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  1. True. Guess we all have to thread carefully around the internet nowadays.
  2. Is it really that easy to get someone banned without any proper investigation? Actually I should’ve clarified properly. We live in the same house together and own a total of 3 computers - my personal one, her personal one and one in the Livingroom. We only play our own accounts on our personal computers but both of us sometimes use the Livingroom one for an Xbox style experience. By “playing on her account”, I actually meant she was logged in to her own personal computer as if she was playing normally, but I was just the one behind the keyboard. Hope that clears things up.
  3. Just for fun, we actually did some mathematical calculations on the probability of me getting Kuva Bramma ONCE based on the drop table and number of 100+ runs I did. During my 3-hour painful grind, the rate of me NOT getting the Bramma ONCE was about 0.02% so that means I had a 99.98% chance of getting it by the time I gave up. Talk about some bad luck there. Then again, a 55% weapon bonus roll on the very first Kuva weapon is quite impressive.
  4. I was able to get all the Kuva weapons I wanted with cycling 10-20 Cassini rounds each. Since my girlfriend hates grinding, she logged in to her own computer and I played on her behalf to try and get her the Kuva Bramma too while only expecting to spend no more than an hour on Cassini. I’m not exaggerating when I say I ended up spending 3 hours on running Cassini (average 1.5 minutes per run). At that stage, it was no longer about getting Kuva Bramma but more to satisfy my obsession to disprove my disbelief that it just wouldn’t appear for me. I had cycled through EVERY Kuva weapon over 10 times each and still no Bramma. Then after she was getting annoyed by me not going to bed, I turned on a different computer and said it would be my last 3 attempts. On the second attempt there, it FINALLY popped up. First Kuva Bramma for her account with 55% Toxin. I’m done with Lich weapons for a while.
  5. Thanks for the clarification, guys. I bought a Kuva Nukor at 55%, which is lucky I suppose! In the case with someone wanting to max out a weapon to 60%, the difference between a 54% and a 55% weapon is essentially an additional weapon to fuse? Imagine an achievement/pride junkie reaching 59.4%!
  6. Just wondering if it's really worth fusing these weapons until it hits 60%? Assuming you've already got decent mods on, does a +-10% in weapon bonus make a huge difference? Also, what is the best strategy to do so since it only takes the biggest number? (Assuming you don't want to grind through many Liches over and over) Scenario 1: I bought a 55% Kuva Bramma off someone and fused it with my crappy 28% one, which made it 58.6%. Does that mean all I would need is any cheap low roll (25%) Kuva Bramma for it to reach 60%? Scenario 2: I've got a 4 Forma 33% Tenet Envoy with a potato catalyst. Hypothetically, if I acquired a 57%+ Tenet Envoy and fused it into the crappier Envoy, would it keep all Forma and potato while making the increase of % based on the higher percentage weapon? Since the existing weapon is already Toxic and we get to choose any of the 2 elements, could I essentially broaden my search to any high % element? Scenario 3: I've also got a fully established 49% Kuva Zarr. Is it worth bumping the damage bonus any higher? If so, does the same apply as per scenario 2? Also, is Toxic always the most sought after element followed by Heat?
  7. Wow thanks for all the info! Can you share some feedback on this build of mine? https://overframe.gg/build/215149/ You can ignore the Aura mod for now, I just need to wait til I have an Aura Forma for it. I was tossing up between using basic mods with +% increases or corrupted mods and using other mods to balance out the negative effects.
  8. I can't seem to properly understand Oberon's abilities. If I'm looking at building more of a support build for Oberon that focuses more on the Renewal ability, what should I be at for Strength, Duration, Range and Efficiency? I'm assuming Efficiency helps with the energy depletion for Renewal. What does Duration do for support abilities? Is it worth using up a mod slot for Phoenix Renewal? To invest in all 4 seems like a waste. Any advice would be great!
  9. Checking out the Plague Keewar at the moment. Would you say it's better than the Caustacyst in terms of infested scythes?
  10. Not a huge fan of thrown melee to be honest. The Caustacyst seems to get a lot of hate because of its low crit chance. Could you not build it purely on many different elemental damage and zero focus on crits? Building the Catabolyst weapon now. It adds a nice variety to have a beam weapon alongside a Primary shotgun or bow.
  11. That kinda sucks in a way. For instance, if I'm up to Mercury Steel Path and a friend of mine who only plays on weekends is only up to Earth Steel Path, if we spend one weekend playing together where my friend clears up the SP Star Chart with me from Mercury onwards, all her progress would be for nothing? It would make more sense if it was completed while still being locked, so that once she finishes Earth and Mercury junction, everything she had completed with me will be fully unlocked. Otherwise we would always have to progress together at the same time?
  12. Why is it that I have played Mot, Void multiple times with others but it is still locked for me? Do nodes you play with others only unlock once you have completed the junction to reach the planet first? As in, reaching the Void would mean all nodes will be locked except for the first node and Mot?
  13. I can't seem to find the answer for this. Say you've only unlocked the nodes in 1 planet of the SP Star Chart, and someone else invites you to their game where they've progressed past different planets and you spend a good amount of time helping them clear more nodes in their game. Once you're back to your own game, where does your progress in your own Star Chart stay at?
  14. To go alongside Nidus Prime, I need some suggestions on decent infested weapons that can still pull its weight in Steel Path for Primary, Secondary and Melee. For Primary, I've already got the Bubinico and Proboscis Cernos. Haven't got a clue what decent infested secondary weapons are available. I'm thinking of the Caustacyst for melee. Thanks in advance!
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