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  1. Kavat's are too difficult to farm for.

    The scan-hammer helps
  2. or make night loooonggerr
  3. What drives me up the walls

    I feel like you should use recruitment chat instead of pug groups...
  4. Coming Soon: Devstream #106!

    Will we ever get a unvaulted accessories pack? Will kuva ever drop from the kuva fortress ? Will the Void ever have any reason to return to it beyond alert missions?
  5. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    never done a trial means nothing to me... and poe burn out is pretty high at the moment
  6. Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    good thing that its being buffed with the pass then huh
  7. i think that they will drop the relic as reward from bounties exclusively but will still drop in other mission just that they will share the rate with the other relics out atm
  8. not even an event reward?

  9. you can back flip to remove the speed buff
  10. Improving the New Player Experience

    Pulling up the in game tutorials (they do exists) when a new play first interacts with the mod screen/ arsenal/ foundry etc would be a good idea even having teshin (preferred as it introduces his character for reference in later quests) or ordis do a bit of a voice over tutorial at the same time like nef anyo does for the index tutorial. Other then that i say have more of a lead to pull new players into completing the junctions and more understand as to what mastery is for advancement.
  11. [DELAYED] Damage 2.5 Part 1: Physical Damage

    Not a fan of this ragdoll effect would make much more sense for it to be a hard knockdown rather then sending enemies outside of the the mission area via jet powered hammer
  12. Suggestion on how to re-aquire bps earned from quests

    Would just make more sense to be able the earn them again by repeating the quest for said parts since some quests mirage/limbo/chroma are also the only way to gain the other components as well. I get that they don't want it to be used as a way to farm credits but considering how frequent oberon and harrow parts drops now that reasoning is rather moot
  13. Few support staff alot of player tickets takes awhile to get to everyone.
  14. i would have assumed hok would sell them afterwards could possibly have it so that they need parts that juggernauts drop