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  1. Could you please add some past stuff from other nightwaves to "NIGHTWAVE INTERMISSION II TIER EXPANSION" or the weekly purchase options so that we have more to work for than potatos and nitain? That would be awesome if you did.
  2. I have much better luck when it is warm
  3. Please fix arc-melee not auto locking onto enemies. The melee combat is insufferable right now in space.
  4. Trade breaking Bug after this update: When trading at a dojo trade station, it give you an error, something along the lines of " you cannot trade in an unfinished room. You probably should not be in here anyway." Past arcwing melee bug that needs to be fixed: When melee attacking in arcwing missions, it will fail to autolock. Melee reach is already inconsistently and insanely small on arcwing melee weapons, this makes melee combat require physical contact with the "bump box."
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