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  1. Mk_1

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    i bet you use internet explorer
  2. Mk_1

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    bro can you hurry up please? I need something to do asap.
  3. Could these come with slots? Would be kind of annoying if we're forced to buy slots every time we hit this milestone. Also, what about Shotguns?
  4. Mk_1

    Rubico Prime

    Didn't realize there was such a difference in the combo build, but the increased crit damage is countered by the higher status and much higher base damage on the vectis P IMO. I'm not really into zoom so that part didn't affect my judgement.
  5. Mk_1

    Rubico Prime

    I dont think any sniper other than Vectis Prime should be adjusted, if even that. They'll be just as strong when they get primed.
  6. I wouldn't care about craft times being the same if we were allowed to craft multiple of the same item at the same time or had a queue system.
  7. If it does end up getting denied, you can ask support for a replacement and send another image. Happened with me when I tried to use the old kill leaderboard skull badges in a clan emblem. good luck though.
  8. Mk_1

    Augment ideas for Revenant.

    Both of the suggestions I made drain energy, what other drawbacks do you want?
  9. For his 1: Enemies damaged by the pillars (Or whatever they change it to) left behind dead thralls become new thralls for 1/2 of the cost. (It'd be fair since they have such a terrible range). They last for the ability duration, this augment does not make the ability a passive thing. For his 3: The ability changes from being a set range to a channeled ability, draining energy as you fly forwards. Speed unaffected by mods. (If something like this is done, I really think it should be an exilus mod, btw.) Thoughts? Feel free to add your own suggestions.
  10. Mk_1

    You made me restart Purge Precept

    The part where Ordis purges you from the ship? literally one of the shortest and easiest part of an already easy quest? If that ruined your entire TWW experience, you might need to buy some looser underwear.
  11. Mk_1

    Phahd Scaffold

    When destroying Kuva clouds with the Phahd scaffold, the cloud will sometimes die, but not destroy a Kuva Siphon Braid with it. The braid will continue to point in the direction the kuva was before it died for a few more seconds, then fall down and spawn another Kuva cloud. This has happened multiple times, but not many times. Seems to happen around 15-25% of the time.
  12. Build and claim a part of Revenant, then go back into the plains (at night). The BPs drop from bounties. Need to do that twice to finish the quest afaik. That's how I did it at least.
  13. Mk_1

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Inaros, Nidus and Chroma also have passives that are wildly out of line. If it fits well with the theme, is there really a problem? If they did that, he would no-longer fit the theme of an Eidolon. I started this post off the main forum page, didn't know there was a megathread. Oops i guess. Didn't know that was a thing.
  14. Mk_1

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    I think we can all agree that his current passive is pretty useless. First off, you need to take damage for it to trigger, which makes it pretty useless if you're trying to avoid damage. When it does actually trigger, the range is a pitiful 5-7 meters (couldn't get an exact reading) So, what would be a much more useful passive that follows the theme of the Warframe, Eidolons? My suggestion: Just like the Eidolons we fight on the plains, Revenant doesn't take damage to his health as long as he has shields. Bleed, Toxic ticks and anything else that can hit through shield usually will hit his shields instead. Pairing this suggestion with his good shield-pool would give him a nice bit of survivability without going overboard. Modding a frame for shields is usually a terrible idea and I think this would be a nice change of pace. Thoughts?