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  1. I would actually love to hear a programmer talk about this and how it's played out in-office on DevStream sometime. New code meets old code horror stories are always a blast. (And hopefully cathartic to tell!)
  2. Great changes all around, and some of these responses to player feedback, such as damage type buffs on certain Theorums, and especially the changes to Nekros, are pretty clever ways to address issues without just tweaking numbers! I think this will be a very solid update now. I still have a couple of concerns from the test cluster weekend, namely: Chroma's Spectral Scream Augment could really use some love, the extra projectile damage is quite low and would benefit from some form of buff. Maybe something similar to one of the changes you made for the Theorums, where hitting an enemy w
  3. Very excited for most of this update after being given the opportunity to play on the Test Cluster, however I feel I need to echo what a lot of other people are saying: Bone Widow very much needed a design overhaul and I can't see how that could have happened in under a week since the test happened. Any chance we will get a post detailing all the changes made to the update based on the feedback received from the Test Cluster?
  4. Actually this brings up a really good point, or at least does to me in a roundabout way. I think the ideal for Helminth system adjustments should be less of a number-crunching game where abilities are nerfed or buffed (with some exceptions, Chroma's S.Scream really is a letdown compared to what it could be) but rather this would be a good opportunity for DE to look at the less-used abilities and ask themselves, OK, how can we put some general synergy on these so they're interesting to use with other moves? For example, one of my favorite things to do is put pull and repelling bastille on Va
  5. I don't usually jump in on these discussions and this might be better suited to a video soapbox, but I feel like this is a good example where it's worth it to bring up to the people getting heated about the nerf/new buffs not being "enough," that part of balancing sometimes means bumping stuff around until the numbers fit right. I won't speak for DE but from my own observations on the community, for every complaint about nerfs there's equal complaints about the game being too easy or pointless. The way the old MFD worked, from what I saw, was a quick 2-3 click setup led to a huge chunk of a
  6. Just came up with a hilarious idea to "replace" Fire Blast to go along with these changes. Call it Immolate or Phosporus or something, keep the same cast animation, but it causes the fire blast to occur on a target, blinding them and sending them into a panic for x duration as they run around with zero regard for their surroundings, destroying nearby objects and setting any enemies they come close to (or Ember herself) on fire as well. Duration finishes off with a knockdown (think stop drop n' roll) and higher range = larger flames = larger radius of people and things they set on fire in their
  7. Just had a thought: Charging fireball changes travel time, either slower or faster, (I'm not sure what the physics of a small vs a large fireball irl are but whatever it's void energy DE doesn't have to explain S#&$) but rather than it simply being multishot (hard to aim) or higher damage, the longer you charge it and the more energy you expend, the wider an AoE heat wave becomes, setting surfaces and enemies on fire around the path of the fireball. Then we could just get rid of Fire Blast in its current state entirely and open Ember up to even more creative abilities. After a
  8. I actually really like these ideas and the synergy between abilities. I'm a huge fan of Ember as she is, though I'm one of those players that avoids using WoF if I'm against anything lower than level 30. I'm right there with you in thinking Accelerant is one of her best (and imo, most underused) abilities, and I love the idea that using it refreshes heat procs and causes her other abilities to "burst." Definitely fits the theme. Your WoF changes definitely make it a far more interesting ability, and I like the idea that Accelerant can help trigger Ember's passive. That said, I actually pref
  9. There are definitely tweaks to be done. Personally, I think Forma and Nitain should be taken off the list completely, or, possibly, combined into one package. I understand the added rewards were made with the intention of varying the rewards a bit and making things more interesting, but they've had the opposite effect. I started playing Sorties again after months of not caring because I was interested in Rivens, a concept which still needs some tweaking of its own. But now, to do a Survival, a Defense, and then a level 100 Assassination all in a row, only to receive the aforementioned rewards
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