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  1. Hmhm.. it's nice they did the Tenno Tunes Vol.4 winners reveal this way. I think one year it just dragged out too long and kinda sidetracked away from actual "Prime Time". This time was nice and cute. Will probably still make Captura videos though cause lol, Captura is fun. Congrats btw 😉
  2. 😉 yay PS: Any devs who see this, if you want, DM me and I'll drop you guys a .wav file of the tenno tune for future convenience. Also willing to open up the project file and convert the main drop into a mandacord kit. But yeah... DM. Thanks for Tenno Tunes Vol. 4 and yay for all the other entries.
  3. "Sweet Thing" lmao.. you are all welcome to cringe along with me at my day one captura skills. 🤣 Enjoy.
  4. Hello, Nyx update long post incomming. The main problem with Nyx now, that actually wasnt that much of a problem before. I wanna talk a lot about Nyx's best most underestimated, misunderstood and underappreciated skill, OLD augmented Psychic Bolts, and why the NEW Psychic Bolts is actually bad on its own currently, and for the direction of her overall playstyle. So yeah, Before the update there was a concern that I had with a specific interaction with the new Nyx Psychic Bolts, but held off as it was stated that the new Psychic Bolts would also deactivate Infested Ancient Aura so that NEW Psychic Bolts could at least cover the most important practical function the old version did especially regarding Ancient Healers. Radiation Proc have a specific interaction with Ancient Healers where if a linked enemy in the group got a radiation proc the Ancient Healer was imediately isolated. This made the Old Psychic Bolts super effective when it came to dealing with Healers (if say Chaos was unavailable or too risky due to longer cast time, or if a Healer couldnt be directly targetted due to corners or spawning out of bounds (yay void rifts) etc). First, to understand what was good about the OLD Psychic Bolts, break the skill down into three parts: Radiation Procs - The most important part, a quick way to disrupt enemy ranks, especially efficient with breaking up Ancient Healers as mentioned before. The stun or 'confuse' duration - Tied to the Psychic Bolts augment mod, while not as important as the radiation proc above, this is still a quick easy way to make an enemy group chill out for a few seconds. The old slash procs and damage, meh - Yay, you can kill stuff on Mercury with this, but later on, real Nyx players dont care about this aspect of Psychic Bolts. Next considering Nyx's overall Playstyle, Identify the threats is the enemy group, disrupt, take out your big gun/sword and clean up. Even though the third aspect of Psychic Bolts is pretty meh the stronger and more heavily armored the enemies become, the first and second aspects of the skill are still great at contributing to overall playstyle of Nyx. Chaos is more for mass confusion and tile-wide disruption when a Psychic bolts cast isnt enough, and Mind Control is more for grabbing a specific enemy that you would rather have on your side then your enemies' . So I took Nyx into direlect and void rifts today, then took the 'anomalies' to the simulacurum and discovered the following: With regular infested groups, If the Ancient Healer is effected by the new Psychic Bolts debuff, then the damage absorbtion links are broken, and 'minions' are not protected by the Ancient Healers Link ability (yay). If the 'minions' are effected but the Ancient Healer is not, the minions are still protected by the Ancient Healers Link ability (this is a problem, boo). It's even worse with Corrupted groups where, whether the Corrupted Ancient Healers are effected by the Psychic Bolts debuff or not, they still Damage Link with their groups (boo). Damn. So my initial though on the change to Psychic Bolts was, okay, ditch the old damage/slash proc for the new debuff, because hey, thats good, I can throw psychic bolts into a group to make them chill, then because of the debuffs the above Nyx playstyle is rewarded with extra damage when we go in and clean up with big gun/sword, and hope the 'deactivate Infested Ancient Aura' functions well enough to make up for the loss of radiation proc, but nah, alas. As I said, I like the debuff as a replacement for the old meh damage, but can we please get that radiation proc back, even if its attached to the augment. Also whatever this cooldown, wait for Psychic Bolts to end on current enemies before being able to recast stuff is, it's dumb, and it's going to get us killed. If I want to burn my energy to get an optimal casting of Psychic Bolts, please let me do so. Other Nyx things: A note on skill design VS playstyle. There's a recent trend with warframe skill/ability design to have things interact and combo with each other like say, Saryn Spores + Toxic Slash etc, and thats cool where it is appropriate. However I feel that this not appropriate for Nyx. Sure now you can cast Chaos and then debuff enemies so its easier for them to kill each other but remember, Nyx generates ZERO affinity when a Mind Controlled or Chaos effected enemy kills another enemy, and also at this point because of how New Nyx works, she's casting too many skills, for very little effect and the end result is rather dumb, considering she could have just been stabbing/shooting things herself. When I go to my loadout and I pick Nyx, I pick her, because I want to kill things with my weapons, and not stand around casting too many skills in succession. I think looking at Nyx's playstyle of Disrupt and Clean up, the old Nyx suited that much better with Mind Control, Psychic Bolts and Chaos, being their own tools for specific ways to disrupt enemy ranks then get your hands dirty and clean up with your weapon of choice. Perhaps some warframes like Nyx would rather benefit from being built like tool boxes, having a specific skill to cover a specific situation, without the real need to do skill combo setups. The passive, I'm okay with it, Nice touch deactivating the passive while channeling Absorb, that was one of my other concerns, big yay! Still seeing other Nyx's getting shot down randomly though. Perhaps the Mind Freak, Mind Control augment can be adjusted to have a Mind Controlled puppet siphon a percentage of Nyx's incomming damage. Oh, the ingame text in the arsenal abilities section still has the passive displayed as the old disarm passive. *edit* In closing: I've had these concerns with Nyx rework since the devstream announcement way back, but really only posted now because after the last reworks (I'm looking at you Saryn ♥️) I'm pretty sure we can all see that the real rework only happens once the stuff goes public and all of us are able to play test and give DE feedback on what's actually good, what looked good but actually sucks, bugs, polish etc etc.. So, thank you DE for doing these devworkshop threads with the community, especially for paying attention to them after the stuff initially goes live.
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