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  1. What? No. It's the other way around--the Orokin towers are the halls of heaven. The creatures trapped in this heaven--gilded and glorious images of their former, courser selves--are incapable of independent action, the ideal inhabitants of any orderly afterlife. The Sentient race--all clean lines, symmetry, descending from the heavens on wings of light, sent on a mission by the Creators to prepare Paradise? If you don't see these things as angels, you are surely blind. Blind, I say! The Warframes are humans doubly possessed--first by a monstrous mutagen, and then a second time by a horrifying child who made some kind of arrangement with a Trickster who drove those who couldn't accept his gifts to murder each other. Warframes are demonic puppets with echoes of humanity, cloned en-masse to serve as toys for children whose favorite game is finding new and creative ways to create corpses. Everything the Tenno do is tainted by evil. And that's okay.
  2. I like this, but why have a monorail when you can have a MonoRAILGUN blasting the k-drive/warframe across the map. That seems like a perfectly safe transit system system that might be designed by our duct-dwelling friends for testi--uh, early-access--for their most logical warframe brethren.
  3. After the first couple weeks of POE, progress started being updated with the server every time you completed a bounty phase, finished an incursion, or caught a fish. I've verified all of these by picking up resources and aborting. Even though the mission end dialog says you don't have anything, additional items increment in your inventory by what you picked up out on the plains. I think popping an eidolon synovia will also trigger a progress save, and I'm 95% sure that capturing or killing an eidolon will trigger a save... prior to picking up the eidolon loot.
  4. They mentioned that they'll bring some kind of way to repeat bounties instead of going back to Cetus a few devstreams back.
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