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  1. Thanks for the info! Pre-3.0 I tended to just tap channeling when I needed health and wasn't aware of the specific mechanics behind channel-blocking, I just glanced through the wiki. I personally preferred it when I could press to block and press to channel, energy drain was much less obnoxious, but I guess I could always equip just a melee weapon and block selectively, or swap my channeling off of toggle. Your reply was a big help, I appreciate it.
  2. So, when you block with melee while channeling it drains your energy as if you were striking an enemy with melee. Is this a bug? Pretty sure its intended, but imo its a bit annoying with melee 3.0, considering you can't block selectively, and channeling is a toggle. More a quality of life complaint, I get that a lot of people don't run life-strike channeling builds.
  3. So I'm playing warframe for the first time in a week to do nightwave. I don't currently have the time to post videos and such, but currently, if you deploy a specter, its hostile. It can kill your team, and your team can kill it. As fun as that sounds, I recommend fixing it 😉 EDIT: may be nightmare specific EDIT EDIT: Did some research, apparently this is normal for nightmare, so nvm XD Today is the first day I've bothered to deploy a specter in nightmare (only playing nightmare because of nightwave) seems kinda troll to me, but whatever. The more you know, I guess Probably an actual bug: Also, if you play Valkyr and you try to res a teammate in hysteria (which I totally didn't try to do following my invulnerable valkyr specter slaughtering my team) it automatically switches you to your primary weapon, and your spectre can kill you (which totally didn't happen). This one is not a big deal, as you can res in operator form, but just a heads-up, for any concerned with the fixing of bugs 😉
  4. Disappointed by the lack of thought that went into some of these changes. Passing over some other controversial changes (of which there were plenty) a nerf for the lato, panthera,and angstrum? Really? Not that I'm saying you should nerf it again (you shouldn't) but Pandero is still a thing, and I'm pretty sure its a better candidate than any of these... Don't get me wrong, some of these changes were great, but if you're nerfing something, I'd like it to damn well need it.
  5. I agree, constant full invulnerability and the ability to put out damage like she can now (via weapon swapping) seems much. A slight nerf to the invulnerability aspect would be best in my mind. I've mained her for years, and even if some other aspects of her kit could use some love, I don't feel that shes in a particuarly bad spot, or that removing invulnerability would kill her, if some other change counterbalanced it. Thank you for the constructive and reasonable post!
  6. Tbh I wouldn't her not being nerfed (me being a Valkyr main) but I do feel like shes really strong.
  7. Did you watch the video? She can become fully invulnerable, instakill 140 heavy gunners, and energy management issues are nonexistent. I feel like thats broken.
  8. Video is pretty self explanatory, but imo invulnerability on her 4 needs to go. For balance, maybe the scaling energy drain should go with it, or the invulnerability should be replaced with addition damage reduction while 4 is active. This isn't even a min-maxed build, I just grabbed a 100% status boar prime and condition overload/status claws, full damage/condition overload claws would be even more brutal.
  9. How about a cap in trade per plat to discourage exorbitant pricing? I totally agree riven prices are subjective, and I've happily paid high pices for rivens before (and sold stuff for a pretty penny) but 10k+ is objectively too much. IMO a single riven shouldn't sell for more than $200 worth of plat (without discount). The whole riven system needs to be looked at again, both in terms of trading and rerolling. This is a nice first step, but if its the end of it, I'll be profoundly disappointed. How about allowing us to lock a single stat from being rerolled for some sort of insane amount of kuva, like 300k? We'd still have to farm a ton, but we wouldn't have to rely purely on RNG. Also, does this mean the tool semlar had which let us filter rivens posted in trade chat by time, positives/negatives, weapon type, and asking price is gone? This was the closest thing we had to an auction house and I found it to be an excellent convenience. I don't have the time to sit in trade chat 24/7, so using this once every 12 hours was very helpful, it was the closest thing we had to an auction house.
  10. Rebecca already responded to the reddit post, this happened very recently and I expect we'll hear more from DE soon: rebulast [DE]Rebecca221 points·4 hours ago This is the first I'm hearing of it, I just looked through whatever I could find history wise and... none of it is in English. Sadly I have to wait for the office to open up in a couple hours. I or someone on the team will find out more then.
  11. This. I'm actually furious about this, Semlar is a convenience which helps buyers to know whats available and find the best prices, the only people it inconveniences is sellers who want to overcharge. I use it, I've introduced my clan members to it and many of them use it now. The bot helped to make trading better for the buyers, and it really only hurt asshats. I hope this decision gets reversed, I'm very unhappy about this.
  12. According to the dev workshop on melee 3.0, "Dual Wield (i.e Glaive & Single Secondary) is still supported!" My question is, does anyone know if they still plan to expand the dual wield system? I seem to remember them talking about making other single-handed melee weapon types work with dual wield in devstream a long time ago, machete specifically. I love dual wield, and while instant swap seems an excellent system, I would personally prefer more dual wield.
  13. A bunch of us wanted rivens to get changed but not like this... How about you give us a way to lock in stats, so rather than relying on an absurdly stupid rng, we can reliably make good rivens ourselves? If I could pay 100k kuva to lock in a stat on a riven (crit chance, multi, damage, status chance, etc.) I would do so in a heart beat. Instead we get this change, which nerfs a lot of stuff many of us invested in. Btw, its real nice that you spared kohm and detron because people had 100% status rivens, but I had a status Euphona, so doesn't help me. As a riven collector, with maxed riven slots and a huge collection, I am NOT happy with this. Rubico Prime just came out this cycle, and already its riven is nerfed, why the heck would you give it those stats if you're going to nerf it immediately? And Pandero really was so OP it needed a nerf? Come on with that. On a positive note, thanks for the Fortuna update, looking forward to sinking my teeth in! I just wish I didn't have these riven changes leaving a bad taste in my mouth. EDIT: Where is the boltor on this list btw? You wanna buff a few rivens fine, but pls lay off the nerfs, or actually take steps to lower the price of rivens (I watched god-roll rubico rivens sell for over 10k plat recently).
  14. +1. If they're trying to get more people to buy the frame with plat, they should just include exclusive cosmetics with the purchase, not make a mess out of their game. I'm fine with rng, but screw twelve-hour wait times and farming certain pieces only at night. I've been here since the beginning, seen a lot of good design and bad design, I'm putting this frame's acquisition comfortably on the bad spectrum. Disappointing.
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