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  1. Just as an aside, looking at your build. I'm sure efficiency has something to do with it but couldn't you use phoenix renewal instead of QT?
  2. So does anyone have a tried-tested build that works in Sorties? I liked Oberon, but seriously I... Just don't know.
  3. Mmm, yes it falls off with range but after you get to a point the slash damage in addition to everything else will be doing marvelously.
  4. Excalibur says Hi. I know you said frame but that was a quick example. Telos Boltace + Maiming Strike + Primed Reach says Hi. Attica + Maiming strike + Primed reach Says Hi. The Gunblades say Hi. It would make sense for wukong to be able to do it because Wukong is built around the idea of the actual Sun Wukongs lore. (loosely, yes) It wouldn't be any more imbalanced then we already have from the warframes I've named above in a previous post to give it at least twice the range it has now.
  5. Like Saryn with a Max range Spore build. Like Mirage with Synoid Simulor or most decent AoE weapons. Like Ember in Low and mid-level farms. Like the Telos Boltace + Maiming Strike build Like the Tonkor Like a max range Nezah spamming his 4 for farming. Like limbo and his rift walk especially in rescue missions. Like Banshee built for her 4 and augmented. Like Ivara built for Sleep arrow and Invisibility on a Interception. Like Max Nova's Molecular Prime. Like Nyx's Chaos or Absorb especially with Augment. Like a Vauban spamming Bastille wi
  6. aaaand contrary to that... Tanks in videogames are meant to hold aggro and be survivable, and sometimes are really really slow or are more then likely to be the slowest speed wise compared to the rest of the party composition [/nerd]
  7. After buying ALL the Prime Access packs and several 50%, 75% offs? 0p I have no regrets to my purchases because I work enough overtime and my bills are all payed I have no issue paying to make my life easier here or there as long as game content still keeps coming.
  8. Titania. I am like... one of three who actively play and like the frame?
  9. You gone did it now, you had to go and did it an u dun did. Excaliber Prime. X3 but in all seriousness? Probably the new bard frame that they are working on.
  10. I don't think it will work even if you trade imprints :/
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