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  1. Most of the things are sayd in this Theard. R5 Costs are way to high for a 1,5 Buff Energize 15sec Cooldown os WAY to high. I dont want to reforma my builds cause i need more Efficiency. I dont know, most changes that comes today are fine but this... This feels like *you dont should play Long Missions LONG* Cause i cant use it well in Long-Long Missions (btw, fix this S#&$ that ppl get tradebanns when they play a mission longer than 3-4h -.-*) Energize need to be fixed now, we spent MUCh time to get it. In our Clan some ppl stop the Game now cause they farm 400+ Eidolons (and Freinds) and now the good arcanas are trash. This is not a good move. And you KNOW it, You dont sayd anything about the Cooldown the last weeks cause you KNOW that ppl will rage when they see it. This is not fine!
  2. Atleast, it would be fine to put a Lich behind the Railjack Building Quest. This Quest isnt that easy and if you can do this Quests, you can start with a Lich.
  3. Kuva-Lich are one of the most discussed topics in the last weeks and still we have one big Problem: New Players or ppl. that want to start with a Lich dont know what they have to do. I see ppl that got an Lich cause a funny Clanmate told them they should finish this *larvling* to get an insane weapon (this guy was so low in the game, they dont know how the game works right...) or ppl finish a larvling cause they can do it.... Here is a big problem: From a lvl 20 larvling to lvl 60-70 Kuva-Missions to a lvl 120 Lich, the scale is to big for new players. So, i have a idea of a Quest that show ppl how a Lich work and if they can beat it: 1. Quest Start, find a Special Enemy that get Convert into a Lich. 2. Find a Special Relic from Kuva-Siphons/Flood and open this in a Special Solo-Fissure Mission on Kuva-Fort. 3. The Relic give us 3 Unique Mods only for This Quest. We need to Equip this 3 Mods. The Game say us the first order and we cant change this. 4. We go to a New Quest-Mission, Find the Lich and try our Combi, its wrong and our lich lvl up. 5. Back in the Orbitor, we change the order. 6. Next Quest we search our lich again and beat it this time. We only get a bit of Kuva. The Lich should be lvl 50 or 60 in the First try and lvl 100+ in the last Mission to show the ppl how high they can go and how strong they are. After this Quest, we UNLOCK the Kuva-Lich system. Yeah i know, a new Quest but for many ppl they dont know how to do this would be a way to find out how it works. The Other thing, if we need to unlock the Kuva-Lich system over a quest, many ppl wouldn't get a lich mistakenly. This is only a idea, i dont know if DE is planning something to do with this system, but what do you guys think? I saw so many ppl having Problems with this system cause they dont know what to do or cause they are way to low to do this.
  4. yeah i know there are running ppl nuke frames, but i see many nuke frames they dont nuke and lvl only weapons x). A Sayrin in eso that only shoot with weapons for example. That see i a lot in the last weeks.
  5. We got 400-500 Weapons into the game, only 10-15 have Self-DMG, if you dont like self-dmg, play other Weapons. Rly no, all games have there *Special-Weapons* most ppl dont like and they still exists cause there are player that can play it and like it how it works. Most ppl cry at the moment cause they are to stupid to play the Bramma without killing itself. Before the Kuva-Weapons comes out, the Self-dmg nobody cares, some ppl play the Zarr oder other weapons, but only a few ppl, now all want to play Bramma and the Self-Kill Numbers goes up (dont know how to say it right in english, sry). They bring a mod for the Self-DMG reduction for the Bow and when its here the cry will end.
