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  1. Really not liking the severe price increase on the prime packs.
  2. Adding things is never bad. I do miss the old alerts though.
  3. Nyx's #1 and #3 are great. They don't need anything. Her #2 should have its damage added back to the ability while keeping the debuff. One of my favorite Nyx things to do was firing off psychic bolts and watch where they went to see where enemies were (if it didn't kill them outright). Her #4 isn't bad. It's just EXTREMELY limited in usefulness. Maybe adding some more base damage would help it become an ability that can be activated and triggered quickly vs. having to sit on it to build it up. Players then have a choice to sit on it for a really big hit or release right away for a moderate hit instead of sitting on it for a moderate hit or not using it at all. /ed All my comments are on core abilities, and not augment mods, which have their own issues.
  4. I think the limit of 6 gives the Wisp some necessary drawbacks. She is an awesome frame (my current fav). She can't be good at everything, so having a weakness on a couple mission types isn't a big deal. I think I would be happy if the reservoir gave every buff and you had a limit of three though. Less placement time would be good.
  5. Can you please add the damage back to this ability (on top of keeping the debuff). When you look at the power of other frames I can't see how this could come close to imbalancing her.
  6. Yes the chat error.
  7. The last several weeks the 'An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. ERROR 10054'. repeatedly happens to me. I did recently buy a new router and I've done the port triggering setting that has worked for some people, but no luck. I've also done a client reinstall. Any suggestions are much appreciated. I have a Netgear 7500 modem/router.
  8. Stop focusing on her butt and look at the world.
  9. DE I hate you. Hate you for making me really badly wanting to spend $140. Beautiful prime pack this go around.
  10. Did the Mesa Prime release break the login servers by being overwhelmed?
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