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  1. What has the one to do with the other? It´s a decision you make. DE offers you the choice and you decide whether you want to use it or not, but you should know the consequences and if you have a problem with them, you shouldn´t do it in the first place. Maybe you should learn to take responsibility for your actions.
  2. As if there is anything in this game that needs tactics, not to the degree you are referring to. It´s either full DPS or CC, so a fight that doesn´t need it is welcome.
  3. And again a buff, why not bring all Auras to 7points, but even that is not happening, otherwise it would already be the case.
  4. "Yeah, lets buff everything but I also want a challenge." I allways love comments like this but then it seems like everyone is crying about this and that enemy or about arbitrations etc. Everything gets nerfed and it´s fine but, if someone is talking about nerfs for weapons and frames then it´s wrong?
  5. My fault then, I actually thought this is another artwork.
  6. I don´t think you will need help afterwards.
  7. I guess, you only have your artworks and no 3D work? If so this belongs into fanart and not TennoGen.
  8. DE shouldn´t follow anyones footsteps, but nevertheless they will in one way or another. DE should balance the game, but again they won´t. They had the chance when they introduced Sorties, but they didn´t. Sure there will be balance passes every now and then but powercreep will allways play a role.
  9. These new vaults are easy. I succeeded the first time I did them, which just shows how easy they actually are.
  10. Maybe you shouldn´t play coop games with that attitude.
  11. It´s nothing new, corpses have been disappearing and coming back for years now, with the chance to desecrate them both.
  12. Another great post by you, please more of it.
  13. #1 Because this game is all about grind. #2 You don´t need Riven, you want them #3 What´s the point in rerolling if you can get it all the time? #4 You know how many hours it took me to get the Dread or Crimson Dervish back in the days? Kuva is a joke compared to it. Scaling rewards should be a thing in every endless mission, but DE apparently doesn´t want it, although I wouldn´t say it should increase with every harvester.
  14. So I am not allowed to post if I disagree, because I do.
  15. Get in the corner and shame on you, because you cannot read.
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