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  1. Are the items marked as "claimed" in your Twitch inventory? Did you relink your account from your account page on Warframe's website? Did you relaunch the game after you relinked the account? If you did all those things in that order, go ahead and open an ticket.
  2. I closed Warframe. Went to my account page under the main Warframe site. Unlinked my Twitch account. Linked my Twitch account. Launched Warframe. Items showed up in my mailbox on login.
  3. Same here. Over a week and have not received either item yet. Both have been claimed in the Twitch inventory page.
  4. Warframe account page shows Twitch is linked. Twitch inventory page shows Loki and Vastilok show as claimed. Has been over a week and neither has showed up ingame yet.
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