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  1. I like this, but why have a monorail when you can have a MonoRAILGUN blasting the k-drive/warframe across the map. That seems like a perfectly safe transit system system that might be designed by our duct-dwelling friends for testi--uh, early-access--for their most logical warframe brethren.
  2. While the voices were clearly postprocessed using similar techniques by the same sound engineers, Space Grandma did not speak in violent nursery rhymes. Space Grandma is not an itsy-bitsy spider in the grander scheme of things.
  3. After the first couple weeks of POE, progress started being updated with the server every time you completed a bounty phase, finished an incursion, or caught a fish. I've verified all of these by picking up resources and aborting. Even though the mission end dialog says you don't have anything, additional items increment in your inventory by what you picked up out on the plains. I think popping an eidolon synovia will also trigger a progress save, and I'm 95% sure that capturing or killing an eidolon will trigger a save... prior to picking up the eidolon loot.
  4. They mentioned that they'll bring some kind of way to repeat bounties instead of going back to Cetus a few devstreams back.
  5. It's not male/female, it's soldier/witch--the devs have stated that both forms are female.
  6. Who knows? Maybe Wukong's version will be affected by power range.
  7. It certainly didn't take them a year+ to design the quest. The script wasn't complete until a couple months ago, and they were adding new effects and other additions to the level design up until like a week ago. It may be that design and implementation of whatever new tilesets and game mechanics that unlock as a result of The Sacrifice were in the works continuously for a year before that, but I'm pretty sure DE has been spending most of their development efforts since Tennocon 17 on Plains of Eidolon, Venus and [Top Secret Tennocon-reveal]. And Frame Fighter. Like ten million man-hours on Frame Fighter. I'm looking forward to new stuff to do in Warframe, but I'm not expecting too much of U23. A pleasant surprise would be welcome, though.
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