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  1. DE Here is a fix that would be nice. The HYSTRIX.............. This gun can't damage the Orb Mother Correctly. I built it with no elemental bonus mods and used the cycling alt fire to attempt to have it cover multiple elements the Orb could be weak to. Unfortunitly the shots get reduced to "0" damage due to the orb being immune to status damage and the damage counts as status only damage with no physical projectile as I can only assume the damage is only added if the enemy can be proc'd. If you put elemental mods on the Hystrix those mods or mod combinations count but not the whole guns gimic of being able to use multiple elements.
  2. When will we get an update that adds the new moa sentinal weapons onto the shared affinity XP between players. Waiting for the Moa to kill enemies on a fully kitted non forma sentinal weapon takes a while and thats with an affinity booster. So leveling it up and formaing it will take an obsurd abmout of time since it only gets XP currently when the Moa kills an enemy. I have leveled my Moa up 3 times already and its weapon had reached 11 out of 30 with me sitting in swarms of enemies waiting for them to die by Strong Moa and weakest Weapon.
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