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  1. Guess they are counting the Chinese release date for Wukong
  2. There is nothing else to add, you are just wrong. Arbi was always a one time thing, barring mission failures or early extractions.
  3. What's the point of posting this on a forum if you don't care what other people says?
  4. No, it'd be nice if people would stop posting these karma baits though.
  5. Add something like the Wolf Hunt Alert in the game and Valk will be popular.
  6. lol, what I read is someone with too much time on their hand to have time for this pissing contest. Ranged melee? meh, I sincerely doubt that would do better than just holding down LMB with Ignis while going at full speed and aim with enemy radar. Majority of the low level missions you run are defense oriented. Outside of sortie ones and certain Kuva Siphons, I rarely find myself running a mission that is not defense oriented. Most low level mission that are worth running are defense oriented missions like Kuva survival (first hour), SO, ESO, first few rounds of Arbi and for now, disruption.
  7. In this easy game? The struggle is usually against boredom. Though I suppose the premise of the discussion was pointless to begin with, the performance difference of these two frames at low level is pretty irrelevant. And neither wipes a map as fast as a nukeframe anyway.
  8. When everything dies almost instantly to Ignis W, why would you need attack speed lol, to waste ammo quicker?
  9. How about no.
  10. Ikeaframe true endgame, so it makes sense
  11. Gorgon and Boar are fairly common mob drops. No idea about other 2
  12. Plenty of weapons kill lv 150+ enemies easily.
  13. This is laughable, at low level all that Garuda has to do is cut herself to 2 hp and kill everything with a spray/aoe weapon. Her 1 lets you teleport across good distance and charge up a pretty good aoe, while 2 and 3 provide infinite mana. And oh yea, Seeking Talons is better than Sol Gate at any level.
  14. Best tank is someone who does something other than being a bullet sponge. And before you say "But endgame..." Wukong made top 5 worst endgame frame in Life of Rio's video last year.
  15. They said in today's devstream they'll address it again soon.
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