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  1. (PS4)cah55555

    PS4 Oberon Prime: Update 20.6.4

    Its an inconvenience, but it took me about 3 minutes to revert the settings. Not really the end of the world guys.
  2. (PS4)cah55555

    PS4 Server Hardware Upgrade!

    I'd just like to say that I'm playing the game as we speak and having a hell of a good time! Also...... Hosting sorties 1,2, and 3. PM for inv!
  3. (PS4)cah55555

    PS4 Server Hardware Upgrade!

  4. (PS4)cah55555

    Ps4: Ring Of Fire (U18.3.1) [+Hotfixes]

    Hotfixes don't need to "prepare to download" but it certainly isn't a new update so I have no idea
  5. (PS4)cah55555

    Ps4: The Second Dream (U18) (+Hotfixes)

    Thx DE for this Hotfix. Both my clan and our alliance had their new emblems updated. :D
  6. (PS4)cah55555

    Ps4: The Second Dream (U18) Status [Live Now]

    Game Informer announces it before [DE]Drew? Thats a first.
  7. (PS4)cah55555

    Ps4: The Jordas Precept (U17.7.1) (+Hotfixes)

    Could've been Affinity Amp. There was a spike of ppl trying to buy it on trade so...
  8. (PS4)cah55555

    Buying Kubrow Prints, Post Here

    I have so many random prints it's ridiculous. Msg me in-game today, you can have a look. Also FYI, you don't need to seek out tall prints. Kubrow height is completely random.
  9. (PS4)cah55555

    Dark Sector Conflicts And You

    This is already in effect. Maybe not in the relays (which I would hate), but the idea of showcasing your clan/alliance by simply having your emblem on the star map and an included recruiting message has always been a thing since day one. Futhermore, what it sounds like you are suggesting is not a community driven Solar Rail conflict system, but a Clan v Clan system which doesn't involve the community at all. Tell me why the random player is going to take time out of his or her day to fight for your side if there is absolutely no incentive for them to do so (credits)?
  10. (PS4)cah55555

    What Underrated Weapon Do You Use Often?

    Attica w/ Speed Trigger/Thunderbolt. Carpet bomb infested defenses!
  11. (PS4)cah55555


    If he tried to ask me to add 100p after the fact, I would've left the dojo immediately, not one word spoken.
  12. (PS4)cah55555


    While I have no idea why you felt compelled to come on here and brag about that, I wouldn't worry about the kid. He's got mom and dad's credit card on file. He's probably already bought back what he just spent.
  13. (PS4)cah55555

    Sorry But Mr Actualy Matters

    I think you are incorrect sir. The time played on your profile absolutely includes idle time.
  14. (PS4)cah55555

    Sorry But Mr Actualy Matters

    So what was your better indicator? Forma? Thats ridiculous because there is no way to know how much forma someones used over their game time.
  15. (PS4)cah55555

    Sorry But Mr Actualy Matters

    Time played is no kind of indicator either. I know ppl who have 3000 hours because they stay logged on when they sleep, go out for a night on the town, or go on vacation. I'd have to say total kills and completed missions is a better indicator of a quality player.