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  1. Just did three rounds of Index, looking to make the money to fund my sparkly new Railjack. We failed every single one by around 2-5 points because some dip was running around with 10 points never bothering to drop them off. Don't do that. You don't look cool. You just look like a dip.
  2. Basically just adds 50% status chance to the Sandstorm based on whatever damage types your melee weapon is doing.
  3. I... Did not know allies could use my devour. Good to know. That's one I disagree with, but probably only because I use the Augment mod with a corrosive melee. It otherwise is pretty bad, yeah.
  4. I'll be short and sweet here: Inaros' passive is 100% useless once you get past... Let's say Saturn, I don't have a concrete level cap for it, honestly. But yeah, since the resurrection is based on the percentage health drained from a target, not the damage dealt, the fact that his beam deals a flat 75 damage regardless of anything else, the ability is rendered absolutely useless once enemies start to get thousands of health points.
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