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  1. So it was mentioned some time ago that Arch-Gun Rivens would be an addition to the Vitus Essence store. I think in addition to this, Mechanical-Weapon (Sentinel/MOA) Rivens should be re-introduced and added to the Vitus store. The Sentinel-weapon Rivens were taken out of the game because they were an underwhelming reward to receive after finishing a Sortie. Considering the Arch-Gun Rivens are being kept out of the Sortie pool for the same reason, I think it would be a great idea to still provide the option of buying the Mechanical-Weapon Rivens for those that like to min-max their companions.
  2. I was pretty disappointed by this Ephemera as well. The globs of blood are so big and viscous and floaty, it just looks like a lava lamp. The drops themselves need to be a lot smaller and fall faster, like your frame is actually dripping blood. And the Ephemera's should have their own colour channel or have a defualt, un-changeable colour.
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