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  1. So I chose to wait for Teshin to reach out, and... nothing is happening. At all. I see the Kuva Fortress, and I know it will probably move sooner or later. But does anything else actually happen? Because that wouldn't really be a 'big decision early in the quest', that'd just be 'you have one option if you want to progress'.
  2. Still no fix for:
  3. Tactical alert that's tedious and unrewarding. Promotional website that's more trolls than treats. 11/10 best event Actually, salt aside, I should probably offer some constructive criticism. For the Tactical Alert, the main issue is that there are no rewards. Since it has the whole nightmare theme going on, some possible rewards could include: Mission 1 = Easy Nightmare mods, Breeding Grounds mods, Cryotic Front mods Mission 2= Medium Nightmare mods, Cicero Crisis mods Endurance = Hard Nightmare mods, Tethra's Doom mods For the promo site, simply refunding peoples rewards for equivalent Platinum instead would be much appreciated. Just replace the item rewards with platinum rewards, so people could at least spend it on something they do want.
  4. Suggestions so far: The mods really need to be auto-marked. If you're playing solo, the specters make it very easy to miss them, since they tend to go off on their own. It can be very annoying when index points fall off cliffs. I'd be nice if the teleported back up, like with mods and resources. When you're teleported back to spawn after banking points, you should maintain the same percentage of max health, rather than keeping your previous health.
  5. What happened to that Inaros augment? I was really looking forward to it. :c
  6. A few more suggestions, in addition to my previous ones: Weapons used by Shadows also inherit Nekros' energy color. (Sometimes it can be hard to tell who's shooting who, especially with Corpus/Corrupted) Shadows are briefly invulnerable when initially summoned. (Does not apply to recasts) Desecrate 'tags' corpses in range, looting them even if Nekros himself moves away. Shadows can be given commands, as with Specters and Syndicate Operatives. Shadows set to 'Hold Position' cannot be recalled to Nekros, though are still healed.
  7. I gotta say, I'm really, really enjoying the new rework. Personally I think it turned out especially well, you guys should be proud. Still, the biggest room is the room for improvement. Here's the suggestions I could come up with so far: Remove Terrify's target cap. (Make it LoS if you have to, but the target cap really hinders the ability when it's most needed.) Apply Power Efficiency to SotD's health drain, not just Duration. Holding SotD culls your current shadows at no additional cost. (Easy health orbs with Desecrate, plus a faster way to reset your shadows instead of just letting them die.) Kills made by allies within shared affinity range count toward Nekros' shadow queue. Recasting SotD also replaces lower-level shadows with queued higher-level shadows of the same enemy. (i.e. Replaces your older level 40 Bombard with the newer level 50 Bombard you just killed) Give shadows innate lifesteal, possibly affected by Power Strength.
  8. But for people who had already crafted Chroma, this just leaves them with a bunch of extra parts and no BP to use them with. F2P players can still only have one Chroma. Perhaps something like this could help? Completing the New Strange also unlocks Chroma's BP from Simaris, purchasable with standing. Junctions no longer award Chroma part BPs directly. Rather, they award a Simaris medallion that can be turned-in to unlock the respective BP for purchase, and awards enough standing to cover its cost once.
  9. Care to explain why the Riv Arcata skin isn't available from Conclave, while the Riv Elite-Guards are? :/
  10. But why though? This just seems arbitrary, and isn't really helpful. :/ Where can I find the actual update number?
  11. I'm not saying all of them make sense, but the majority of them do. There are a few exceptions, and honestly those should be addressed as well, but my main gripe right now is with Ivara specifically.
  12. Suda isn't a spy, she's a philomath. Perrin aren't thieves, they're merchants. Ivara is neither. She is a huntress. Meanwhile, Red Veil are stealth-themed assassins, and New Loka are nature-themed humanitarians. I cannot think of two more apt syndicates, except maybe Simaris, though he has yet to offer any Warframe augments.
  13. Why is Infiltrate under Suda and Perrin offerings? It makes no sense thematically. If anything, Ivara's augments should be offered Red Veil and New Loka.
  14. It's 100% by default.
  15. Prowl's steal chance is actually affected by Power Strength, even though it's not displayed ingame. Seems to cap at 100% chance. (Basically, it's only affected by Overextended.)