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  1. Kuestenjung

    When did 5-10 minutes become the norm?

    None of your example make 5min leavers don´t look stupid.
  2. That´s why I have spend over 4k hours into the game. right? I am done with Fortuna 2.0 before I even have one of the new items and that is something DE should consider. Not long ago DE said they want to reduce the grind, but all they did is increasing it even more.
  3. Kuestenjung

    Warframe on the Discord Store

    Can we please stop with all this exclusive nonsense. First it was PC vs consoles and now it´s already PC vs PC. Next will be EPIC store?
  4. They are needed to buy some accesoires for your Orbiter ( from Biz I think )
  5. Same reason why we don´t have a well balanced game and increasing powercreep. But if we had a well balanced game then people wouldn´t need nor cry for missions starting with lvl 200+ @OP: If lvl 100 is to easy for you then what difference would it make if they were lvl 125?
  6. Kuestenjung

    Mesa’s syndicate mods.

    "I am not capable of using them to my advantage, so they are trash" allways love this attitude.
  7. Kuestenjung

    What Do You Want From Warframe?

    That´s a good own, but one can only dream.
  8. Kuestenjung

    Garuda Mamba - tennogen skin

    It´s not working for me, but I fixxed it for you.
  9. So Tuesday is Mesa Prime and Friday Fortuna II? But I am not happy with Barruk being in Vox Solaris.
  10. It actually looks more like the Tennogen Falcon helmet.
  11. Kuestenjung

    Mastery Rank 30 Test!!!

    I wouldn´t do the test, simple as that.
  12. I feel the same. The stuff that is missing for me are the Orb fights, don´t care about Railjack. And the Moas, the new Sentinel weapons and the new mod sets are heavily disappointing. It feels like DE doesn´t want us to use them.
  13. Doing conservation is actually a nice way to get standing. It´s easy standing, and you can get some floofs. How many Toroids do you have then? I have only a handful.
  14. Only if you stop with this bullS#&$ that PvE needs no balance. Maybe DE should bring back the original Nullifiers, Bursas and Maniacs.
  15. Kuestenjung

    Rework Set Mods Pls!!

    Augur set only grants you overshield once. If you could get max overshields with the set, then it would be fine. And Harrow defenitly doesn´t need this, that´s what his 1. ability is used for. Most sets are just a littel nice gimmick, but not worth to use it in the long run. @OP: What exactly do you expect from DE now, if you ( like so many others ) can´t be bothered to post in the right subforum?