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  1. Suggestion on how to re-aquire bps earned from quests

    Would just make more sense to be able the earn them again by repeating the quest for said parts since some quests mirage/limbo/chroma are also the only way to gain the other components as well. I get that they don't want it to be used as a way to farm credits but considering how frequent oberon and harrow parts drops now that reasoning is rather moot
  2. Few support staff alot of player tickets takes awhile to get to everyone.
  3. i would have assumed hok would sell them afterwards could possibly have it so that they need parts that juggernauts drop
  4. They made one, (not a nikana )
  5. Sortie 3-Day Booster

    Don't mind boosters, would rather it was a full week instead of 3 days tho
  6. Host AFK is encouraged in Bounties?

    What you earn in the plains is save at points mainly on completing sections of a bounty so even if you host leaves what you have earned during a bounty will stick.
  7. How do I Unlock Mars Junction?

    need to follow the map path to the junction which means you have to unlock plains and eurasia first
  8. operator amp

    Shwaak + Pencha + Lohrin combo been doing well for me fighting eidolons Has good ammo economy about 10 energy per shot, good for dealing with vomvalyst and secondary for dealing with eidolon shields, crit since never extra energy or fast recharge seem too important.
  9. Fastest Time It takes To Kill An Eidolon?

    better rewards:
  10. Fastest Time It takes To Kill An Eidolon?

    now try capturing them
  11. I wanna get out whenever I want!!!

    problem is it not saving what you earn if you leave to cetus/orbit only if you leave via the gate
  12. Brilliant Eidolon Shard

    If to capture a eidolon you need the lure for the final kill at the end it gonna be pretty hard unless the lure get a huge buff to their hp / armour / shields cause at the moment a eidolon will kill within a few of its attacks or the little ones will swarm around it and kill it just as quickly. so unless you always want trinity spamming bless to keep them alive it not a viable way of earning these shards.
  13. Can't finish 90% of my Bounties

    yep happening on near all bounties i have tried alot of the time too the objective spawns outside of the starting point range.