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  1. What does that have to do with his rework being a straight nerf to bladestorm? They didnt do anything to make his other abilities more useful. Besides, just being able to kill high level enemies doesnt really matter in context of what I said. Sure you could still do it, but its not nearly as a efficient as it used to be.
  2. Ash's rework did nothing positive for his other abilities. How is a straight up nerf good at all? It was a hard nerf to his damage output.
  3. Sounds like they need to fix how spawning enemies works in a fissure then, but people have been complaining about this for a while now. Maybe we will see some positive changes is PoE
  4. Freeze does all of that WITHOUT an augment tho. Also the augment for her 1 is useless in solo, same as the aug for Frost's one. The buff augments like that really only see use in very niche team comps from my experience anyway, unless you really wanna be a team player, and I can appreciate that. Roaring Rhinos are the best kind of Rhinos. Only problem with most of the augs that apply buffs on the 1st ability is that its east to miss your teammates when trying to buff them :(
  5. Thats where your wrong. You CAN max out WoF to kill high level mobs, but its just a lot more energy hungry, im glad you havent realized how to yet tho. You basically said you shoulndt be able to. And wow, those are your 2 examples of healthy gameplay? You are joking, right? I didnt expect the next 2 "braindead" frames as you would call them to be your examples of "healthy" gameplay. My goodness, is this some kind of prank? I refuse to believe you ARENT ok with a weak ability being turned on once for mediocre damage, but ARE ok with a strong ability being turned on, then a few seconds lat
  6. I dont use Ember's 1 because theres no reason to. If they gave me a reason to Use Ember's 1 I would. As a matter of fact, I use Frost's 1 quite often. Its an aoe slow with a chance of freezing the enemies solid AND its a one handed ability, meaning it can be used during a reload. If fireball did something more than the same amount of damage as one blast from WoF and a terrible fire proc, id totally use it more.
  7. So getting and maxing out the mods needed isnt a good enough price to you? Time investment isnt a good enough price? Warframe in general is mindless shooting hordes of enemies. Its kinda hard for it to NOT be brain dead once you get the right mods and builds. Why shouldnt I (or anybody else) as a MR20+ player be allowed to trivialize low level missions?
  8. That would be one of the best solutions FOR YOU. Dont act like you know whats best for the game, only DE knows. Unhealthy gameplay? I didnt know that getting the power to press 4 and kill weak mobs in one button press was unhealthy. What purpose would getting and upgrading mods be if said mods couldnt be used to make you stronger? Please, tell me what "healthy" gameplay is.
  9. No I wouldnt be ok with that at all. The whole point of Ember (for me) is to trivialize said baby missions. I have the power and mods to do it, so why cant I? Besides, her 4th ability (with aug) is basically what you just described in any high level mission anyway. If her 4th was just a CC it would be one of the worst CCs in the game with its tiny base range, and barely even cc with fire procs lasting all of 3 seconds. There are ways to kill higher levels with Ember, but its more energy hungry. If we were to tweak the damage that low, it would literally be dealing less damage t
  10. How often are we facing level 120 enemies??? Ember's 4 is fine in my opinion, I refuse to believe its broken in any sense. Theres no denying that she is an easy frame,however. Not the person you asked, but I think its perfectly fine. 400 heat damage at base is basically nothing. Its just good enough to destroy baby enemies that get destroyed by an OK modded Braton.
  11. Fair enough. I have no issue with OP weapons getting Riven mods as long as they dont start to balance the game around it. Though, you are going to have plenty of others argue that "theres no point to using anything besides (OP weapon) + Riven mod!" Which they already make now. Like I said, I could care less until they start balancing the game around RNG boosted power levels. Im honestly excited to try and get a riven for my Karak, its such an OK weapon that is fun to use.
  12. Thats great, Riven mods should only be for those kinds of weapons, like they said in the dev workshop, not for the top tier things. I dont need to explain why thats the case tho, do I?
  13. But sorties arent meant for new players, I fail to see how the "new player" argument even holds any weight here. The tables would be less diluted from removing Nezha, I dont agree with putting him in alerts, but he doesnt need to be in sorties anymore.
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