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  1. Nice Try , it’s what you think and doesn’t have no impact on the scope of things
  2. As far as that destiny tidbit in this thread PVP fluctuates those player counts and Views counts. And nobody is trying to do main quest 3 times to fill cover all of your base. Take away destiny PVP you Have Marvel Avengers lets not get ahead of ourselves
  3. It should work along the lines of magnetize or Unairu. and likelihood of Getting head shots is unlikely. It always been the case. as far as teammates wing we’re in a Co-Op(Coop Optional) phase. and the possibility of you not even get a chance to headshot depending what frame is your teammates. It’s a lil iffy
  4. See it’s cool to get opinions but you gonna a 100 of them. And you just might end up doing what your brain already planned to do. Builds are an Art form not 1 Art is the same. You auctioning off Empower, people don’t see the value but somebody will raise that hand And sold!. but lately everybody been jazzing up builds with followings and Some people giving “props” but take and show their following and rake up views. so just do what you want to do if it works for you then that’s Awesome
  5. For the past couple years frames been piggy backing off of each other. this is not new. keyword is Tweak it’s not getting a em rework of a lot of frames won’t. if you thinking anything is getting a rework continue to feel like this
  6. Player Choice 2021. Deal with it. People don’t like the system , Some people do. somebody saying they would not use empower but Op does. That’s uniqueness whether you like it or not
  7. Which is what it always been Player Choice , no they don’t get to Choose what you want. You get to Choose what’s Available. S.W.A.T(Subsuming Whats available today)
  8. If you saw the part of the quest that gave a flash back and look at them they’re no angels. They said what they Said were Demons
  9. First of all if you Understand Nezha then you know HE was born a child immediately skipping his infant phase. meaning He stayed a boy. He’s a Deity that didn’t age. So your basically saying an Under developed male is feminine. Howwwwww? Fan Fiction is not dictating this subject. And you can think what you like but what’s out there is out there. He’s not a word that gets people band, he is Male a Male Child Deity
  10. What does “ I just Hit MR 24 mean now a days” .By this time next year MR30 from MR1 would be a few months. some people just farm what they need to Rank up to MR 24. The Farm Farm Is Resources your low on.
  11. Wrong. This is the Future it been like this and your still here.
  12. How you gonna come in years later and say this is not right. Back then you could only get rivens from sorties , even rivens been giving out on dev streams. This is what it is. If you want a Riven farm 10 Riven shards you will get 1 weekly. Rivens are not legendary cores or Old primed chamber. It’s not that serious
  13. Do you still Get to Choose , Yes. Will You Choose now maybe not. Would somebody put it on a Warframe with little armor I see know reason not too. Saying less choice when you have 52 choices sounds Crazy to me
  14. So basically it’s a progression Stopper Huh? Lol. One of my buds was Farming Warframes before this update and he got the Tranc but never hunted. This is Exactly why it’s there. you want that Helminth System cover all bases of Deimos then.
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