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  1. corpus have armour unit too
  2. unless your playing in a team, then its more effective for everyone to use CP as everyone befits and covers the entire mission vs just you on 1 target
  3. sounds like a nice idea, problem is everything that wrong with arbitration tho.
  4. Yep absolutely hate this res gimmick means you ether play solo or with a full tank squad cause if 1 person goes down then the whole team gets punished for it. The double time reward rotations are still terrible and drones are still a convoluted padding that requires you to run a aoe weapons so you end up with a game mode made solely for inaros / catchmoon.
  5. Rather of had the bleedout timer but longer duration before a perm death rather then have the worst part of index added to a game mode with No Fun drones running around making everything immortal.
  6. so far this just a glorified mobile defence when it doesn't bug out (which seems to be all the time), after about 20 or so runs of this ive gotten 8 points towards the event rewards.
  7. hopefully enemy spawns get drop down during the orb fight its ridiculous
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