  6. Im not a real Fan of Self-Dmg Weapons... Until the Kuva-Weapons comes out. I know what you mean, i dont how how much i killed my self with the Bramma or the Orgis but you know what? It happens 😄 For the Ogris you can get a Mod that turns of most of Self DMG, DE sayd they will bring a Special Mod for Bows that reduce the Self-DMG so i see no problem in this Point. If you dont stay in front of Enemys, you CANT killed yourself. I Mean, its Bow it is a Range-Weapon so play it on Range. Other Weapons the Same, play it on Range and you have 0 Problem. Yes, a Teammate can jump before you and you get killed but, happens. I like the Mechanic, and we all know it that when a new Badass Weapon Comes out with Self-DMG ppl will start cry about the Self DMG cause they cant play it x) If you want to Play Meele, use Meele-Weapons and no Explosive Weapons. btw, i dont read all the Posts here, its to long x)
  7. Hy, i dont know if there is a Post about it, i think there will be but i will start a new one. I rly like this game but at the moment i see 1 Problem (not BUG!!, a Problem :D). Its the Affinity Share. What i mean? 4 Ppl goes in a Mission, maybe ESO or a Defense. They got 1 Nuke-Frame (Volt, Sayrin, Mirage etc), 1 Buffer, 1 Supporter and 1 another Frame. The Nuke-Frame Clears the Map (maybe a Sayrin or a Volt, we have enough Nuker). The Supporter, Buffer and other Guy get Tons of Affinity for his Frame and Weapons and have a good time. The Nuke-Frame, get only Affinity for his Frame that is lvl 30 that he can do all the Damage. The Nuke-Frame did the most work, and get NOTHING from the Affinity (Only Focus yes but thats not the Point here). This is 1 Reason you see very rare ppl that plays Nuke-Frames. We all need to Level Weapons or Forma it so i here is my Idea how we can Support Nuke-Frames better. The Damage-Dealer (Sayrin, Volt etc) Dont get the Full 100% Affinity on his Frame, it only gets 70% or maybe a bit less. The other 30% goes to his weapons!!!! So He can do tons of Damage, Clear all Maps, can Level his Weapons and still get enough Affinity for His Frame. It is Only a Idea, i dont know how you will manage it in Future but i hope you will think on it. Many players rly dont play Nuke-Frames cause this problem, i think this Solution can bring back way more ppl to her Nuke-Frames. I Hope you can understand what i mean, my English isnt the best.
  8. Bin jetzt auch schon einige Jahre in diesem Clan. Damals noch mit MR10 oder darunter?bin ich diesem Clan beigetreten. Es wird einem viel geholfen und bekommt echt eine menge Infos. Es dauerte dann auch nicht zu lange bis man das Spiel gut verstanden hat um eigene Builds zu bauen bzw. sie so anzupassen wie man eben selber Spielt, und sie dennoch der Gruppe halfen. Ich selber bin sehr zufrieden in diesem Clan, ja jeder Clan hat seine höhen und tiefen, auch hier waren schon tiefen, diese wurden aber gut überwunden ohne einiges zu zerstören. Aktuell sind viele Menschen da mit denen man gut zusammen spielen kann und auch allerlei Unsinn treiben kann. Wie schon vorher geschrieben wurde, durch interne Builds und Guides ist man auch immer gut beraten und das ganze *Aufstiegsystem* hilft wirklich jedem Neuling sich einen überblick zu verschaffen wo er steht, was aktuell wichtig ist und was eher unwichtig ist bzw eher später gebraucht wird. Ich selbst konnte durch dieses System schnell an den Punkt kommen das ich viel mitmachen konnte ohne groß eine Last zu sein. Schaut es euch am besten selber mal an, kann den Clan echt nur Empfehlen 😃
  9. What: Welcome to ‘the whole bunch of different things’ stream – from a preview of a new option for a Simulacrum tile to Lich changes, we’ve got a buffet for the day! Join us for an hour and talk Warframe! so.... you dont read what is coming? x)
  10. 1. i agree with the most posts here that need to be fixed but this? NO! Shedu Parts are dropping hart in prices and i dont see any problems in the farm atm. It Work. Maybe you need 2-3 Days but rly, thats nothing. And the Drops of Void Hole and other? Its ok. Yes its low but sry im happy that the drops are low. It feels *Special* when it drops and i like it. Railjack will be a new Chapter in this Game and we will Play it a lot in future so it will drop anytime for Everyone. We had other Problems that need fixed but not this 2.
  11. And we have still 1 Problem with the mode, doors. Aslong the host have the *control* over doors to open we will get more Problems. Not all players have a good pc and internet and can host this. If someone host railjack with a bad pc, we have MASSIVE Problems with doors. This must be changed in ALL Modes. Everyone should open doors on there own not from the host request. Dont know how to write this cleary i hope you understand this.
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