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  1. Yes, Exodia Contagion has always left a projectile that explodes after a set time. However, the projectile will not explode if you kill an enemy and the projectile goes through the enemy leaving what I call "duds". So be wary of that. Also U26.1 and still no bloody fix for that cursed 1 sec delay after air swing. Might as well mention it here too but, Exodia Contagion is unable to fire if you're equipped with a sniper rifle (one with an actual scope) while reloading. (Lanka, Rubico, Komorex, etc...)
  2. You need to aim glide after a double jump / bullet jump. But also its currently bugged in that it has this huge delay before the projectile fires. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1137516-exodia-contagion-projectile-not-firing-properly/
  3. I noticed this too, although it appears that when as client, the explosions don't draw. Sometimes they straight up don't explode.
  4. Did you test that it applies to one pellet? I have not noticed any major change.. other than gunblades feeling horrible after U26. Could very well be possible.
  5. Post U26, Exodia Contagion fires immediately upon air attack after a bullet jump or double jump. Now is as OP says, fires with a significant delay of around 0.7 seconds after the air attack after said bullet jump / double jump.
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