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  1. Game have many mechanics for good competitions. Like pvp race at kdrive, parkour race with frames, 4v4 but who kill faster boss or complete some mission like exterminate. I think its not hard to do and balance, anyway its easier to do than new stuff like railjack.
  2. Agree. New frame need 15÷ formas, where this game going?
  3. Now try log out from GFN, close app, open and log in
  4. So its GFN problem with proxy or something.
  5. True Sometimes I dont know what happen on screen. I just run and click left mause
  6. Same feelings. I like play ninjas in ninja game, not be force to use some vehicles. I approve more open world map, rework frames, meaby good pvp but not spaceship battle. If i want spaceship game I will go play elite dangerous.
  7. Negative Its forcing to play railjack. You put 99% of time to your frames and weapons for them and then DE say you must use some vehicles and play special mission for them. I dont like this, this is ninja game not low budget spaceship battler.
  8. My flox syandana is never open. I can do any jump and its still closed and look like normal backpack. On market its was all the time open, in mission its only backpack. I do all maneuvers and its not opening.
  9. W grze spotykan mase polaków. Jest jakiś duży polski clan czy polskie community jest rozbite po międzynarodowych klanach?
  10. I cant kill targets, they are immortals or I can kill just one guy and then others are immortals. Also sometimes I cant revive. Pls help
  11. Its not hard to get free plat, just farm relic and sell stuff at warfeame market.
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