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  1. Hi, Did the plague star event and bullet jumped plenty of times showing progress ingame, but when misson was over its still at 0/150.
  2. So say others die and i get the burden of debuffs and going in to revive them? lol wtf are you guys drinking because i want some of that. How about AFTER i revive them i get a boon for 5 minutes, can be extra strenght.. etc. You guys did 0% what the community has sugested and are so stubborn sometimes, i understand you are the devs DE but feedback when good is most precious don´t waste it like this. Aura forma thumbs up and should have been a reward along time ago for end game content. Oh and another thing! please add more missions at a time? expand mission buffs? areas with debuffs or hazards that boost drop chances or even lessen rotation times? so many ideas DE that you can implement to make this the best end game mode ever.. pls -.-
  3. Can the Exploiter fight be set like a bounty? i am tired of spamming chat for groups or trying and go directly and seeing ppl do other stuff, it just makes no sense for a boss fight.
  4. I have to admit that those goals are putting me off from the game. I don´t need any more stress in my life, i have my job for that.. more schedules routines and timers god no. Most of these are like long term goals, like that umbra forma, really you want me to grind my ass off for that don´t you? well with this update you killed it for me sorry.
  5. Not a fan of forcing missions with other players, friends or clan, pls remove that.
  6. Update failed.. update failed.... can´t even play -.-
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