'm not a "mainer" by any means (I love the variety in the game), so I hate Lenses with a passion. So: General Focus point pool too please? Lenses being consumables for flat amounts of Focus points instead please?

    EDIT 2:
    If you, DE, think that you can't do powerful nodes without energy-drawbacks to balance them, I've tried to help you out with that right here:


    Sweet RNGeesus this post pretty much covered nearly everything I wanted to say.

    But I want to add that for every operator damage ability, give it some viability. 2.0 was really lackluster for the "void demon" making any sort of difference or unique twist in their role for an endgame system.


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