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  1. A coin allways has two sides and I bet that the other side is an elevator and you ( or the team ) not waiting for the other guy.
  2. I understand where you are coming from, but wouldn´t it just be faster to use recruit chat?
  3. We have no challenges in NW, just sidequests.
  4. You don´t want to wait? Play solo or, for once, try to communicate with your team.
  5. Have you updated your driver? I had a similar experience today, and the same is happening in the Surge 2, so my guess is, that is has something to do with NVidia.
  6. And I have seen almost as much Ivaras in play, so there you go. How about we skip everything ang go straight to Inaros or Nidus? Now that would be a seller.
  7. So, Nidus, Hemlinth charger with the Strain set and Pathocyst to flood the map with Maggots? Gotta try that out.
  8. Warframe was allways a fast pace game, there really is no need to slow the gameplay down, and there will allways be people who rush through it, in every game.
  9. If you play the game then you are in the same situation. If you don´t have that much Endo in the first place then you don´t need the mentioned mods maxxed.
  10. Why not remove Endo and statues altogether and make them buyalbe with Vitusessence? That would solve your "problem" too.
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