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  1. so set mods on sentinel melee weapons is a bad and get cut but gun set mods will still work and rivens working on semi exalted khora whip atlas landside is also still ok, if your doing this for 1 instance it should apply to all of them.
  2. would have like them to look at syndicate inventory too having 2 allied syndicates selling the same augment mods still makes no sense
  3. the animation works of the skeleton of your standard kubrow so basic movement will be the same
  4. I'm pretty sure the reason people want spear to return is for the shop for easy access to arcanes
  5. As it stand railjack is a glorified loading screen to a typical ground mission. In the devstream they mention void storms not being a massive relic cracking so we should just expect it to be a normal fissure with a railjack taxi segment and should that be the case you would run a typical fissure because they are faster which leave them with 1 reason for "longterm" play that being liches but even then having every lich end with a railjack taxi to kill your lich would get old rather quick specially for the min-max players looking for max stats
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