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  1. Wow it's so interesting to see so many different builds here. Any love for Revenant? I'm looking at farming Revenant to subsume for Reave more for survivability when I get eventually get to Steel Path. This might be a silly question, once you subsume an ability and store it, can the same ability be injected more than once to multiple Warframes?
  2. Just curious to know which abilities you guys have subsumed from and to which Warframes and how you feel about it so far? I've read that a lot of abilities that get subsumed perform at a lower strength capacity too. Is that true?
  3. Thanks for the responses, guys. Guess I should've rephrased the title to "Best in your opinion". I don't think I've got enough play time to grind trying all those weapons so I've got to go with what people recommend from their experience.
  4. Hi all, I've been going back and forth on the Warframe Fandom and YouTube videos but can't seem to decide on which one as they all have people who love them and hate them. My picks so far are below: SMGs Aksomati Prime Kuva Twin Stubbas Prisma Twin Gremlins Twin Grakatas Pistols Akjagara Prime Akvasto Prime Akbolto Prime Single Shotgun-style Pistol Kuva Brakk Pyrana Prime Euphona Prime Just to clarify, I have no experience in any of these weapons and please also recommend anything not on the list. Ideally, I just want to pick ONE from each of those 3 categories and Forma the hell out of them. Thank you in advance for your input!
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