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  1. Mk_1

    FrameFighter PvE

    AI Opponent is Stalker; given a random ability (from the ones each frame has) each time you kill him. Possibly rewards for each milestone of wins you get.
  2. Mk_1

    Auxiliary armor slot: expansion on a great thing

    Tennogen Auxiliary items..?
  3. Mk_1

    Banned then you delete my post?

    Yeah, and another word means a bundle of sticks. Can't use that either though.
  4. Mk_1

    What does the Metus Kubrow Armor look like?

    You can link it in-game and see it yourself.
  5. Mk_1

    Can only move camera and no chat/frame

    Sounds like really high ping. Is this happening when switching to/from operator?
  6. the goal is to have fun, be that collecting new things or maining a couple weapons/frames and leveling other stuff on the side.
  7. Mk_1

    Please buff operator/amp damage

    The necroposting is strong in this one.
  8. Mk_1

    Mod /Rivens Disappearing?

    Check the filters on the bottom right of the mod screen to see if you have "HIDE MAXED" enabled.
  9. Mk_1

    Alternate Voice Packs
  10. Would be nice if it showed the names of all your current buffs for a couple seconds after hitting ESC. Also that's the Trade chat symbol, so I guess that's showing that the item is tradeable (which is nice, i guess).
  11. Mk_1

    Make Ducat farming easier :)

    Good post, bad title.