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  1. I have a similar issue. In my Drydock, I don't see the key or the finger.
  2. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Neptune Railjack Exterminate VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Unable to reproduce. EXPECTED RESULT: More than 1 enemy to kill. OBSERVED RESULT: 1 enemy to kill so hard it dies to death. REPRODUCTION RATE: N/A.
  3. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: I finished in my arsenal in the Relay Dry Dock while in a squad, then it made me get stuck in first-person mode and unable to do anything. I couldn't bring up the menu or anything. All I could do is turn my camera angle with my mouse, and even then only left and right.. VISUAL: I foolishly did not take a screenshot. REPRODUCTION: I attempted to reproduce it, but was unable to. The other 3 members of my squad were all on the Railjack when it happened to me, and I did not have a squad of 3 to test with for the sake of trying to reproduce it exactly. I
  4. Pretty much what the title suggests. It would be nice if we could have a toggle-able setting that will randomly select one of your Octavia songs each time you start a new mission.
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