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  1. Croat86

    New "Ominous Loadscreen" found

    Nevermind. Its the old one. The difference is, they added commas and streched most of the message longer then the original one. Sorry for the false Alarm. Yeah, it can happen that they maybe integrate something like this again? Why not? They did it as a teaser for second dream, like CaptainMeowth said. The old forumpost was then called "Ominous Loadingscreen" there isnt a reason to be so cynical about that. XD This link should work.
  2. Croat86

    New "Ominous Loadscreen" found

    Thats what i thought. But compare both screens please. All of the 4 rows seems different.
  3. i think i found a new Loadscreen Message in Tennospeech today. It seem to be different then the old one. Can somebody doublecheck this? LINKED PICTURE EDIT: Seems to be the same old Loadscreen, but this time with Tennospeech commas. Wrong alert, sorry o/
  4. WTS this Godlike Tonbo Mod for 500 Plat. Ingame: Croat86
  5. Croat86

    Warframe Builder

    Artax, the Sentinel Weapon, seems to gug Around on the Calculator.