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  1. Haven´t thought about this, will try it the next time too and see if they are still invisible.
  2. I don´t think that is only on Ceres. Did a Kuva mission yesterday and Jupiter and the Kuva braids were allways heading in the wrong direction. Joined midgame when the Siphon already harvested 4 clouds, but at least I could do it with 7 clouds catched.
  3. Just did a Kuva mission, I was the host, and I could not see a single Kuva cloud. The mission was on Ceres. After the siphon catched 7 clouds we just continued the mission.
  4. Is it a Hema joke? Although I know about ODS for Octavia and neurodes dropping "like candy" in derelict this thread just made me realized the reason why Octavia is in the derelict. And either you had bad luck or me good luck, cause I got my neuroptic on my first Rot C.
  5. The problem with this idea would probably be, that it will be even harder to play Pub, cause more options mean less people are playing the mission you want to. You could say "use recruit", but that´s dead on german servers.
  6. I am not disagreeing with you in general, but you had to do a T3 survival and now you can go on any mission you want. And that you need more relics then keys before isn´t really a problem, I am running endless fissure missions constantly and my relics aren´t getting less. Nevertheless, I agree that there should be at least 1 endless fissure mission allways running.
  7. For 1 week they have exclusive items and they are Banshee P Helios P Euphona P
  8. There is no such thing like scamming in Warframe since both have to agree 2x to a trade.
  9. And how many times have you killed Vor? And he is allways coming back, same with Alad V or Turkey Hek.
  10. Here you go http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Weapons_Required_as_Crafting_Ingredients
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