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  1. I keep coming back to check if Warframe added anything. But for the last few months it has been like this.
  2. Me: Looking for actual content the past few months "HIDE'N IT! SOMEWHERE!"
  3. WTB update 24.2.7 or higher. Must include lag and loot fixes/adjustments.
  4. There need to be other ways to get the items from the heist bounties. Especially less repetitive ways. Also I know that holidays hit and DE deserves break, but its been 17 days since a hot-fix. Returning events are cool but I kinda burnt out when the grind became more repetitive.
  5. Cool down on Arc Gun is WAYYYYY too long when fighting the profit taker. Just failed a mission due to the mission time limit being shorter than the summon arc gun cool down. Also the summon arc gun animation needs to be faster because people keep dying just to summon it.
  6. Cool down for Arc Gun is too long. Failed a profit taker mission because we all had 5 mins left for cool down to summon the only weapon capable of damaging the the orb. and the arc gun summon animation is too long. We kept dying due to the length of the animation.
  7. Had a host migration while extracting from an Arbitrations. The host died and went afk. He got pushed into the next wave of defense but the 3 of us who extracted ended up getting a "mission failed" screen with none of the 3 rewards we had acquired over the 30 waves. All we received was XP.
  8. Music option: Can we get a special audio slider for Octavia? I have played long enough to be tired of the Warframe's music BUT when I turn it off I cannot hear Octavia's music. Arbitrations: The time spent on certain missions like defense feel too long and slow paced compare to other missions and the rewards feel limited. The mods are disturbingly diluted in endo. Do you plan to do anything about this?
  9. Servers have been throwing a fit since chimera 10.3. The Lag is unbearable at times. I shouldn't have to wait 20 seconds to switch from operator to warframe during an eidolon capture. sometimes it takes 30 seconds to get the portal to the next stage of ESO to appear. My connection is fine and the people ive played with have all claimed good connections and seem to be in the same region.
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