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  1. Title says it all: I was stuck at "Getting Update files ... 11.2 MB" when the game should have downloaded the recent hotfix, like it always does. Instead it did nothing for 2 hours. It then clicked "verify download cache" from the laucher settings. Now whenever I start the launcher the launcher gets stuck at 3% verification ... I have been waiting for hours now. The launcher obviously does SOMETHING as my CPU gets 20% used up by it ... hey that also means it uses multicore processing at least as 20% is more than 1 core (16 cores here). But it doesn't move past the 3%.
  2. Upon doing this bounty multiple times we came to the conclusion that it is impossible to get the 25 uploads in a 4-man squad. The highest value we were able to reach when we utterly massacred the infested before even getting anywhere close to him was 20. This agrees with what we all could conclude: The minimal amount of time he needs to upload a single Code is 3 seconds. As he always ends the transmission after 1 minute, 20 is the absolute maximum you can get to. Also the drop chance for the requried resources in this bounty are borderline criminal. A drastic increase is in orde
  3. I very much agree with making the basic abilities of every warframe free to use. Not only are base abilities of Warframes like Ember, Frost, Gauss a huge part of their identity, the mere fact that energy generation is extremly hard to come by as a new player, it schools them to not use them for the mere reason that every warframe has more powerfull abilities that you want to spend that energy on. For a HUGE PORTION of experienced players, energy problems are often disregarded as "just so this and that and you don't have to deal with it anymore." But acquiring all that is difficult or
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