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  1. same issue for me when I entre a new map piece or zone I get stuttering of anything from 40-50 fps drop now I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling/updated drives, clearing temp files even redownloading the game but still happening my guess is something in the more recent patches is causing this I had no problems before the January patches. EDIT: after some more messing around I found that on a nvida gpu turning off shader in the nvdia control panel settings then restart the PC afterwards deleted everything out of the nvidia cache found in C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache then tur
  2. gone though all my drives and temp files even reinstalled the game and still no improvement to warframe stuttering. can only guess something in one of the recent patches is causing this nothing else I have installed is having this issue.
  3. Been having alot of stuttering recently just after the initial load into any zone i get hit with a 30-40 fps drop try looking over old post for fixes but nothing has given me a improvement this is on a i9-9900 and 2070rtx super.
  4. yep tested it and mods are no longer being applied to the exalted
  5. seems like hotfix has broken the bonewidow exalted as mods equipped to it are no longer being applied.
  6. Yep won't be touching these bounty grinds until the access to the tiers is easier having to repeatedly do 3 iso vaults to do the t3 arcana only to repeat again when i don't get that 7% drop is terrible design, this all is assuming you don't have anything bug out or a host migration. why it couldn't have just been unlock "a" vault then have the option of the different tier arcana bounties in that vault I dunno.
  7. pretty sure that they made it so warframe abilities don't effect the necramechs anymore
  8. redone the link but still nothing out of all the drops this year is the only one that had this issue with.
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