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  1. As someone who absolutely adores Chroma. I'm not buying this unless/until he gets a hotfix. Not saying I expect one this second, nor did I expect one yesterday. However, I'm going to hold onto my money until he is at least as good a tank as he was before (Don't care about damage loss, that was a reasonable change) and his 1 and 4 get at least glanced at.
  2. Bingo. I mean I'm a simple man, I just want Chroma to be able to tank as well as the main tanks. 3 formas into rhino prime and I'm set. 8 into chroma and a umbral build to boot feels like a nerfed rhino. I don't mind the damage being brought in line, but if I need a tank I'll bring Rhino, Inaros, or Wukong, ect. Though being honest his 1 is useless because it is weak and stops you from using your gun which does MORE damage. Does it look fun? Yes. His 4 REDUCES his already frail armor... for what? A sentry? Not only that but a sentry that drains your energy faster than most enemies can do it if you build yourself to actually TANK. Which is what he was best at before. Let us not get back into the discussion of him being a support frame, hell even with the description of his prime he isn't a "Support" frame: " Chroma Prime: The original lord of ruin. Elemental. Primal. Perfection. " We don't need MORE support frames anyway, if I want to have a support style and support my team I'll pick Trinity, or Harrow, or any of the three others that were made from the START to support NOT the big beefy dragon frame that looks like he belongs on the front lines.
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