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  1. Hi, Why is it that all Railjack missions just say "Skirmish" instead of real objectives? even assassination missions say skirmish, its just bad, name it please similar to what we have so we know what to play instead of having to memorize all those names, trying to figure out where assassination missions are shouldn´t be a trip to the wiki no? TY.
  2. Right now for me at least Railjack is just not worth it, the amount of materials for crafting and repairing is absurd, looting is a pain, the railjack weapons are crap, enemies do too much damage to railjack and archwing, if you want the BP´s from new weapons you better have some cool squadmates that tell you if it dropped or else nothing for the crew. Many connection bugs like doors not opening for clients on archwing to being stuck on archwing mode or with all your archwing weapons drawn on board of railjack, its bad sorry DE many are trying to be positive and i believe you guys will fix most of the bugs but the game mode was just not ready.
  3. No not there.. im confuse. Veryfied files and still nothing.. ill bug report i guess.
  4. Hi, My Railjack is building last part but i dont see anywhere where can i join other crews? i see an icon on streamers but i have nothing.. any clues?
  5. I do think its a bit extreme, i don´t understand how this will bring new players on board or motivate noobs, might not be a big issue to well established players but others might just roll their eyes and move on to another game. just a thought. Maybe 500k would be a better number? it would still be 3 million creds and the most expensive thing in the game.
  6. I am the Seer party, its 3 already lol.
  7. They are not going for fun or good missions, just missions that slow players to get the warframe, so its pretty bad imho, and its not the content warfame needs.
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