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  1. Not exactly, coptering had received a strong nerf in terms of the distance and speed you can travel with it. Rather than equalizing movement with coptering, it, together with other elements introduced with Parkour 2.0, was more to fill the gap the nerf left in ways to increase travel speed.
  2. Hmm... I wouldn't say bullet jump is quite as bad since it doesn't feel as fast and spammable as coptering was, but then again I can only judge from memory. But I'll agree with the rest. Really, bullet jump's purpose is to improve vertical movement, so the fact that it speeds up moving over flat ground is a side-effect, rather than the direct benefit which coptering gave, as a distance-closing melee attack. Rather than giving everyone Gauss-style running (which would kinda remove the point of Gauss) I'd want to see an adjustment to bullet jump that restricts horizontal boost, to make it clearer that it's useful to get to high places, rather than propelling yourself forward. Or maybe even to make it only usable in midair, replacing double jump, but that could have other problems like with aiming, for example... I dunno honestly. Unlike the blink, i can't think of any simple solution to improve it. I wouldn't get completely rid of it either, as it does have its uses outside of just overtaking the rest of the team on the way to the objective/extraction.
  3. Well, would be nice if they fixed that too. Wild bullet jumping happening everywhere being an issue doesn't take away the issue of archwing blinking. That being said, the current bullet jump isn't quite as bad as coptering used to be imo, so it's a step in the right direction at least, even if it's not perfect. The problem here is that archwing blink is a newly created issue that could've been better thought out.
  4. Are you gonna make an actual point rather than arguing superficial wording? The issue is that the 3 second spammable blink on all archwings breaks up and disrupts the simple act of flying around. the blinking makes mashing shift every 3 seconds the only way to travel and keep up with others. It makes flying around in archwing mode at optimal speed jerky and non-fluid. This isn't a conversation about only Itzal, although it was arguably better because on Itzal it was limited by its energy capacity, and if you wanted to blink everywhere all the time you'd need to expend energy restores now and again. It now affects all archwings at the most basic level, like coptering affected all warframe movement. I can compare it to bullet jump too, if that makes it easier for you to comprehend. The issue is still there.
  5. And I see you've missed the point of my complaint. Zoren copter wasn't a problem solely because people only used zoren and neglected other melee weapons. It's because coptering with a large portion of melee weapons (not just zoren) made people neglect sprinting. So sure, you took the coptering-like ability away from a single archwing and gave it to all the others, so now instead of just one, all the archwings are coptering. Yay, i guess.
  6. Trying out the new universal blink given to all the archwings I quickly realized why I hate it so much. It's not because Itzal is now at the bottom of the list, since it's most useful ability was taken away, butchered and passed around to the others. It's not because this inevitably will lead to overuse of whichever archwing becomes the next one-and-only pick for a different ability. Those are all minor complaints in comparison to how universal blink ruins *flying forward*. I remember back in the days when coptering was a big problem because players, instead of sprinting and using the fluid running and parkour motions to move around would just spam melee spin all the time to launch themselves forward and overtake the other players, now it's the same in archwing, where instead of flying forward and using the archwing's speed and maneuverability it's devolved into a "mash shift every three seconds" contest to launch yourself forward and stay in front of everybody. DE seriously needs to rethink the universal blink because, from what i see, it's better to just either revert it to how it was, an ability that's limited to energy and isn't constantly spammable for an entire mission, or to remove it entirely.
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