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  1. And why did you need to enter these items as a reward for event if you add them to free sale after such a short time ? This once again proves that things are very bad with Warframe( P. S. I stop investing until things get better with game and i understand that COVID is to blame but i also admit that they could work in office observing all safety standards but most likely just don't want to
  2. Just a reminder and yet it would be nice to add a switch from SD to HD textures in launcher
  3. Flower in circle has only a glow but it is not visible Photo
  4. Host with revival completely reset all experience on Necramech and so every time - Client also has it, but not always Sentinel after rebirth (Warframe) has only one life despite mod (Primed Regen) - Client also has this problem (It happens that when a Warframe is resurrected Sentinel or Pet is not resurrected) Hope for a quick fix I apologize for my bad English
  5. Lotus messages are not displayed on host P. S. Client also has this bug, but maybe it's meant to be ?
  6. If you view orders through operator and you are killed, then you will move to your warframe but still remain in orders and after accepting bug occurs (possibly during murder) and when you go to operator, you lose absolute control and until you are killed but and after this bug persists on operator Apparently operator remains in orders with no way to fix it( I did not check it, but i am 95% sure that this is case If you need to write more clearly or in more detail then be sure to write I apologize for my bad English
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