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  1. All this bring back old bladestorm is gonna get pressure put on Mesa. Saryn was already contemplated on last year. Bladestorm has the same reason world on fire had to be changed except other people couldn’t even kill enemies in bladestorm. Ash has slash and finisher damage. In the hind sight he will be reworked to be Nerfed again so what’s the reasoning, DE says “Marking enemies was a bad idea” “We want Ash to be as strong as Mesa” “ We miss our room clear abilities , forget new players who we been focused on for years” Does that Sound like SW reasoning nooo Bladestorm used to scale infinitely, it does not anymore. and Bringing Mesa in the conversation is gonna give him a buff? You Know what’s more likely to happen. Old bladestorm no no no no. I see more complaints than solutions. If you want change do it right
  2. we cant even get 2 people to cooperate on railjack and you know 8-man = no matchmaking , meaning slow traffic invite only. Railjack will be solo better yet let me get a 8 man , 4 specters , 2 liches , me and my Kubrow
  3. umbra forma idea should have never happened , its should of been more umbra frames At Least the first 8, then work to others how the op gonna skip to nidus knowing there is a line for the previous warframes to tell there story. the best way umbra forma should exist is when every umbra frame drops. he comes with warframe mods weapon mods and you would use it on the umbras. now its a big stall because umbra streamline would not see the light of day if all other frames can use it , ex. primed streamline is still a myth
  4. well im telling you now tennogen artist do not like ash..ss posterior , corpa ash cancelled ,mithra ash cancelled , graxx ash not even considered. you might have to bro. i tried already
  5. Passive: Void Assembly When the Red White and Blue Parts are together grants 300% Armor. while and ability’s uses Red White OR blue parts are used for an ability Take - 100% armor and 100% armor used for ability. Ability 1- Broken Favor - Red Parts will Control Enemy granting them 100% Armor passive -100% Armor , supporting allies with this ability grants armor and damage for both parties. Ability 2- Unbroken Trust- Blue parts used as a shield(snow globe like) grants shield 100% Armor passive -100% to Warframe. but grants 50% damage reduction inside the shield Ability 3- Unbroken Vow- White parts will heal an ally overtime. Creates a extended bleed out duration link, While you or ally is downed. Ability 4- Everything is broken - the Warframe splits into 3 parts turning into 3 frames Red White and Blue. The ethereal part of the Warframe can go from frame to frame. While your in one Frame the other 2 are Specters. Red has your Primary weapon that has boost Crit Chance and Crit damage Blue has your Secondary with boosted status and reload speed White has Your melee with boosted attack speed Crit and Status ** Drain ability You can use all powers even if your in 1 part of the Warframe by specters casting ability. While ult is active all armor passive is distributed to the 3 parts by 100% a part the color of the part will have its on energy color accents while split If the specter dies that part comes back to you. To bring the part back it has to be restarted.
  6. Because "us" being saying it for 6 years and "us" still played the game "Alright we been playing a buggy game for half a decade now, but alright its time to fix the game now"
  7. nah they need more defensive mods like an adaptation , more over shield options they can be more creative and have a system. quick fixes like this is a problem all together
  8. now just imagine console was a big motivator for rushing to fix bugs , and warframe being buggy more common and Pacified if it was PC only * Devil's Devil's Advocate* hahahhahahahahahah
  9. given the fact the Console is 45-50% of the consumer base. that half the of its success and were due to that. more money more resources. and and wit could of done if it was a PC only game ........... End up like Fire fly tf
  10. All the Numbers( appreciation ) can easily get flip with these 2 words “Challenging” and “Challenge” Challenging is what people want ask for an think that it’s the fix for the “ Boredom” if you think , that you’re gonna Sweat it out , wreck your brain ,or gasp for Air for a Challenge ....... we been waiting for over have a decade. The game is all about efficiency as of late. yes efficiency is boring I guess , but if you can crunch a Destiny’s 2 18 hour World first into 15-30min in Warframe content. You won’t be satisfied, they don’t even really want you in a mission for no longer than 20 mins or 20 Waves now the The “Challenge” is Here a list of things complete them and we will bring your “challenges” to Warframe. see now that is the reality and we’re too far gone on the matter
  11. It’s all franchise fatigue and it was worse back then between 2nd dream and before POE it was the worse droughts we didn’t even get hot fixes as much as we had now. This is has been The DE it’s always been. People out grow stuff and be specific with the change they want to see. Other games currently have their woes and will have their woes again. Remember the post about steam numbers trying to creative a narrative with destiny too in the steam charts. season of the worthy has that narrative on life support. Whatever comes out it will never be enough at this point
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