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  1. I'm thinking the same idea would fit great onto an Air Burst augment, since we still don't have one.
  2. Hello, one of like... Maybe four total Zephyr mains here. This still won't be very useful. Unless you're already doing a very niche super speed Jet Stream build, you're not going to be building Zephyr for strength. She's a range and duration girl. Plus, using Tail Wind offensively is just so unwieldy that no one is going to flip their Zephyr build upside down for it like they do with Jet Stream. Certainly, these changes will make it easier to pull off, but the entire concept and angle just doesn't fit into her kit and playstyle, so I don't see anyone making room for it. She really just needs an entirely new augment. I miss Dive Bomb Vortex, and while I think it could've been worked into Tail Wind post-rework, the same concept might more easily fit into an Air Burst augment. An issue with that augment before is that the piling of enemies wasn't super effective, but having the effect last 1 or 2 seconds would fix that. Since that'd probably be effected by duration, I understand a desire to be cautious with that as we don't want it to be just as or more effective than Vaubans Vortex, but I think just a couple of seconds will make a big difference. I'm not really sure what I want for Tailwind, but I think an augment that improves her hovering would maybe be the best approach. It'll give more reasons to use that part of the ability, which I imagine is pretty underutilized. Something simple like a headshot buff could be effective and actually worth flipping a build towards strength for, but I'd prefer something that fits better into a more generalist build. For something more complicated but also more synergistic for a less niche range and duration build, allow her to move while hovering. Let her fly around. The duration can still be relatively short, still rely on the charge up so as to not rob us of her open world zooms. Hildryn has shown us that this can be effectively done without having to shrink a frame down like with Titania. I think she should move more quickly than Hildryn does, but she also won't have the CC and Dot along with it. Granted, just using her guns will probably be more effective DPS than Hildryn can do, who's limited to using her first ability and all, but that's probably something that should change with Hildryn anyway. I really loved what you all did for Zephyr with her rework. You made her more effective while still respecting her role, and it was such a relief. But this augment was a disappointing change at the time, and I really want to see it shine too. Thanks, guys! tl;dr Scrap Target Fixation entirely and allow Zephyr to move around while using Tail Wind's hover.
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