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  1. I'm willing to give these changes a chance, but I'm a bit dismayed at how much Railjack has been simplified. There are many aspects of how it currently exists that I thought were just the right amount of depth- upgrading the grid, for one, which allowed me to juggle with having lower ranked avionics to so I wouldn't go over capacity, without those avionics being useless. It felt really good. I'm worried that this Plexus system is going to remove the feeling of my railjack being "my" railjack, with all of the little intricacies that made it stand out as my own. If another player can plug themse
  2. Thank you for the reply! Always neat to get a deeper look into this stuff. I take it this means QA now has to be more discerning when testing audio on these skins, and make sure each aspect (bounce, embed, etc.) is playing the correct version for the skin equipped, as opposed to just making sure the right projectile is firing in general? I imagine they also have to fire the skinned weapons in various environments too, since the global audio rework from a while ago added all sorts of situational reverb, dampening, and whatever else I know nothing about. The Hall of Mirrors thing is really we
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